Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Cruised and Picked-up by a Married Guy

Sorry for the silence! I am here. My sex-life has been a little bite on the boring side recently between work, the holidays and my new roommate. The Cop has been on the graveyard shift, so other than a couple quick blow jobs in my kitchen before work I haven’t seen much of him. I have dicked the boy I cherry popped, who I will call “cherryboi”, several times over the last few weeks but I’ll save that information for another post.

Now about the The Married Guy - I guess I should be embarrassed, but I was cruised and picked-up by a married guy at a Holiday Party earlier this month – December. And, I am not embarrassed. I was invited to a friendly get-together by a co-worker. It was a eclectic group of people: co-worker and her husband’s friends, neighbors, principal from their son’s school and various odd invitees like myself. They have an incredible contemporary home in Upper NW DC near Rock Creek Park. Husband is a high-powered lawyer at a big DC law firm. It is on a nice tree-lined street. I arrived fashionably late and started to mingle.

Midway through the evening, I ended up chatting with The Married Guy off to the edge of the thinning crowd alone. I had noticed him earlier in the evening as I mingled. I couldn’t help but notice him. He was wearing a pair of tan chinos and a white oxford button-down shirt. He wore his clothes with confidence and filled them perfectly. He had a charisma that attracted attention. The fluidity of his movements also caught my attention and made me want to watch him. From the way his pants and shirt clung to him and cinched against him as he moved, it was easy to tell that he had a lean and muscled body. He had boyish good looks and a devilish smile.

We started out chatting in a group of people, but one-by-one people were leaving and drifting off to other groups. Then there was the two of us. We went through introductions and did the perfunctory resume detailing that everyone in DC seems to do. We chatted about this and that. He is engaging and funny on top of being a fucking hottie! I did the best I could to pretend I wasn’t giving him the look over, but I was to discover later in the evening that I didn’t do it well.

I lost track of how long we had chatted. He is an associate on the partner track at a big DC firm. He is a big soccer fan, former player and fan of european footnball. We chatted about the Premier League and US soccer. It was an easy-going conversation and I had forgotten how eagerly I had been trying to determine what his ass looked like under his chinos, when The Married Guy’s wife came over. She was a perky little cheerleader-type. She immediately grabbed his arm and after introductions and a few words, dragged him off across the room. I had a twinge of regret, he was a nice guy with a great body. I enjoyed our chat and the chance to get close enough for a good look. I continued to mingle and promptly forgot about him.

As the evening closed, I went upstairs to grab my coat and turned around to find that the The Married Guy had followed me upstairs and into the make-shift coat room. He came towards me and in a hushed voice said, “I hope I am not making a huge mistake, but I thought I noticed you checking me out.” I smiled and acknowledged that he was correct. “Yeah”, I said. He smiled and pushed his card into my hand. He said. “Give me a call” and hurriedly grabbed two coats and headed out of the room. I grabbed a ride with another couple to the Metro and while I waited for the train, I pulled out the card and noticed that it was The Married Guy's business card. It had his name, his firm's name, address and phone numbers. On the reverse side of the card, was his cell number. I was anxious to call and did.

The next Saturday, we had a "date" to watch some Premier League matches on TV at my place. The Married Guy showed up promptly at 10:00AM. The Premier League matches on the Fox Sports Channel turned out to be the perfect cover for some time out with the guys. We watched the matched. We bs'ed about various things to break the ice and munched on some snacks. The guy was every bite as engaging as he had been at the party. After a couple of beers, it was agreed that we would go upstairs. I lead him to my bedroom and watched as he removed his clothes. He wasn't wearing underwear. His body was tanned and flawless. His pecs were full, his nipples erect little brown buttons. His chest was virtually hairless. He had a smooth flat stomach with just the hint of a six-pack with a slight trail. His pubes were as sparse as the trail leading down to them. His balls were smooth and full. A 4 to 5" flaccid cock flopped between his legs as he hopped onto the bed.

Almost instantly I was undressed and messing around with him on the bed. He was very tactile and very responsive. He was an awesome cocksucker milking my cock with his throat and kneading my balls with his hands. This went on forever as we kissed, felt, stroked and groped each other. Then he blurted out, "I want you to fuck me now!" I wasted no time obliging him. We fumbled getting him lubed and my cock wrapped and I lifted his legs up beside his head and eagerly worked my cock into him. I went in slowly and he took my whole cock like a champ, but he was tight and I could feel him adjusting to my cock as I worked it in and heard his breathing change as I buried myself into him. He threw his head back and gasped, "Oh, please fuck me." So, I fucked the shit out of him and he moaned and bucked and cursed and loved every thrust. I exploded into him as I pushed my cock as deeply into him as I could. I could feel his lips on my neck and throat. It seemed to be over as quickly as it started, but it was intense and good! When I rolled off of him, I noticed his perfectly hard cock wet with pre-cum. I squeezed his balls firmly as he tugged his load out all over his chest. We reveled in the mood and then went at it again.

He came back the Saturday before Christmas for some more fun and games. It was just as hot! I'll keep you posted.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Late Saturday Night Sex

Ok. For all of you incurable romantics, K and I have had lunch a few times and spent some time together. It has been strictly friends. I haven’t fucked him. I am not saying I haven't thought about it, but that road is closed for now anyway. He is in therapy. There is no doubt. I think it is fantastic!!

I am announcing that I have a houseguest. My nephew is here in DC. He has an internship, which only works because his uncle can put him up for a few months. Yes, I said a few months. It has put a damper on my activities. While he knows I am gay, I prefer not to fuck everything that moves when he is in the house. Fortunately, he has a life but it has slowed down my escapades.

Saturday night late.... almost Sunday morning I got lucky. This really cute twink chatted me up on Manhunt. Right off he invited me to come over. I was horned big time and he was relatively close by, so off I went.

When I got to his place, he was only wearing a thin cotton pair of brown pajama pants. He was smooth, tanned and very cute. He definitely worked out. He was about 5' 9"/10" with a swimmers body and a round firm ass that I could see against his pajama pants as he moved around.

He was also totally fucked up. I pointed this out as he led me into his place from the door. He laughed and said yes. He had been out and had been drinking and partying a little. He punched/slapped my arm and said he had to have some cock before he crashed. I was eager to oblige.

As I dropped onto the couch, I watched him quickly yank off his pajama pants and he wiggled his way up on to my lap. We kissed. I could feel his hands on my arms and kneading my chest. He asked if he could pull my shirt off. I said sure and helped him yank my shirt up over my head. He jumped off my lap and tore at my sweats to get them off too. When I was as nude as him, he crawled back on my lap and very earnestly told me, "Daddy, you can have me any way you want me".

We kissed again and messed around for a few minutes. As my cock started to stiffen, he gently rubbed his ass against it as he straddled my lap. I could no longer resist. I told him to go get a condom out of my sweats. He looked at me briefly, smiled and obeyed. I told him to put it on my cock. He got down between my legs and tore the condom out of the wrapper. He seemed to almost fumble with my cock as he tried to roll it on me. I reached done and grabbed the shaft of my cock and held it tightly. He pressed the condom onto my cockhead and as he slowly rolled it down he bent over and licked the shaft of my cock down to my balls. He then buried his face in my balls and licked and squeezed them while he gently stroked my cock.

My cock was rock hard by this point. I grabbed him by his shoulder and pulled him up onto the couch with me and pushed him down over the arm of the couch. I pulled his ass cheeks apart and began to munch on his ass. He was sweaty, but extremely clean. His skin was baby soft and he immediately responded to my tongue against his pucker and moaned appreciatively as I forced the tip of my tongue into him. At this point, I was more focused on getting his ass wet than eating him. I wanted my cock in him as soon as possible.

I got up on my knees and positioned myself between his legs, as he remained draped over the arm of the couch. I pushed my cockhead against his hole. It was dripping wet with my spit, so the first inch or so went in easily. Working the rest in took a little while longer. He was tight, warm and felt so good that I had to concentrate on getting all of my cock into him without shooting my load too fast. Out of nowhere, he was moaning and grunting about how good my hard cock felt. That re-focused my attention and I forgot about shooting my load. I jammed the rest of my cock into him pubes deep.

I then just fucked him. I slammed my cock into him, fucking him deeply and hard and he continued to moan and grunt about how good it felt. I used him like a cunt, called him a bitch, arched my back and started to shoot my load deep into him. After pumping 3 or 4 heavy squirts of cum into him, I fell against back spent. I could feel him breathing heavily under me. Fuck it felt great!

I sat back down on the couch and told him to come over and clean me up. He eagerly obeyed. I heard from him again today. Too good to believe.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I Love This Town!

I am here and alive. Work has been crazy, but things are going well. I don’t want to come off as too arrogant, but I LOVE THIS TOWN! It is filled with eager bottoms ready to serve. Between Thugboy, The Kid and Craigslist, I am getting my cock serviced or getting laid on an almost daily basis. It is embarrassing that it is so easy. As I have said before, I am an average guy. It appears that there are only a handful of masculine Tops in this town and it is paradise. I called The Kid before I started writing this post and he is on his way over now. He sent me an e-mail yesterday almost begging to suck my cock, which is hot as hell! I moved to DC from a town that was smaller and a lot more conservative. Not to belabor the point, I am loving it here!

A lot of you have written me and I appreciate the positive feedback. I started this Blog from boredom and curiosity. I moved to a big new town to start a big new job and I didn’t know anyone and didn’t know anything about this town. The whole experience up to now has been positive.

Okay, now for the big news. I have not fucked him, but I have seen K twice in the last 2 weeks. He claims to still be in therapy. I think I believe him. We had lunch last week and he came over Sunday and cooked me dinner while I watched some European Football games on cable. It was nice. It was comfortable. He still one of the hottest pieces of ass I know. We didn’t talk about us or sex or anything. At lunch last week, K claimed that he has been celibate since the last time we had sex. I am not sure I believe that and it really isn’t important. I think the therapy is the best thing to come out of this. I frankly told him at lunch last week that I am not sure there will ever be an us, but I like him and I want him to like himself.

The Kid is knocking at my door, so this post is finished for tonight. I have a glass of wine and I am going to kick back and let him suck my cock for as long as I can………….

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Not All Hook Up's Are Good

I logged on to Manhunt to relax and decompress this afternoon after work. I was on about 10 minutes when I got and IM from a very hot muscle bottom not that far from my office. We went back and forth and I figured that he was hot and on the way home, so WTF.

I got to his place and he was everything that his pictures showed. He described himself as a 29-year-old bottom - athletic, very fit 5'8 155lbs smooth/handsome and he was. His living room had a large set of free-weights against the wall and he had the body to prove that he used them. He was lean with massive shoulders and a thin waist. A little more muscled than I usually go for, but nobody would say no to this boy. He had 0% body fat and a defined 8-pac.

Almost immediately the vibe was off. He asked me as I came into his place if I was a top. I replied yes. He looked at me and said casually that, “you will be topping me”. With a stay here, he disappeared into another room. He returned with a towel, a condom and some lube. He handed the condom and lube to me, turned away from me and spread the towel on the floor in front of his door. Immediately, he pulled his boxers off and crouched down on the towel without a word.

His ass was attractive, not great because he has almost no body fat. I disrobed and started to play with his ass and finger his hole a little. He was hot, but I wasn’t even close to being hard. He was totally non-responsive. Sadly, I noticed that he had a hole as wide as the Grand Canyon. I would have munched on him for a while, but it was very apparent that a hell of a lot of cock had been there before me.

I continued to finger his ass and stroked myself till I was fairly hard and still absolutely nothing from him. Not a sound, a moan or anything. He crouched on his towel like a statue.

I applied some lube and rolled the condom onto my cock. As I pushed my cock into him, I realized that he was even looser than I had thought. He took my whole cock without so much as an indication that he felt it. I couldn’t even feel his ass on my cock. I didn’t feel any tightening around my shaft. I smacked his ass and told him to tighten up a little and again nothing.

I started out slow and started to build up a rhythm. I was still not feeling anything and wasn't getting anything from this boy. It was like fucking a wooden horse. Finally after about 5 minutes, I thought WTF am I doing. I pulled out and yanked the condom off and tossed it onto his back. As I pulled my cloths back on, he turned his head around and looked up at me. “What’s wrong, Dude?”, he asked. “It isn’t working for me”, I said. I feel bad for this boy. He is a hottie and I guess he has never really had to give anything to sex, but his ass is worn out. It was a bad hook up.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Hump Day

I have been trying to avoid it, but K was on the Metro car I got on this morning. It was immediately uncomfortable. The seat next to him was open and he was all smiles and made a big point of saying good morning to me. I have been trying to avoid this. Lately, I have been walking to the back end of the platform to make sure I was on a car that he wasn't. He must have figured that move out.

I sat with him and we chatted briefly on the ride downtown. I get off the Red Line before he does. He wanted to have lunch, but I flatly said NO! He looked so fucking irresistible, it took all the strength I had. I so fucking luv how good he looks. I wish he wasn't so fucked up. I made a snide comment that he would probably jerk off tonight thinking about the rejection and got off the train without looking back. What a fucking waste of a beautiful man.

The Cop spent the night here Monday. It kinda had the feel of a relationship ha ha. He arrived with a bottle of wine and a movie and we ended up in my bed making out and fucking and sleeping all night. Tuesday morning, I was making breakfast and he was trying to make small talk. I looked at him and told him I knew he was cop. He got a total look of terror on his face and gulped. I smiled and told him to relax. I wanted him to know that I know and to make him comfortable. I asked him the burning question that I have had recently...., "Are you married?". He says not. I think I believe him. I assured him that I wanted to fuck him not out him, so he should not worry. When he left I actually think he was relaxed about it. I will be nailing him again this weekend. What a fucking body. I am average, but this man is hard as a rock and a total submissive bottom. Woof!!!

The boy I cherry popped last week e-mailed today. He wants to be fucked again. Should I?

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Popped a cherry raw!

So, I was bored and horny as I indicated in my last post. I was checking out Craigslist and came upon a simple post from a guy nearby:

inexperienced looking for older masculine top. 6'1", bl, bl. 178, 32"w, athl, 25yo, 7” and eager. ne dc here. must travel to you.

We exchanged exactly 3 e-mails. This boy was about 12 blocks from my place. The pic in his e-mail was adorable! He was looking to get fucked, he said. I was sure that it was bogus, but WTF I gave him my address and waited to see what would come of it. About 20 minutes later, there was a knock on my door. He was not bogus! He matched his pic and looked even better in his carpenter shorts and t-shirt.

I invited him in and right away noticed that he was incredibly nervous. He could barely look me in the eye and his body language amplified that he was very uncomfortable. I made some small talk to try to break the ice. Offered him a beer, which he jumped at and we sat down in front of my TV and bs’ed for a while. I mean like 30 minutes. I had tivo’ed a Manchester United game and we kinda half watched that and chatted. The boy was a little more relaxed, but not much.

I hated to say it, but I offered that if he wasn’t into hooking up that we should just take a pass. He immediately said no. He wanted to get fucked, but he was shy. He apologized profusely and hoped that wasn’t a turn off. Frankly, looking at him had me hot and the innocence he projected was intoxicating. I put my beer down, got up and moved over to the couch beside him. I gently stroked his cheek and as he looked at me I gently kissed him.

After the first kiss, he said “Wow!”. We kissed again and he kissed back passionately. I could feel an impressive budge in his shorts. I moved his hand to my crotch and he fumbled with my cock through my sweats as we made out on the couch. After a long time, we stopped kissing and I could tell he was focused on my crotch and rubbing my cock through the material covering it. I reached down and pulled my sweats off and gently pushed his face down to my cock. I took my cock by the shaft and stroked it a few times in front of his face and then push it to his mouth. I could feel his lips open around the head of my cock and he gently began to suck on the head. He seemed to hesitate. I gently prodded him to relax and just enjoy how it felt in his mouth. He licked and sucked on my cock and seemed to enjoy it.

After a few minutes of okay head, I had an urge to pushed the boy down and just take him. So, I did. He was on the floor with my hand on the back of his head pushing his face into the rug. I yanked his shorts down with my other hand and used my hand and legs to spread his legs apart. His ass was bare and smooth with very defined tan lines. He immediately tensed his body and squirmed a little but relaxed as I buried my mouth in his crack between the mounds of his young ass. As I pushed my tongue into his tight hole, he squirmed even less and began to relax more and moan. After a few minutes of gently licking and eating his hole, I could feel him begin to wiggle his ass and push it at me so that he could feel my tongue probe deeper into him. From how he responded, it was obvious that he’d never been eaten before. He loved it! He bucked and groaned and reached back to grab at my head. I loved it too, but after filling his hole with spit I wanted to fuck him.

I took him raw. I didn’t ask. As I pushed the head of my cock into his pucker, I immediately knew that this boy had never been fucked before either. There is a difference between tight and never opened up. The noise and cry he let out as I forced my cock into him verified my opinion. He screamed out as I penetrated him. He gasped out, squirmed and flexed his arms out above his head. I didn’t stop and I didn’t ease up on the pressure I was applying to hold him down on the rug. I could feel his hole opening up and adjusting to the thickness of my cock. He screamed out that it hurt. “Oh my God it hurts”, he gasped. I continued to thrust slowly. Something about the difficulty he was having adjusting to being fucked just made it all the hotter. I started to fuck him harder. Soon, I was buried in his ass and I could feel his ass moving to meet me. His gasps had changed in tone to moans of enjoyment. Then without warning he screamed that he was gonna cum. I felt his hole tighten around my cock as he lost it. He literally screamed with pleasure as he shot his load.

I kept pounding away at his ass. After a few more minutes, I felt the pressure build in my groin and I slowed down and leaned forward to tell him that I was gonna dump my load in his ass. I didn’t wait for a response and he didn’t try to respond or resist. I just shot it into him. There were five strong spurts followed by a few small ones. He groaned, “Oh my God it’s so warm”. I was finished. I fell down on him and laid against him for a while. I could feel him panting to recover under me. My cock softened and slipped out of him and I rolled over on my back beside him on the floor. He had a little smile on his face with a look of total satisfaction. This boy had gotten exactly what he wanted. This was painted across his face.

A few days later, I got an e-mail from the boy thanking me. I fought the urge to thank him. Damn, I enjoyed that!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I Am Not Gone!

I am not gone. I am still here. I just took some time off from blogging to deal with my feelings and and to deal with life. August was a horrible month in my personal life and in my professional life. I really hope that September is better in both areas. There is a lot of shit going on in my life right now.

After what happened with K, I took a few days and went to the Outer Banks to relax. Got some sun and forgot about everything that was on my mind. I was hearing from K everyday before I left for the beach. I have not heard from him, since I got back. I am conflicted about that. I miss him. The fact that I miss him concerns me. I don’t know where this goes.

This trip to the beach really opened my eyes to the whole fetish gay men have with straight boys. There were a hell of a lot of young hotties parading along the beach in their surfing shorts. I have never been that hung up on the straight boy thing, but it looked sweet at the beach. I got a few returned looks, which convinced me that some of these boys ain’t so straight but nothing came of it. Clearly, it wouldn’t have been cool to talk-up an old guy on the beach. But, they did look!

I had an e-mail from Gareth waiting me when I got back. We have been e-mailing off and on since we hooked-up in Italy. He is the English lad I met on the train to Milan, when I was in Europe. He has been to southern Italy, Sicily, Greece and Turkey, since I left Milan for Rome. I have been trying to convince him to visit the US for a while. I, of course, generously offered him a place to crash! Thinking back, I was crazy not to rendezvous with him when I was finished in Rome. I could kick myself now!

I think I popped a guy’s cherry last Sunday evening. I was bored and horny, so I was checking out Craigslist. I'll post about that soon.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

K - It's NOT all about me............. Pt. 3

I am not sure if K and I are still together or not. I am not sure if we were ever together. We have spoken by telephone every day. We had lunch downtown on Wednesday.

The fact of the matter is that what K says he hoped for was that I would see the cigarette burn marks, be jealous and beat him up. Or, so he says now. I think whatever the reality, only K may have any clue of the truth. I told him Wednesday that I would devote no more energy trying to make a determination.

K said he loved me, as I have blogged. I was shocked at the time, but on some level I wanted to believe that he might. Everyone wants to be loved. He may love me. I am just sure that he doesn't love me the way I need to be loved. Bottom line.... that is what is important. If I don't remember that then I am as fucked up or more than he is.

The dilemma now is whether to even continue to see K as a friend or a fuckbuddy. If I do, isn't he the winner? We aren't too close and he gets to live this fantasy of abusive relationships. Somehow, I think the conflict between the two of us over the last week has fed that. I mean, as some of you have pointed out, I made him cry and he gets off on abuse. K needs professional help, which he is not now getting. So, maybe the end of K.

In the meantime, I totally fucking worked the The Cop over last night. He left a few hours ago very sore and totally not willing to give me some more this morning. I had to settle for a tame morning blowjob.

A shout out to my new Cockwhore. You know who you are, if you are reading. I suspect you maybe. Maybe I'll fuck you next time, if you serve me well!

Finally, so fortunate to have cocksuckers to enjoy. Thugboy and The Kid have been a telephone call away all week. I am amazed how eager The Kid has been. He is on his way over now!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

K - It's NOT all about me............. Pt. 2

I appreciate all of the e-mails I have received. I have cooled off or relaxed ... whatever it is and finally talked with K today. I won't get into every detail, but it is pretty obvious that this is far more about him and me.

Yes, I may not be behaving properly. Yes, it appears that on some level K wanted me to find this out. It was a casual night at my place. He could have made an excuse and not showed. He could have made an excuse and I wouldn't have undressed him. There was no way I was going see his body and not notice the cigarette burn marks. He wanted me to know this.

Bottom-line, as I told K today, I am not going to burn him with cigarettes or do any other things along this line. I think that he may have wanted to push me away and he has been successful. I told him that I was shocked because outwardly I thought we were learning each other and growing closer. I think I was getting too close and he grew uncomfortable. I think he can deal with the level of intimacy that results in him being used or being burned with a cigarette. I don't think he can deal with the intimacy that we were developing.

Finally, to those who correctly pointed out that I was still hooking up. That is correct. K and I had the talk and he wanted me to continue hooking up and to include him occasionally. The hookup is not why I lost it. If I had been jealous, I would have made a play for exclusivity. I was attempting to accommodate to his needs to a certain level, but I can't be something I am not. Also, I don't expect K to be something he is not. I don't know where we are, but it is very far apart today.

He is crying. He is upset. I am upset too. I doubt we will both come out of this happy.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

K - It's NOT all about me.............

I had a casual evening at home with K Friday evening. We had a bottle of wine and were playing around on the couch in front of the tv. I casually started to peel his clothes off as we messed around. I sensed a little hesitancy, which is out of the ordinary. Usually, I can do what ever I like with him.

When I got to his ass, he got really strange and started to turn away from me. He has the firm, round ass of a soccer player. It makes my mouth water and I frankly wanted to eat a little and fuck him on the couch. In a manner very out of character, he put up a little resistance to being turned over. I was determined and turned him over and made a discovery. He had a quarter-sized burn mark on his lower left butt cheek that was red, nasty-looking and starting to scab over. I immediately turned the lights on and discovered several other similar burn marks in other locations.

Long story short - after some concern and a little bit of ugliness, I discovered that the burn marks are cigarette burns from a recent hookup with a dominant top fuckbuddy that K has recently acquired. It appears that K forgot to require that his fuckbuddy leave no marks and well the rest is pretty obvious.

I immediately had a very bad reaction. I was totally fucking pissed off. I looked K straight in the eye and tossed his words about it being all about me right back at him. It was very obvious that his sexual pleasure was NOT all about me at all. I told K to leave and he was visibly upset and crying as I closed the door on him.

I have thought about this since Friday. I almost didn’t Blog this because I realize I am hurt. I am not hurt because he is fucking someone else. This surprised me, but I can’t be jealous because I am certainly doing my thing. Frankly, K encouraged me to hookup. What hurts me is that obviously what K desires sexually is even more way-out than I was willing to recognize. While I thought we were figuring each other out and he was verbalizing what I wanted to hear…………………… he needed to be dominated and burnt with a cigarette.

Thursday, August 02, 2007


The Dad had opened his previous e-mail with, "How would you like to use my Son again in July?" Since then, I hadn’t heard anything. Last Thursday, I received an e-mail from DADNSONCT that simply gave me the name of a hotel at BWI Arirport near Baltimore, a room number and indicated after 4:00PM on Friday. It took me 30 seconds to confirm by e-mail that I would be there and Friday afternoon shortly after 4:00PM I was standing at the door to that room.

The door was slightly ajar when I got there, so I pushed it open and quietly announced that I was there as I closed the door behind me. The Son was stretched out on the bed wearing a white jock. He had that same timid look I remembered from our last encounter, but he did crack a smile when he saw me. The Dad was nowhere to be found. I asked the Son where his Dad was. The Son smiled and said, “Dad told me that you were coming at 4 o’clock and to make sure you left happy.”

I immediately started to pull my clothes off and crawled on to the bed with the Son. When I reached for him, he pretended to resist and we wrestled around on the bed for a minute or so and soon his lips were on mine and we started to make out. After a few minutes of this, the Son freed himself and crawled up to straddle my chest. We continued to kiss and he gently tugged on my nipples. After a while, his tongue was swirling around my bellybutton and a short time later I could feel him nuzzling and gently kissing my cock. This continued until I reached down and grabbed the back of his head with one hand and my cock with the other hand and pushed my cock into his warm eager mouth.

I fucked his face for a while firmly but gently using my hand on the back of his head to move him up and down on my shaft. Then he reached out and grabbed the base of my cock with his hand and started to bob up and down on me taking more of my cock with each stroke. The Son obviously loves cock. He would alternative between bobbing and deep-throating my cock and sucking on the head and licking my shaft and balls. He was obviously fully aware of where I was, because each time I approached the point of no return he would slowdown, or change his stroke or move to my balls and nuzzle them. The Son is a skilled cocksucker and a master of his technique. He edged me and re-edged me until I was ready to beg him to finish. Finally, he stopped, took my cock in his hand, looked deeply into my eyes and finished me off in his mouth with his mouth and hand.

The Son then crawled up beside me and coyly opened his mouth, so that I could see he was holding my load in his mouth. He moved his tongue around and I could see strings of my cum slide off of his tongue. Then he gently tugged my hand up to his throat, closed his mouth and swallowed my load. He wanted me to feel his throat swallowing my cum. He licked his lips, smiled and we spooned and cuddled on the bed. This lasted for I don’t know how long.

He looked good and felt good. I could not keep my hands off of him. I started to feel his tight thighs and squeeze his ass. We wrestled some more and finally he got a vary serious look on his face and asked, “Aren’t you going to fuck me?” I was instantly hard again. I told him with total sincerity that that was the reason I had come. And that was the truth! Together we got my cock wrapped and both of us lubed. Then as quick as lightening, he was on his back and was pulling his legs up beside his head.

I moved over him and forced my cock right in. It took about three firm thrusts, but his ass soon swallowed my whole cock. The Son was very tight as I remembered. He also has one of those asses that seem to mold around your cock and cling to you. Makes a guy think the ass was made for his cock. The Son is not virgin, but there is no mileage on his ass. Almost from my first thrust he was grunting and moaning. I like noise. There is something very erotic about the sounds some guys make as you work your cock into them. The Son was obviously enjoying it. It soon occurred to me that the Son might have been the reason for my invitation from the Dad to use him again. This boy wasn’t acting and the Dad was still nowhere to be found. I aggressively drilled his ass for what seemed like 20 minutes or more. He grunted and moaned louder as time passed. My cock tingled as I drove it into him and pulled it back out. Soon, I was there and had no desire to hold back. I blasted a load into him as I made one last thrust. It was intense and I must have been expressive, because suddenly the Son was kind of giggling at me and had wrapped his arms around me.

We curled back up and cuddled again for a while. I finally looked at the clock radio and realized it was 6:25PM. I had been with the Son for more than 2 hours. It was intense and passionate! The Son had a well-fucked look on his face. I told him my time was up. I remembered that he wasn’t my son. I was just using him by invitation. I cleaned up, dressed and headed home. Thanks again, Dad!!!

Monday, July 23, 2007

A Late Night Cellphone Call

Saturday morning at 2:20AM, my cellphone rang and woke me from a sound sleep. It was The Cop. He was recently off his shift, apparently had been drinking and wanted to come by. I was almost pissed because of the time, but the tone in his voice was so sheepish and apologetic I couldn’t be mad. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that only a few hours before The Kid had been on the floor between my legs draining a load before I crashed.

The Cop has this way of almost sounding like he is begging to have sex with me and hearing this hottie begging for it gets me hot every time. He works shifts, so we have had sex at various times during the day. We have this routine where sometimes it is a sweaty quickie and other times we actually have some pretty passionate sex. This was his first middle-of-the night call, but what the fuck. Soon I was saying yes and telling him the back door would be open and to come up stairs. I fairly quickly fell asleep again.

Fast forward I am not sure how much later and I awoke to the feeling of someone licking my balls and shaft. I could smell the combination of beer and his smell in bed with me. He was hungrily working my cock and I ccould hear him grunting under the covers as he worked himself. I lazily reached down and put a hand on the back of his head and started to force his head down on my cock. He responded and took a big mouthful and I could feel him working his tongue along the under side of my shaft. After a few minutes of this, he came up from my crotch and we kissed passionately and made out for a while. He made a point of thanking me for letting him come over.

At this point, I am totally awake and totally aroused. Before I could make a move, The Cop had my cock wrapped and had lifted himself over me and straddled my crotch. He took one hand and grabbed my cock and pushed it between the cheeks of his beautiful bubble ass and started to work himself down on it. In the shadows from the street light through my bedroom window, I could make out his muscular shaped and his tight 8-pack of abs poised above my cock and I almost came from the sight. He is an incredible specimen. He slowly worked himself down over the shaft of my cock and I could hear him gulp a few times before I felt him resting against my pubes. He started to ride me slowly and soon built up to frantic pace. I didn’t last more than 90 seconds and I didn’t care. I couldn’t see his face, but I reached out and grabbed his waist with my hands as I exploded into him and groaned out how much I like it. He keeped riding until he shot a load all over me and then he fell down on me and gave me a passionate kiss.

We cuddled for a while and eventually I fell asleep again. When I woke up later Saturday morning, my bed and I both smelled of The Cop and our sex. He was gone.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Thursday over a Beer

There is a little sandwich shop near my office that has a food bar and a liquor license. It isn't exactly a bar, but I have gotten into the habit of stopping there after work occasionally and grabbing something to munch on and a drink and watching whatever sport is playing on the flat screen tv's. Lately, I have been catching an occasional European Football (Soccer) match.

Thursday, I went in to grab a beer and relax. I have said before, I am not always the most confident guy in the pickup department and I don’t always have the best gaydar. Having said that, as I enjoyed my sandwich and beer and tried to relax and decompress from a really shitty day this incredibly handsome construction worker pulled up the stool next to me.

Construction Man had obviously been working all day. His work clothes were dirty and covered in dust. He had a mild smell of sweat from being outside in the DC heat. He was an extremely handsome man. Handsome enough that I found myself taking another look and thinking how attractive he was. He was early 30’s, with thick wavy dark brown hair, 6’ plus tall, probably 200 lbs. and his skin was darkly tanned from working outside. His easy were a very striking pale blue color. He was very well built. From the definition of his arms and how his shirt clung to his back and shoulders, I could tell he had the muscular body of someone who did hard manual labor. Totally fucking hot and at first glance too good to be true. It frankly never crossed my mind that he might be interested.

I continued to relax and eat my sandwich and nurse my beer. My work cell rang and I spent a few minutes dealing with more bullshit from work. Construction Man checked out the menu and I noticed him order. During my cell conversation he got up and left and then returned to sit in the stool right next to mine. This is when it occurred to me that the shop was nearly empty and that there were plenty of stools and tables to sit at.

Soon Construction Man was chattering away about work, the heat and how nice this place was etc. etc. etc. After a few minutes we were having a nice conversation. He is working on a new condo building going up a few blocks from my office. Soon he is telling me his girlfriend is out of town at the beach in Ocean City. He is from Baltimore County, MD, which is north of DC near the City of Baltimore. This goes on for about 20-30 minutes, while I downed another beer. It still wasn’t clear to me whether he was cruising me or just being friendly. As I said, I can be slow. But he was so fucking handsome and friendly that as I got up to leave, I grabbed a napkin off the bar and scratched my cell number down and pushed it across the counter. “Call me if you are up for a beer or something….”, and headed home.

Two hours later, my cell phone rang. It flashed unknown number, but I answered with my usual a “Hello.” The voice on the line was Construction Man. The voice was deep, but tentative. He had a name. He was quick to remind me where we had met and that I had given him the number. He fumbled with his words for a minute and then asked, “Are you gay?”. I said that I was. He then asked if he could come over. He said, “I’ll bring the beer”, which I thought was very cute. I told him my address and 20 minutes later he was standing at my door with no beer.

Construction Man was uncomfortable, but he made himself at home on my couch. I offered him a drink, but he declined. We made disjointed small talk for a few minutes with a few long awkward silences. Finally, this beautiful man blurts out, “Can I suck you dick?” I said, “Sure”, and got up and lead him by the hand upstairs to my bedroom.

In my bedroom, he immediately got down on his knees as I turned toward him and grabbed at my crotch as he fumbled with the waistband of my shorts. He grabbed at my growing cock and licked the head and rubbed his tongue all over the underside of the shaft. He then took whole head in his mouth and started to suck hard and slowly slurped most of the shaft into his mouth. He started to bob his head on my cock and looked up at me with a look of satisfied hunger in those striking pale blue eyes.

I freed myself from my shorts and moved us closer to a wall for support. He followed without missing his focus or a stroke on my cock. Once at the wall, I put both of my hands on the back of his head and held it while I slowly began to thrust my cock in and out of his mouth. I was fucking his face gently to see how he would react. He grabbed the back of my legs with his hands and opened his mouth even wider to take more of me. He looked up at me again and I slide my hands to the side of his face and started to more aggressively work more and more of my cock past his lips and down his throat.

After several minutes of getting his face fucked, he grabbed onto the base of my cock and tugged it out of his mouth. He gasped for some air briefly. He licked his lips and stared at my cock. It was wet from his mouth and I could feel his breath on me. He pulled my cock up toward my stomach and slowly stroked the underside of the shaft as he buried his face in my ball sack and licked and sucked on my balls. At this point I was moaning, panting and telling him I wanted more. My balls were wet from his tongue and tingled from his breath. He softly nibbled on my balls as he licked. He slowly took each ball into his mouth and I could feel him work his tongue over them through my sack.

After several more minutes, he swallowed my cock to the pubes and started to bob his head on my cock, deep-throating me and rubbing his hand on my wet balls. At this point I was loosing it. My head was spinning and I could feel my groin start to tingle. I groaned that I was cumming. I was totally in a zone and going over the edge. At I let go with a substantial load, he came of my cock and each spurt splashed directly into his face. After I stopped shooting, he continued to squeeze my cock at the base, milking out every last drop of cum. Then he licked of the drops hanging onto the end of my cock.

He got up off of the floor and asked if he could clean up some. I pointed to the bathroom door and sat down to collect myself. The Dude gave great head, but it was obvious that we were done. When he came out of the bathroom. He was freshly scrubbed and ready to go. At my front door, he asked me if we could do this again sometime and I said sure and then he was gone.

Monday, July 09, 2007

As Promised - Hook-ups During my Trip to Europe

I promised an update on my trip to Europe when I got back in June, but work and life have distracted me from writing. I was in Europe for about 3 weeks in May and June. I had a meeting in Germany and a later meeting in Italy at the end of May for two different projects I am in charge of at work. There was a gap of time between the two meetings, so I hopped a train to Switzerland and spent a few days in Interlaken and Zurich.

Gareth - a brunette English lad on the train from Zurich to Milan.

The train from Zurich to Milan passes through Zug, Arth Goldau, Airolo, Bellinzona, Lugano, Chiasso (border town to Italy) and then Comon, Monza and Milan Central Station. This train leaves almost hourly from Zurich. I was late and missed the 16:00 train I originally intended to take. Instead, I caught the 17:00 train.

I first saw Gareth on the platform as my train rolled into the station at Arth Goldau. He was in his mid 20's – maybe 6’1” - good body with broad shoulders. His hair was light brunette. He had a couple of day’s growth of beard on his face. He was wearing hiking boots and a pair of tan-brown hiking shorts with a ton of pockets. He had a black t-shirt with "FBI" lettered across his chest covered with an un-buttoned oxford shirt. His face was slightly sunburned – and the ruddiness of his burn accentuated his bright blue eyes.

He was a hottie and definitely caught my attention, but it was momentary and I went back to the book I was reading. About 15-20 minutes later, he was standing in the aisle adjacent to my seat stowing his pack in the overhead. Exactly the same, but now totally clean-shaven. His eyes were even bluer up close. I flashed a smile and he flashed one back. Then dropped into the seat next to mine.

The train ride from Zurich to Milan is almost 4 hours long. I read and watched the beautiful scenery that passed by a good part of the way and Gareth slept. Shortly after we crossed into Italy, he started to stir. Dug around in his pack. Did some re-packing and read a magazine for a while. It wasn’t long until he asked me in a very proper English accent, “You are an American aren’t you?” One thing led to another and we made small talk about a lot of subjects. He soon knew a little about me and I knew he was a student taking a year off to travel around Europe. And it wasn’t long until it was pretty apparent that he was overtly flirting with me. He was still flirting and we were discussing European football by the time the Milan Central Station was announced and the train slowed and rolled into the platform.

As we crawled down from the car onto the platform and began to walk toward the station, I mentioned that I was going to grab something to eat and extended an invite which Gareth jumped at instantly. Outside I grabbed a cab and gave the driver the address for my hotel.

Dinner at a nearby café was extended in the Italian fashion and we killed 2 bottles of wine between us. More talk and more flirting and soon he was following me back to my hotel and trying to appear innocent, while I checked into my room.

As soon as we were in the room, we were tearing each other’s clothes off and rolling around on the bed. He immediately reached for my cock and I was rock hard. We kissed and groped and he played with my cock. I grabbed his uncut cock and it was expanding in size. It felt great. It was smooth and very white under his tanned torso. Gareth kissed and licked his way down to my crotch and took my cock in his mouth. He was a very skilled cocksucker!!! I ran my hands through his hair and gently used my hand on the back of his head to fuck his face. This went on for a while and I was totally into it. He came back up and gave me a very passionate kiss. He then asked if I had a condom and lube. I got up and dug through my bag to find both. Back on the bed, he playfully put the condom on my cock and then crawled up and straddled me – burying my cock deep into his tight young ass. His ass was very warm and he groaned and closed his eyes tight as he sank down on me.

Gareth rode my cock like a champ – his cock and balls flapped against my stomach. I ran my hands over his chest as he rode me. I played with his nipples – they got rock hard. I played with his engorged cock until suddenly his cock erupted and he shot his creamy load all over my chest with some landing on my chin. His ass tightened around my cock and that finally sent me over the edge. I shot in his ass and he kept riding me until finally he collapsed on top of me. His cum and our sweat sticking us to each other. He kissed me again deeply and passionately. My cock slid out of his ass and he moved his body next to mine. We fell asleep and neither of us moved until the next morning. We spent the next day and night together. I had to move on to Rome and regrettably Gareth was headed into the mountains for some more hiking. He said we should stay in touch. We exchanged numbers and e-mail addresses. I have already shared several e-mails with him, since I returned home. Maybe there is more to come from this meeting.

Pascale - a dark-haired Italian hunk at my hotel in Rome.

I arrived in Rome on the EuroStar from Milan, which made one stop in Firenze (Florence), at around 13:30. Cabbed over to my hotel near the Spanish Steps. This hotel was very very swank in a great area of the city. I spent most of the next day exploring Rome and a few minutes here and there on preparing for my meeting at the end of the week and phone calls. I used the hotel service to press my suit for the meeting and shortly before I was planning to head out to grab dinner one evening, Pascale knocked on my door with my freshly pressed suit.

If you are familiar with Italian men, you know how self-assured – cocky – and hot they can be. They have a darker Mediterranean coloring with passionate expressive eyes and sensuous lips. You look up at them and they are almost always studying you. And the bodies on these guys, lean and defined all wearing thin skin-tight shirts and tight pants. Incredible!!! Having said that, Pascale was a typical Italian man in his early 30’s wearing a painted on hotel uniform that showed-off a very nice round bubble ass.

As I opened the door and he greeted me, I know that I was staring. I couldn’t help it. His eyes locked on mine and he was immediately all smiles and friendly. He spoke very good English with a sexy Italian accent. One thing lead to another and he was recommending a restaurant near the hotel and we were chatting about Rome. I left my room right after Pascale and followed him down the hallway toward the elevator. My eyes were glued to his ass as he confidently strutted in front of me. At the elevator, he gave me a look and told me to, “Ask for Pascale, if you need anything.” I jumped at the opening to ask when he was finished working for the day and to extend an open invitation for him to stop back at my room for a drink. All I got was a smile and a “Si”.

I went to dinner and enjoyed a stroll through the streets near the hotel. I wasn’t sure whether Pascale understood my offer or whether he was even interested. I returned to the hotel and took a short shower to wash the city off and crawled onto my bed to watch CNN International. I must have dosed off, because I woke up to knocking on my door. I got up and opened the door to find a smiling Pascale standing out side. It took him a second to duck inside and I closed the door.

Pascale was about 5’11” and had a lean, tight compact body. He was solid, but may have only weighed 150lbs. He had dark brown hair and hazel green eyes. He just exuded sexuality. As I turned toward him he had one hand cupped over his crotch and his other hand extended toward me. I reached for it and he lead me to the bed. We were all over each other. We alternated between making out and taking each other’s clothes off. Soon I could see all of him in his perfection. He was totally smooth and had a gigantic uncut cock that was longer than 9” and so thick that I could not get my hand completely around it. It was the most impressive cock I have ever seen!!!

Soon Pascale had swallowed my cock to my pubes. He gently but eagerly devoured it as he worked my balls with his hand. The combination of his cocksucking technique and the visual of him stretched out between my legs had my head swimming. I also had an overwhelming desire to suck his cock. I had never seen such a large one and had to have it. I worked my way around until we were side-by-side 69’ing. I could barely get the whole head of his cock into my mouth. I used one hand to grab this monster and used the other to pull his foreskin back and had my desert. We went at each other like this without stopping for a while. As I bathed his cock with my mouth and tongue, I tried not to think about it but I felt things building between my legs and Pascale was dripping pre-cum.

Without any formalities, Pascale suddenly came off my cock arched his back and gasped loudly as his cock shot 5 large geysers of cum up into the air as I ran my tongue up and down his shaft. His spunk was all over both of us as he eagerly went about finishing me off. I was spent as I laid beside this Roman hunk and stared at his beautiful cock.

As quickly as he came, Pascale was ready to leave. He cleaned-up in the bathroom and quickly re-dressed. As he went to the door, he smiled back at me and said. “Circumcised ...first time. Ciao ”

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Where Things are with K

I have been getting a fairly consistent stream of e-mails asking about K. I have called him my quasi bf and he is a little more than that at this point. I have been quiet about him lately on this Blog, because I am conflicted about what we have and what we can have. I am incredibily physically attracted to him. He is an all-American-fucking hottie. I enjoy his company. We have fun together and he is intelligent enough to talk to when my hard-on is gone, which is a very rare combination.

The whole "having a relationship with a guy who wants to be my fag thing..." remains an issue. I have gone back and forth in my mind about whether this is my issue or his issue. I have posted about one role-playing game I played with him. I haven't posted about some others. The games where fine, but frankly as I told him last week when I got back from my trip, "I'd rather fuck him than have him watch me fuck other people".

So, we had another really in depth conversation about him. To respect his privacy (seriously), I am not going to get into every specific detail. After hearing his story, it is amazing he is as together as he seems to be. We all have our stories. Being who we are definitely has a level of hurt and emotional pain caused by those in our lives who don't or refuse to accept us. He had a very hard family life. He was on the street alone as a teenager. He bounced around and was exploited. He was fairly brutally raped by a guy he knew casually. Most of his previous relationships have been with older dominant guys and he has developed a preference for this dynamic in relationships. And (drums rolling here), he loves me. This popped out during our conversation.

After hours of talking, I may have had a epiphany. K kept saying that, "To me its all about you..." He has said this previously, but I may not have been hearing him in the noise of everything else we discussed. We have been together about 5 months. I have been fumbling around trying to understand what I needed to do to get close to him and it appears that I just need to be me. He was very clear that if I needed something, I need to say something. So, I flatly asked him if I just need some vanilla intimacy is that where he can be? He says, "Yes".... so, I guess we will take it as it goes for now.

Fast foward - Friday afternoon I called K and told him to meet me at my place after work. I also gave him a shopping list for dinner. We cooked dinner. We ate it. Enjoyed a DVD I rented. Then we went upstair and I fucking used him.

We started off by making out for a few minutes. I could not resist not having his clothes off and I told him so. We both undressed him with each of us tearing something he was wearing off. I pushed him down on the bed and really started to enjoy his ass. He has a nice firm hard round ass. It is smooth and it smelled of my soap. Obviously, he had prepared for my treat. K is very responsive and he bucked and his ass clinched as he moaned in response to my munching. It didn't take long until the hardness of my cock changed my focus. I hurriedly tore off my clothes.

I lifted K up and flipped him over on his back. I wanted to see his face. I wanted to kiss him. I wanted him to watch the pleasure on my face as I took him. I told him to keep his eyes open and look at me. Without losing eye contact, I grabbed my cock as I lifted his legs up above his head and rubbed my cock along his crack. I could feel the dampness from my munching and when my cock hit his hole, I jammed it into him with all the thrust I could muster. He gulped and I could feel his ass adjust around me. It was clenching and opening and the whole time K's green eyes stared up at me.

I started sliding in and out of him building up tempo until I was pounding him so hard I could hear the smacking of me against him. He just moaned and met my thrusts. After a few minutes, I manuevered him back around until he was lying on his stomach and continued to drill him hard. Then when I felt the pressure building in my cock, I just let loose. I didn't say anything. I just finished. Fuck it felt so good!

We did it twice more through the night. This morning all was good and we spent a leisurely morning around the City. So, that's where things are with K..................

Friday, June 08, 2007


I heard from the couple formerly known on DADNSONCT on Manhunt. I wrote in April that the Dad shared his Son with me in Dallas. They have since changed their screen-id after many contacts from readers of this Blog. No, I will not post their new screen-id. They will be in Baltimore in July. The Dad opened his e-mail with, "How would you like to use my Son again in July?"

I am extremely flattered. First, I really enjoyed the whole encounter with them in Dallas. I am hard right now thinking about it. Second, they must have enjoyed it too, because they contacted me about meeting again.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Latin Fuck

The Wednesday before I left on my trip to Europe I connected with a hot young Latin bottom near Gallery Place in downtown DC. I was minding my business eating a sandwich for dinner that evening and I noticed this fairly attractive Latin guy keep working his way around the Plaza and watching me. Finally, I made a point of making eye contact and nodding his way.

Almost immediately, he came over and we made some small talk. He was about 5'6" tall and very compactly built. He was wearing a pair of western-style blue jeans that were pretty tight fitting and a pair of boots. He had a tight white t-shirt on covered with an un-buttoned white shirt. He looked good. The jeans showed off a nice round bubble-butt and the outline of a fair large package. I could see a six-pack through the t-shirt. He spoke pretty heavily accented English, but I could clearly understand him when he asked if I wanted him to blow me. I said sure and he invited me back to his apartment.

His apartment turned out to be only a few blocks away off of Massachusetts Avenue. As soon as we got inside and he closed the door, he fell to his knees in front of me. By this point, I was only semi-hard but I pulled my cock out and grabbed the back of his head and forced it into his mouth. It didn’t take long for me to get hard. He started to bob on my cock and grabbed my balls with one of his hands. He was definitely eager and hungry, but the head was only so so. He worked my cock and squeezed my balls for about 10 minutes. Then he stopped and started to work my cock with his other hand and licked at the head. It wasn’t exactly working for me at this point, so I looked down at him and asked, “Do you want to get fucked?” He said, “Yes.”

He got up off the floor in front of me and I followed him around a wall in the open area of the apartment to a bed that was behind the wall. He started to peel off his cloths and I could see that his body was very tight and well defined. The brown-ness of his skin made his muscle tone look very defined and smooth at the same time. He was very smooth. As I undressed, he fumbled in a box beside his bed and pulled out a condom. He got back done on his knees in front of me and licked the end of my cock while he tore open the condom wrapper. Then he gently applied the condom to the end of my cock and rolled it down my shaft. When he was finished wrapping my cock, he quickly crawl up on the bed and got on all fours.

At this point, I saw his smooth brown ass stuck out waiting to be penetrated and I was ready. There was no lube so I spit on my hand a few times and worked the end of my wrapped cock with my wet hand. I crawled up on the bed behind him and moved his legs apart slightly to lower his ass down to the bed a little and pushed my cock head into his pucker between his smooth brown ass cheeks. With my first aggressive thrust, I forced about half of my cock inside him. He bucked up and away almost immediately as I entered him. I quickly made another hard thrust and pushed the rest of my cock into him. He was tight and without lube I could feel his ass giving away around the shaft of my cock as I pushed into him. Immediately, his hands went out wide in front of him and he grabbed the bed sheet in both of his hands and began moaning in Spanish. I have no fucking clue what he was moaning, but the harder I thrusted my cock into him the tighter he grabbed the bed sheet and the loader he moaned in Spanish. It became a cycle; because the more he moaned the harder I wanted to bang his ass. It was fucking hot. I just flat out fucked away at him for about 5 minutes. Then, I let loose with a massive load into the condom wrapped around my cock.

As I pulled out of him, he collapsed onto the bed panting and rolled onto his side. He furiously grabbed his own cock, which was very large and uncut and cranked a load of his cum out onto the bed beside him in about 30 seconds. I pulled the condom off my cock and grabbed his head and pushed him back down on my still engorged cock to let him clean it off. I didn't feel another nut coming, so I pulled my cock out of his mouth after a few minutes and crawled off the bed and started to get dressed. He remained on the bed looking up at me with an obviously well fucked look on his face.

On the way toward the door, I asked him, "Can I come back and get some more?" He gave me a telephone number and I left.

During my trip, I thought several times about how hot it had been to fuck this Latin guy as he grabbed at the bed sheet and moaned loudly in Spanish. Tonight I called the telephone number and it is disconnected. Too bad. I wanted more!!!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Still Here

Ok. I am still here and enjoying my escapades as a top in DC.

I have been in Europe for the last two weeks for work. I know.......... poor me! Unfortunately, I didn't have the best web access or the time to post. I have some updates and promise to post soon.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Friday Night I used K

I called K Friday afternoon and told him to be waiting for me at my place at 5:30PM. He was instantly excited. He even e-mailed me late in the afternoon to tell me how anxious he was to see me.

I knew K would be sitting on my front stoop at 5:30PM, so I called Thugboy and set him up to be at my place at 5:30PM too. I told him another sub white guy would be there. He would be watching and might join in with him.

As I approached my place, I could see from down the street that K was sitting on my stoop and Thugboy was hunkered down on the curb out front. I nodded to Thugboy and invited him into the house. As I passed K, I told him to get inside.

I headed straight upstairs and kicked off my shoes and peeled off my pants. I kicked back in a comfortable chair and Thugboy crawled down between my legs and went to work. He was as eager as ever and has learned exactly what to do with his mouth to my cock to send me over the edge. I just leaned my head back in the chair and enjoyed how good my cock felt. Thugboy was getting vocal with what a great cock I have and how good it tasted. My hand went to the back of his head and I was pushing him down on me a little more each time he bobbed his head. I glanced over and saw K standing just inside the doorway. He had a perplexed look on his face but he was watching everything. Thugboy eadged me each time i got close. He licked my shaft, worked my balls or he worked his way down under my sack with his tongue. Finally after what seemed like forever, I felt it building deep in my groin. I guided Thugboy back to my cock and pushed his head down as I released my load into his eager mouth and came loadly. It didn't take long for Thugboy to be on his way and then it was just K and me.

I looked over at K and told him to get out of his cloths and come clean me off. He was almost shaking as he crawled between my legs and began to lick me clean with his tongue. I watched him, but he didn't look at me. In fact, he avoided looking at me. My cock got semi-hard after a few minutes and then I could feel that I had to take a piss. I told K to get up and go into my bathroom. I followed after him and told him to get into my shower and get on his knees. The whole time he was doing everything as I told him to and he was not questioning my instructions and he deliberately avoided eye contact with me. I stood over him and took my cock in my hand and let loose with a warm stream of piss all over him. When I was finished, I shook my cock over his face and headed down stairs to start dinner.

I could hear the shower running upstairs. K was cleaning himself off. He was a long time coming downstairs. The salad was made. The chicken was almost finished broiling and I had two plates and settings out. He looked fantastic as he walked into the kitchen. He has this incredible soccer player bod with light brown hair and green eyes that flash when he talks. He could be an underwear model. I could feel my cock stirring again. I handed him the wine to open and we sat down to a quiet dinner and finished off the bottle wine. I didn't even mention what had happened so far this evening upstairs.

After dinner, we curled up and watched a Manchester United Game that I had Tivo'ed from earlier this week. At the Half, I looked at him and told him he was getting fucked tonite. He responded, "Yes Sir."

After the game, I took K by the hand and led him up to my bedroom. He was mine all night any way I decided to have him. As much as I enjoyed it, it was clear by how he responded and how he reacted that he enjoyed it more! I have made him my fag!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Bored at Work Today

Today, I was bored at work and feeling very un-settled and antsy. Not sure why. I know I haven’t been sleeping in my own bed much lately and that probably was a major part of it.

I grabbed a sandwich from the shop downstairs and started cruising through posts on CL at my desk. I came across the following post with a picture of a tight little bubble-ass attached:

hard driving tops needed – 29

called in sick today and i am horny as hell.

anybody into some rough, hard, hair pulling, ass slapping, wild monkey sex?

The picture had my cock tingling along with the impulse to just go take what I wanted. The guy was eager and lives in a neighborhood very close in to downtown. It took exactly 3 e-mails until I had his address and pass code. He told me he was waiting in his apartment. It took me about 10 minutes to get to his apartment door.

I knocked and the door swung open partway. Young Mr. Monkey Sex was standing behind the apartment door naked and hard as a rock. He looked younger than 29. He had a nice very defined body. He was smooth. His abs and his legs were as nice and as firm as his round bubble-ass. He kinda gave me a nod and a half-smile as he closed the door and turned to walk into the apartment. His ass looked great bobbing over his legs. It had a slight dimple on the side of each cheek and little creases where it settled onto his thighs. Impulse took over.

We were in a moderate-sized foyer immediately inside his apartment. The foyer had a hard slat/tiled floor. There was a rectangular area rug covering the floor. My cock was rock hard. I had been aroused the whole way to this guy’s apartment. On impulse, I reached for his shoulder and grasped it to turn him to face me. As I turned him and pushed him down toward the floor with one had, I freed my cock from my pants with my other hand. When he was on the floor, I grabbed the back of his head and fed my cock into his mouth. He eagerly took the whole shaft to my pubes and reached under my ball sack with one of his hands to knead my balls. His throat felt great and he was noisily taking my cock as I fed it to him fairly aggressively with my hand firmly on the back of his head. After a few minutes of fucking his mouth, I pushed him face done on the area rug and grabbed an ass cheek firmly with each hand to get access to his hole. It was clean, hairless and slightly pink. I could not resist munching on it. His ass felt great in my hands and it tasted fantastic. He was immediately responsive as I probed him with my tongue and kneaded him with my hands.

After a few minutes of driving him crazy eating his ass, he started to groan and plead for me to fuck him now. Over and over he begged me to fuck him. With out any discussion, I crawled up over his back and took my cock in my hand to force it into his ass. I could feel the tightness of his pucker against my cock. I didn’t ask how he wanted it. I just forced my cock past his pucker and pivoted my hips, so that I could use his body against the floor and the weight of my body to force my cock into him. I could feel the rim of his ass grabbing my shaft as I went deeper inside him and I could tell by his squirming under me and his gasping breathe that he was fighting to adjust to me forcing my way into him.

I didn’t even wait for him to adjust to me. I held him against the floor as he squirmed and started to thrust deep into his tight ass pulling my cock about halfway out and plunging it back inside him with each thrust. His squirming under me had caused the area rug we were fucking on now to slide so that his head was now banging against the wall. After a few minutes, he stopped squirming and started to meet each of my thrusts arching his back and lifting his ass up against me. He started to whimper oh yes, oh yes…, so I continued to pound his ass turned on by how clearly Mr. Monkey Sex was enjoying it.

After a few more minutes, I started to feel my release building. I was fucking Mr. Monkey Sex raw, so I announced that I was close. I felt him tense under me and he gasped for me not to cum inside him. After a few more thrusts, I pulled out of him and grabbed the back of his head and shot a very big load all over his face. I rubbed a few drops of cum that were hanging on the end of my cock off against his pec and gave him a very firm slap across his round ass as I stood up. He was panting on the area rug with my load all over him and that half-smile on his face, as I straightened my cloths and pulled up and fasted my pants. I left totally satisfied without saying a word.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Sharing at the DFW Hyatt Regency

I am still here. I am still alive. I am still enjoying my 2 cocksuckers and I have nailed AF twice recently. AF still has one spectacular ass!

My last post seriously pissed-off the vgl young guy I mentioned. Obviously, I handled that badly. Definitely my loss! I am new at this Blog, so I am going to have to feel my way around it.

I have been traveling 4 to 5 days per week lately. Work is crazy. I have been all over the Country recently. Tuesday and Wednesday, I was stranded at the Dallas-Ft. Worth International Airport by a canceled flight. I checked into the DFW Hyatt Regency, since my expense account was paying, and ordered some room service and took a long long hot shower. Got on Manhunt, while I munched on the room service, to cruise and relax. I thought I might stroke one off and crash.

After a few minutes on line and some BS chatting, I get IM'ed by a DADNSONCT. A Dad and his Son from CT, who were in the same hotel - DFW Hyatt. That got my attention. The Dad was an average white guy. He seemed fit. He said he was 40, I figure mid-forties 5'11" about 185lbs. Their profile described him as a dom Top. The Son was 22 and sweet! He was lean-thin defined with a 6-pac abs. In his profile pics he has a nice tan. The kid was 6' tall a nice round bubble but with blond hair and green eyes. He had a preppy/Opie/Boy-Next-Door look. Their profile described him as a very submissive oral bottom. Almost immediately after the Dad figured out that we were staying in the same hotel, he gives me an invitation to come fuck his Son. The Dad is cocky about the whole thing. He indicated that I could do anything I wanted with the Son. I jumped at the invitation and the next thing I know I was getting off the elevator and making my way down the hallway to their room.

The Dad opened the door and ushered me into the room. He was nude and looked better than his pics, but I wasn't there for him. The Son was laid out across the king-sized bed and looked great. He shot me a timid look and a smile as I came into the room. The Dad offered me a drink and we made some small talk. The son was quiet on the bed. They were traveling and stranded too. They had been fucking around all evening and the Dad wanted to share his Son. I tried to get some expression of interest from the Son, but he didn't say anything. When I came right out and asked him, the Dad broken in and said that "he does what I tell him to do".

It was their scene and I liked what I saw laying on the bed. I peeled off my cloths and crawled onto the bed with the Son. We started slowly making out. He was very obviously submissive and he was responsive. At one point, he whispered into my ear asking if I wanted him. I wanted him! We continued to make out and grope each other. We kissed and he kissed back. He felt sooooo good against me. His body was hard and firm, but his skin was soft and smooth. I am not sure I have ever felt a guy’s skin that was so soft. As I pushed his head down between my legs and slide my cock into his warm young mouth, I glanced over and the Dad was standing off from the bottom of the bed stroking as he watched me use his Son.

The head was great. He was eager but relaxed about it. It was clear that he would suck my cock all night, if I wanted him to. He slurped it, licked it and swallowed it to my pubes. The whole time I played with his beautiful round bubble ass. He groaned a little as I worked his pucker with my fingers, but never lost concentration on my cock. The Son could definite suck cock. I was in a good place, relaxed and I was definitely enjoying it. As I felt a tingling build in my cock, I decided it was time to fuck the Son.

I flipped the Son onto his back and pushed his legs into the air. He reached for a bottle of poppers that were on the stand beside the bed as I grabbed some lube and got ready to take what I came for. He took a large inhale into each nostril and his eyes left me and kinda rolled back under his eyelids. Seeing that he was ready for anything, I forced my cock into him and with one hard thrust buried it deep into him. His ass swallowed me up. I could tell he had been fucked already and he was opened up, but he still was tight enough that I could feel him cling to my shaft as I pulled halfway out and pushed back in a few times. The kid knew how to bottom. He grabbed his calves with each hand and I could feel him flexing his pucker around my cock. I started to work into a fairly aggressive and fast rhythm and he met every thrust. In no time, he was grunting with each thrust of my cock into him and soon he was whimpering a little too. The whole package was pretty fucking hot! I was ready to adopt him. I had been banging away into him and enjoying how he took it for about 5 to 10 minutes, when I could feel the finish building in my cock again. This time I had no desire to hold back. I let loose and finished very loudly. Loud enough that the kid re-focused on me and gave me a little smile. I basically fell onto him. He curled up around me and we laid there for a while.

I zoned for a bit and felt him slowly move back down between my legs. He took my cock gently into his mouth. I was soft and wasn’t sure there was anymore there. He was not put off by my soft cock. He kept working at it and licking it and nuzzling it until my cock began to spring back to life. As the Son worked me back up with his talented mouth, I saw the Dad in a chair watching everything we did.

Soon, the Son was straddling me and riding my cock. He looked beautiful with my cock buried in him raising and lowering himself on me. The visual of this gorgeous young boy’s body over me was extremely hot. I was oblivious to everything but how hot he was and how good my cock felt in him. He leaned forward and we began to kiss as he continued to ride my cock. That’s when I felt it. He hesitated for a brief moment and then I was no longer alone inside him. The sensation was great and a mystery until I realized that the Dad had entered him too from behind as the Son was riding me and kissing me. I now had the sensation of the Son’s talented ass and the sensation of another cock moving against mine inside him at the same time. It didn’t take very long until I came again loudly.

Pretty quickly, the Son had re-focused his attention to the Dad. They were going at each other and taking no notice of me on the other side of the king-sized bed. I watched them for a few minutes and it was obvious that the novelty of my presence was over. It was sure fucking great while it lasted. I crawled off the bed and pulled my cloths back on. The Dad and Son never lost their concentration on each other. I let myself out and headed back to my room to crash.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Big Question?

The big question is - to meet and/or have sex with readers of this Blog or not? I have received several contacts from readers of this Blog interested in meeting recently. One of those contacts from a vgl young guy is particularly appealing. Up to this point, I am positive no one knows who I am. I am not sure how obvious my identity may be to someone who reads this Blog. I actually never considered this eventuality when I began writing here. My purpose in writing this Blog was to describe my sexual escapades in my new city – DC. The object was to write about sex I had not to write in order to have sex. I am not sure this really matters, but I have certainly pondered this recently. If I begin to meet readers, my anonymity certainly will to disappear. I certainly wouldn’t be anonymous to any reader I might meet through this Blog and fuck.

Now for the big news - The Cop IM'ed me late Sunday evening. I was just about to signoff for the evening. Simple and direct. He was horny and looking to come over. He was really meek about it. Kinda acted like I might not be interested, which was a real ego boost since he is so FUCKING hot! As I was trying to act a little less excited about seeing him, I told him to come over.

About a half an hour later, he was standing outside my front door. It was cold outside, so he was wearing a green pea coat and jeans. Inside, I take his coat and he was in a white t-shirt that totally showed off his build. He thanked for letting him come over.

We made some small talk. I offered him a beer, which he declined We pretended to watch some TV for a few minutes. Finally, I said lets just go upstairs and fuck.

In my bedroom, I pulled him towards me and we started to kiss and make out. Almost instantly, I was rock hard. I grabbed at his t-shirt and pulled it over his head. I reached to unbuckle his belt and pull his jeans off, but he reached down to do it himself. While watching him strip, I got out of my cloths and we crawled up on my bed and started in again.

It was passionate! We explored each other and actually made love at some level. It was some of the most satisfying sex that I have had in a long time. There is no doubt that he was definitely into it as much as me, because he came loudly as I was fucking him and then begged me not to stop. The more this hunk begged for my dick the hotter I got. After I came, he went down on me until I was ready for round 2, which was more aggressive and fast. Finally, we dozed off holding each other and didn't wake up until my alarm sounded on Monday morning. It was a little awkward, because I don't think either of us had been planning to make it a sleep over. Waking up with this buck-naked sexy cop in my bed was a hell of a way to start the week off. Especially, when I grabbed some morning wake-up sex before he went on his way!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Update on K - Pt. 2

I got an amazing amount of comments on my update post on K. I didn't realize that so many people were reading this Blog. There seems to be two clear consensuses from the e-mails I received from all of you: 1) K is broken and 2) I should just fuck him and enjoy myself. Can't say where my head is on this yet. We didn't go out last weekend and he is out of town this weekend. Lets see what happens.

The good news is that the big project I was working on at work is finished. Even better, it went off even better than I could have predicted. I am happy to say that I succeeded in making the "good impression" I was hoping to make at my new job. The bad news is that Wednesday evening I had to cancel a plan to fuck AF raw again. It has been more than 3 weeks since the last time I pumped a load into him. We had been planning it for almost a week and at the last minute I had to cancel. Can't get the thought of his ass out of my head now.

I am almost embarrassed to announce that I have acquired two personal cocksuckers. I have written about both Thugboy and The Kid. I have had fuckbuddies before and been in situations where I have hooked up regularly NSA, but this is a totally different situation. Both of these dudes are completely into sucking my cock on demand any way I want it. There is no interest in any type of reciprocation or additional contact. It is fucking hot! I get off on the control of the situation and frankly it is god dammed convenient!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Update on K

I am going to devote this entire post to K. If you have been paying attention, I referred to him as a quasi bf a while back. We have been fairly consistently "dating" on Saturday nights since February. He is a real cutie with this all-American young guy look. He is 32 years old, but looks like he's late 20's. A former high school/college soccer jock with the soccer player bod to prove it. He has light brown hair and green eyes that kinda flash at you when he looks directly at you. He normally wears a pair of scholarly-looking glasses. He is always smiling and is generally an up person at all times. There is always a book that he is reading under his arm or in his satchel. He is engaging, very cute not overtly sexy, but you'd definitely have to take a second look if you passed him on the street. You literally want to fucking tear his clothes off and fuck him hard as soon as you see him.

Having said all of that, there has been virtually nothing of interest to post on this Blog yet. For the first 3 "dates", we parted at the New York Avenue Metro Station with a kiss and a hug. I would get off the train and he would ride on to Silver Spring. On "date" 4, I again invited him to get off the train and come back to my place. After he hesitated, I point blank invited myself to his place, but got put off. This was followed by a couple really sweet e-mails and a kind of uncomfortable phone conversation. Again nothing on "date" 5.

On "date" 6, K came back to my place. We cracked open a bottle of wine and found a movie on on-Demand and cuddled and kissed and enjoyed the wine and the movie. We also talked about sex. It turns out that he has had a rough life and his experience with men has been less than mutually respectful. He candidly told me that he is very submissive and enjoys being with older dominant men. He has been dis-owned by most of his family and raped brutally at one point early in his life. He said that he likes to be the "fag". I am familiar with the term fag, but how he used it baffled me. Some of what he described left me totally shocked. I don't think I am naive and occasionally have been involved in some kinky play, but I am frankly puzzled how to have a relationship with a guy that wants this type of thing regularly. In addition, he told me as he left that night that he wanted to by my "fag".

I don't know how to have a relationship with a guy who wants to be my "fag". I said this to him. I am not sure I even understand his reaction. He says it’s all about me?? So, there we are.

I can't force myself on to a guy who has been raped. I certainly enjoy control and can be dominant, but there is a tacit understanding and reality that the guy I am with is enjoying it. So far, I am not seeing that here.

"Date" 7 was last night. He did anything I asked him to do, but it was like being with a robot. Today he assures me he enjoyed pleasing me. Frankly, it left me even more confused and empty. I am not sure about the future of us.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

"23 yo cocksucker seeking hung older guys....."

Early last week, I received an e-mail from a young guy who reads my Blog and lives in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of DC. He described himself as a "23 yo cocksucker seeking hung older guys....." and attached a picture of himself sitting outside on a picnic table wearing swim trunks. In the picture, he looked like someone's really cute younger brother. I didn't take the e-mail too seriously and I responded very perfunctorily that I was 38 years old. I also joked about being a normal guy who enjoys having my cock sucked.

I got home late last Friday evening from work. I started this job shortly after I moved to DC and I am trying to make the expected "good impression", but it has been crazy there the last few weeks. I finally had a chance to read the response I got from "The Kid" to my e-mail. He explained that he was really into blowing older guys. He said that recently he has been blowing a 45-year-old guy fairly regularly, but that he was 23 and always horny so he needed more. He volunteered to be my cockslave, if I gave him a chance. He promised that he would make sure that I enjoyed it and he would learn to do it anyway I wanted. He also attached another picture. It appeared to be a graduation photo. He looked like a younger Chris O'Donnell-type, if you remember him. "The Kid" had no idea who Chris O’Donnell was.

I had been seriously considering a call to Thugboy for some relaxed relief. I didn't have a lot of energy or desire to head out or cruise on-line. After exchanging a few e-mails on a whim, I shot him my address and went upstairs to take a quick shower. As I was drying off and pulling on my robe, the doorbell rang.

I invited him in and closed the door. "The Kid" was cute! He stood about 6-feet tall with dark-brown hair and shiny blue eyes. He looked young and fresh. He had a tight bubble-ass covered with a pair of tan chinos and a lean torso wearing a grey University of Maryland t-shirt. He probably weighed 165 to 175lbs. He was also eager. As I was eyeing him up, he asked if I was horny. I said sure and told him to follow me, as I moved to the back of the house. I sat down in my comfortable chair and opened my robe. My cock was stiff, not quite hard but getting there. He was looking down at my cock and seemed to hesitate for a brief moment. I asked him if he was going to stand there looking or suck. That was all the encouragement he needed.

In a split second, he was on the floor between my legs stroking my cock with one hand as he looked up at me and said, "Yes, Sir!" He bent down and kissed the head of my cock and slowly started to lick the head. Slow darting licks at first and then he proceeded to lick his way down the shaft of my cock to my balls. After he had covered my whole cock with his slowly licking tongue, he took the head into his mouth and gently sucked while his tongue darted over it. He began to suck, lick and slowly bob up and down on my cock. With each bob of his head, he took more of my cock into his silky smooth mouth. It wasn't long until he had my whole cock down his throat and I could feel his face in my bush. Soon he was working my balls with his hand too. My head was beginning to spin a little and I was definitely moaning in appreciation.

As I was settling in and getting into the rhythm, this cocksucker started to whimper like a puppy. He came up off of my cock and kissed the head and I told him he was a good little cocksucker. With that he moaned like a little bitch in heat and went right back to sucking. And, it was obvious that "The Kid" knew his craft. Just as I would begin to feel something stirring between my legs, he would change the rhythm or move from my cock head to my shaft or balls. He kept this up for what seemed like forever. I had my head back and was in that really great place that you go to when your whole body is into the head you are getting.

All of this time he was whimpering and moaning. Telling me it tasted good and thanking me for letting him have my cock in his mouth. At this point, he told me to let him know when I wanted to cum. I groaned for him to keep sucking! I was still in that great place and I wanted to stay there. After what seemed like forever again, I got to a point where I couldn't hold back and I didn't want to hold back anymore. I reached down, grabbed the back of this sucker's head and forced him down hard on my cock. As I did, I began to shoot. I could feel big bursts of cum shoot that blew into his silky mouth. He noticeably gulped once and took every drop. I could tell from how he worked to swallow, that it was a big load. He was quick to say that he normally didn't swallow. I grinned and told him that from now on he would swallow me every time!