Monday, November 12, 2007

Late Saturday Night Sex

Ok. For all of you incurable romantics, K and I have had lunch a few times and spent some time together. It has been strictly friends. I haven’t fucked him. I am not saying I haven't thought about it, but that road is closed for now anyway. He is in therapy. There is no doubt. I think it is fantastic!!

I am announcing that I have a houseguest. My nephew is here in DC. He has an internship, which only works because his uncle can put him up for a few months. Yes, I said a few months. It has put a damper on my activities. While he knows I am gay, I prefer not to fuck everything that moves when he is in the house. Fortunately, he has a life but it has slowed down my escapades.

Saturday night late.... almost Sunday morning I got lucky. This really cute twink chatted me up on Manhunt. Right off he invited me to come over. I was horned big time and he was relatively close by, so off I went.

When I got to his place, he was only wearing a thin cotton pair of brown pajama pants. He was smooth, tanned and very cute. He definitely worked out. He was about 5' 9"/10" with a swimmers body and a round firm ass that I could see against his pajama pants as he moved around.

He was also totally fucked up. I pointed this out as he led me into his place from the door. He laughed and said yes. He had been out and had been drinking and partying a little. He punched/slapped my arm and said he had to have some cock before he crashed. I was eager to oblige.

As I dropped onto the couch, I watched him quickly yank off his pajama pants and he wiggled his way up on to my lap. We kissed. I could feel his hands on my arms and kneading my chest. He asked if he could pull my shirt off. I said sure and helped him yank my shirt up over my head. He jumped off my lap and tore at my sweats to get them off too. When I was as nude as him, he crawled back on my lap and very earnestly told me, "Daddy, you can have me any way you want me".

We kissed again and messed around for a few minutes. As my cock started to stiffen, he gently rubbed his ass against it as he straddled my lap. I could no longer resist. I told him to go get a condom out of my sweats. He looked at me briefly, smiled and obeyed. I told him to put it on my cock. He got down between my legs and tore the condom out of the wrapper. He seemed to almost fumble with my cock as he tried to roll it on me. I reached done and grabbed the shaft of my cock and held it tightly. He pressed the condom onto my cockhead and as he slowly rolled it down he bent over and licked the shaft of my cock down to my balls. He then buried his face in my balls and licked and squeezed them while he gently stroked my cock.

My cock was rock hard by this point. I grabbed him by his shoulder and pulled him up onto the couch with me and pushed him down over the arm of the couch. I pulled his ass cheeks apart and began to munch on his ass. He was sweaty, but extremely clean. His skin was baby soft and he immediately responded to my tongue against his pucker and moaned appreciatively as I forced the tip of my tongue into him. At this point, I was more focused on getting his ass wet than eating him. I wanted my cock in him as soon as possible.

I got up on my knees and positioned myself between his legs, as he remained draped over the arm of the couch. I pushed my cockhead against his hole. It was dripping wet with my spit, so the first inch or so went in easily. Working the rest in took a little while longer. He was tight, warm and felt so good that I had to concentrate on getting all of my cock into him without shooting my load too fast. Out of nowhere, he was moaning and grunting about how good my hard cock felt. That re-focused my attention and I forgot about shooting my load. I jammed the rest of my cock into him pubes deep.

I then just fucked him. I slammed my cock into him, fucking him deeply and hard and he continued to moan and grunt about how good it felt. I used him like a cunt, called him a bitch, arched my back and started to shoot my load deep into him. After pumping 3 or 4 heavy squirts of cum into him, I fell against back spent. I could feel him breathing heavily under me. Fuck it felt great!

I sat back down on the couch and told him to come over and clean me up. He eagerly obeyed. I heard from him again today. Too good to believe.


Baltimorean said...

glad you are still excited about K. keep us posted!

i'm sure you will be seeing more blond cuties even though your nephew is in town. i told must be hotter than what you're giving yourself credit for!


The Average Joe said...

awh its totally hot seeing a twink muscled boy getting nice and stuffed by a muscled daddy sort of guy. both know their roles in the sex game and its fucking with wild abandon and its fucking hot. too bad u didnt cream in his pussy.

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