Saturday, February 20, 2010

Eye Candy - Seattle Mariners' AA Hot Shot Pitching Prospect Daniel Cortes

Daniel Cortes is a sexy 22 year old baseball player, who is making a showing this year as a hot shot rising pitching prospect with the Seattle Mariners' Organization. He is hot, young, cocky and sexy with the appealing habit of having revealing pictures of himself taken and posted online. I'd love to play ball with him, if he happens to be reading this Blog. Here are a few of his pics:

Daniel Cortes at Ruggerbugger

I am working on Pt. 2 of New Years with D and I will post soon. Crusing the Web and Craigslist tonite, if anyone is around. In the mean time, we can enjoy these pics of Daniel.

Friday, February 12, 2010

New Years with D - Pt. 1

Sorry for the delay in posting. Been stressed in work and life. Haven't been in the mood to blog recently.

As I indicated in my last post, late in the afternoon on New Year's Eve I received a surprise invitation from D to spend the evening with him. I had no plans, so I accepted. Let me start with some background.

As regular readers know, I first noticed and met D on the Metro. He is genuine all-American boy-next-door type, who could be anyone’s younger brother or any college jock. He is incredibly handsome. He looks very much like this Sean Cody model - Ben:

D is a self-professed total bottom fag with a daddy-thing. He is 28yo white about 6'1" 180 pounds with hazel-green eyes and brown hair. He is lean, worked out with just enough hair in the right places. He is hung with the biggest cock I have ever seen - 11-plus inches - and uncut. Even though I deliberately ignore his massive member, he told me his length one night late as we played in his bed after sex. I have never been disappointed having sex with him. Sex with him is my personal all-you-can-eat buffet and I can have whatever and however much I want. Being a true bottom fag, he makes sure it is all about me.

D is an Ivy League-educated professional. He has a successful career with a large organization in DC, which I learned the first day that he handed me his business card on the Metro. He is single and unattached. I asked him one night why he didn't date or even seem to hook-up and he said, "no matter what guys say, once my pants come off it becomes all about my cock." This frankly is not a surprise given its proportions. He wasn't being pompus or arrogant, he went on to describe a seriess of situations going back to high school where every sexual encounter ended up centered around his cock. He discribed his cock as almost a curse and explained that he craved being used and fucked, but guys always endup trying to suck his cock and to get him to fuck them.

There have been two expections to this, D recounted to me. The first was a "straight" jock that he started servicing in a bathroom during college. One day the jock took D back to his dorm room and fucked him. After that, they almost always hooked-up in his dorm and the jock would tell him what he wanted and he would eagerly service the guy. The jock never acted as though he saw D's cock and never touched it. D described really enjoying the situation. He'd see the jock around campus and the guy always ignored him. He'd get a call or message from the jock and always drop everything to go service him on demand. He basically ended up falling in love with the guy, or thought he loved the guy. It ended abrupty one afternoon after a particular aggressive fuck session in the jock's dorm room. As D gathered up his clothes and got ready to leave the the jock annonced that he was engaged to get married and that he wouldn't need him anymore. From that day on, whenever he saw the jock around campus the guy acted as though D wasn't there. The second is me. He recounted, first noticing me checking him out on the Metro. He said some days I would look and some days I wouldn't. I kept quiet about the fact that I preferred to check him out in his jeans rather than his suits. D said it was hot that I would look or not look and he would never know what to expect. He described starting to watch for me on the train in the morning. He even mentioned seeing me occasionally with another guy, so he avoided trying to approach me until the morning that he handed me his card. "I didn't know for sure what to expect the first time we hooked-up", he said, "but how you carried yourself the first time convinced me." D said, "The night you text messaged me to come service you sealed the deal. I was hooked. You owned me at that point. I luv being you fag and I am honored that you choice to use me."

In all honesty, I find the whole submissive fag thing to be somewhat self-loathing. At the same time, D eagerness and persistence is fucking hot. So, as you all know, I have enjoyed using him and I started breeding his incredibly tight hole shortly before cherryboi and I broke up.

Fast forward to the afternoon of New Year's Eve. D and I exchanged the following text messages:

D: I am so horny. I really wanna get fucked by you.

To Be Continued...............