Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Cruised and Picked-up by a Married Guy

Sorry for the silence! I am here. My sex-life has been a little bite on the boring side recently between work, the holidays and my new roommate. The Cop has been on the graveyard shift, so other than a couple quick blow jobs in my kitchen before work I haven’t seen much of him. I have dicked the boy I cherry popped, who I will call “cherryboi”, several times over the last few weeks but I’ll save that information for another post.

Now about the The Married Guy - I guess I should be embarrassed, but I was cruised and picked-up by a married guy at a Holiday Party earlier this month – December. And, I am not embarrassed. I was invited to a friendly get-together by a co-worker. It was a eclectic group of people: co-worker and her husband’s friends, neighbors, principal from their son’s school and various odd invitees like myself. They have an incredible contemporary home in Upper NW DC near Rock Creek Park. Husband is a high-powered lawyer at a big DC law firm. It is on a nice tree-lined street. I arrived fashionably late and started to mingle.

Midway through the evening, I ended up chatting with The Married Guy off to the edge of the thinning crowd alone. I had noticed him earlier in the evening as I mingled. I couldn’t help but notice him. He was wearing a pair of tan chinos and a white oxford button-down shirt. He wore his clothes with confidence and filled them perfectly. He had a charisma that attracted attention. The fluidity of his movements also caught my attention and made me want to watch him. From the way his pants and shirt clung to him and cinched against him as he moved, it was easy to tell that he had a lean and muscled body. He had boyish good looks and a devilish smile.

We started out chatting in a group of people, but one-by-one people were leaving and drifting off to other groups. Then there was the two of us. We went through introductions and did the perfunctory resume detailing that everyone in DC seems to do. We chatted about this and that. He is engaging and funny on top of being a fucking hottie! I did the best I could to pretend I wasn’t giving him the look over, but I was to discover later in the evening that I didn’t do it well.

I lost track of how long we had chatted. He is an associate on the partner track at a big DC firm. He is a big soccer fan, former player and fan of european footnball. We chatted about the Premier League and US soccer. It was an easy-going conversation and I had forgotten how eagerly I had been trying to determine what his ass looked like under his chinos, when The Married Guy’s wife came over. She was a perky little cheerleader-type. She immediately grabbed his arm and after introductions and a few words, dragged him off across the room. I had a twinge of regret, he was a nice guy with a great body. I enjoyed our chat and the chance to get close enough for a good look. I continued to mingle and promptly forgot about him.

As the evening closed, I went upstairs to grab my coat and turned around to find that the The Married Guy had followed me upstairs and into the make-shift coat room. He came towards me and in a hushed voice said, “I hope I am not making a huge mistake, but I thought I noticed you checking me out.” I smiled and acknowledged that he was correct. “Yeah”, I said. He smiled and pushed his card into my hand. He said. “Give me a call” and hurriedly grabbed two coats and headed out of the room. I grabbed a ride with another couple to the Metro and while I waited for the train, I pulled out the card and noticed that it was The Married Guy's business card. It had his name, his firm's name, address and phone numbers. On the reverse side of the card, was his cell number. I was anxious to call and did.

The next Saturday, we had a "date" to watch some Premier League matches on TV at my place. The Married Guy showed up promptly at 10:00AM. The Premier League matches on the Fox Sports Channel turned out to be the perfect cover for some time out with the guys. We watched the matched. We bs'ed about various things to break the ice and munched on some snacks. The guy was every bite as engaging as he had been at the party. After a couple of beers, it was agreed that we would go upstairs. I lead him to my bedroom and watched as he removed his clothes. He wasn't wearing underwear. His body was tanned and flawless. His pecs were full, his nipples erect little brown buttons. His chest was virtually hairless. He had a smooth flat stomach with just the hint of a six-pack with a slight trail. His pubes were as sparse as the trail leading down to them. His balls were smooth and full. A 4 to 5" flaccid cock flopped between his legs as he hopped onto the bed.

Almost instantly I was undressed and messing around with him on the bed. He was very tactile and very responsive. He was an awesome cocksucker milking my cock with his throat and kneading my balls with his hands. This went on forever as we kissed, felt, stroked and groped each other. Then he blurted out, "I want you to fuck me now!" I wasted no time obliging him. We fumbled getting him lubed and my cock wrapped and I lifted his legs up beside his head and eagerly worked my cock into him. I went in slowly and he took my whole cock like a champ, but he was tight and I could feel him adjusting to my cock as I worked it in and heard his breathing change as I buried myself into him. He threw his head back and gasped, "Oh, please fuck me." So, I fucked the shit out of him and he moaned and bucked and cursed and loved every thrust. I exploded into him as I pushed my cock as deeply into him as I could. I could feel his lips on my neck and throat. It seemed to be over as quickly as it started, but it was intense and good! When I rolled off of him, I noticed his perfectly hard cock wet with pre-cum. I squeezed his balls firmly as he tugged his load out all over his chest. We reveled in the mood and then went at it again.

He came back the Saturday before Christmas for some more fun and games. It was just as hot! I'll keep you posted.


Anonymous said...

Plausible situation, but your writing doesn't convince me that this actually happened to you.

Anonymous said...

I believed it happened. Happens all the time here in NYC. And hi, they do the resume check here too. I think it is a way to make sure you are not hanging in the same professional crowd as they do so that their secret (playing with the boys) remains safe.

It'll be interesting to see if once he gets comfortable with you he'll let you fuck him raw! Now that will be hot!

Anonymous said...

as a guy who plays on the side, this is so hot. i don't think it's about being a cheat, there is something special about a sex bud. gay or straight.

Baltimorean said...

you are just racking them up. happy new year!

The Average Joe said...

fuck youre such a topstud

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