Thursday, June 07, 2007

Latin Fuck

The Wednesday before I left on my trip to Europe I connected with a hot young Latin bottom near Gallery Place in downtown DC. I was minding my business eating a sandwich for dinner that evening and I noticed this fairly attractive Latin guy keep working his way around the Plaza and watching me. Finally, I made a point of making eye contact and nodding his way.

Almost immediately, he came over and we made some small talk. He was about 5'6" tall and very compactly built. He was wearing a pair of western-style blue jeans that were pretty tight fitting and a pair of boots. He had a tight white t-shirt on covered with an un-buttoned white shirt. He looked good. The jeans showed off a nice round bubble-butt and the outline of a fair large package. I could see a six-pack through the t-shirt. He spoke pretty heavily accented English, but I could clearly understand him when he asked if I wanted him to blow me. I said sure and he invited me back to his apartment.

His apartment turned out to be only a few blocks away off of Massachusetts Avenue. As soon as we got inside and he closed the door, he fell to his knees in front of me. By this point, I was only semi-hard but I pulled my cock out and grabbed the back of his head and forced it into his mouth. It didn’t take long for me to get hard. He started to bob on my cock and grabbed my balls with one of his hands. He was definitely eager and hungry, but the head was only so so. He worked my cock and squeezed my balls for about 10 minutes. Then he stopped and started to work my cock with his other hand and licked at the head. It wasn’t exactly working for me at this point, so I looked down at him and asked, “Do you want to get fucked?” He said, “Yes.”

He got up off the floor in front of me and I followed him around a wall in the open area of the apartment to a bed that was behind the wall. He started to peel off his cloths and I could see that his body was very tight and well defined. The brown-ness of his skin made his muscle tone look very defined and smooth at the same time. He was very smooth. As I undressed, he fumbled in a box beside his bed and pulled out a condom. He got back done on his knees in front of me and licked the end of my cock while he tore open the condom wrapper. Then he gently applied the condom to the end of my cock and rolled it down my shaft. When he was finished wrapping my cock, he quickly crawl up on the bed and got on all fours.

At this point, I saw his smooth brown ass stuck out waiting to be penetrated and I was ready. There was no lube so I spit on my hand a few times and worked the end of my wrapped cock with my wet hand. I crawled up on the bed behind him and moved his legs apart slightly to lower his ass down to the bed a little and pushed my cock head into his pucker between his smooth brown ass cheeks. With my first aggressive thrust, I forced about half of my cock inside him. He bucked up and away almost immediately as I entered him. I quickly made another hard thrust and pushed the rest of my cock into him. He was tight and without lube I could feel his ass giving away around the shaft of my cock as I pushed into him. Immediately, his hands went out wide in front of him and he grabbed the bed sheet in both of his hands and began moaning in Spanish. I have no fucking clue what he was moaning, but the harder I thrusted my cock into him the tighter he grabbed the bed sheet and the loader he moaned in Spanish. It became a cycle; because the more he moaned the harder I wanted to bang his ass. It was fucking hot. I just flat out fucked away at him for about 5 minutes. Then, I let loose with a massive load into the condom wrapped around my cock.

As I pulled out of him, he collapsed onto the bed panting and rolled onto his side. He furiously grabbed his own cock, which was very large and uncut and cranked a load of his cum out onto the bed beside him in about 30 seconds. I pulled the condom off my cock and grabbed his head and pushed him back down on my still engorged cock to let him clean it off. I didn't feel another nut coming, so I pulled my cock out of his mouth after a few minutes and crawled off the bed and started to get dressed. He remained on the bed looking up at me with an obviously well fucked look on his face.

On the way toward the door, I asked him, "Can I come back and get some more?" He gave me a telephone number and I left.

During my trip, I thought several times about how hot it had been to fuck this Latin guy as he grabbed at the bed sheet and moaned loudly in Spanish. Tonight I called the telephone number and it is disconnected. Too bad. I wanted more!!!


The Average Joe said...

sounds fucking hot man, im a big fan of your blogs. youre a total alpha fuckdog and i love it. keep it banging.

Anonymous said...

ahahaha.. thats too funny. i wouldve given you crabs and done the same.. ahaha.

insoflo said...

Thanks "the average joe"! I am a big fan of you adventures!