Friday, November 23, 2012

Finally.... Rough.... and Raw!

I am going to tell you a long and winding tale!  Literally, I posted on Craigslist about 3 years ago and this fairly hot 32yo wm guy responded. He described himself as, "5'9", 140 pounds, smooth. I'm into being used. anon is hot. can wear a blindfold if you like that. Pics?"  His response came with a pic, that I am not going to share.  My mouth was watering.  We chatted online, but of course we never met.  He flaked.

This isn't un-common scenario as anyone who has cruised on Craigslist knows.  But, about 3 weeks later he initiated and we chatted again.  He flaked yet again.  Again and again.  This has been going for about 3 years.  It eventually stopped pissing me off and has been rather interesting.  The dude is hot.  More pics have followed.  He is actually quite engaging.  If he is reading this post, yes I am talking about you so get ready.

Last Thursday we started chatting again............

HIM:  definitely in the mood to suck, swallow a load. so would you want to breed my hole?

ME:  i at work till 5:30/6:00... after?

HIM:  my address is...........Arlington.  email me when u r on the way? anything u want to specify - how u want it to work, etc, just let me know. don't be shy - this is an opportunity to make something you've imagined into a reality.

ME:  i am looking to use you as a bitch?   be waiting to serve as instructed.  you will do as i say and submit to my demands.   i will do as i please even if you beg, whine, cry, etc.   i am done when i say so.

HIM:  Ok, i'm good with that.  from reading your message its clear you know what u want and i like that you're willing to demand and take it.  i especially like that u get off on my irrelevance and have no qualms about ignoring my wishes, pleas...even finding them appealing as they are evidence that it is all about u having what u want and using me in the process.  if restraints are needed, i assume you won't hesitate.

(a little while later near 5:30PM)

ME:  i am on my way.

HIM:  Great!  i do think it would be hot if you came in my unlocked door, found me in a pair of underwear on my knees - proceeded to restrain my hands, ripped my underwear off while saying, "bitch, you aren't going to need these for what i have in mind".  once you had me restrained and ready for use, you then undressed.  i like the idea of being totally helpless before i ever see you undressed - it's the excitement of being committed to the situation without having ever laid eyes on the object that will violate my holes in numerous ways.

ME:  ok. then be in your underwear near the door.  i want you tightly blindfolded.  place the restraints you have conveniently nearby.

(as I am driving to Arlington, I receive.....)

HIM:  would you mind fucking me covered?  as much as I am fascinated by the idea of your load in my hole, it scares me.  as an alternative, after you shoot your load in the condom, could you lay me flat on my back, tell me to open my mouth with my tongue out - you get over me with the head of your cock over my mouth, then you pour you load on the head of your cock, making sure that anything that runs off, falls in my mouth.  once you've poured it all over your cock, you put your cock down my throat - all the way so that my face is buried in your pubic area.

ME:  i am 10 mins away.

HIM:  Ok

When I arrived at his front door, I tried the door knob and it was unlocked.  I entered cautiously and found him beyond the entry way on his knees, blindfolded, wearing a pair of tighty-whities and almost quivering.  I locked and chained the door.  After literally years of e-mails, I expected it to be a bogus address.

As he balanced himself quivering on his knees, I slowly undressed and neatly folded and stacked my clothes on a convenient chair.  He spoke several times while i was undressing, but I ignored him.  It was very apparent that this un-nerved him.  He was smooth except for some pubes and hair on his legs, 5'9", lean and looked younger than the 32 years he claimed.

I was there for maybe an hour.  I grabbed him by his hair and pulled him to his bedroom down the hall.  There was a rope and thick leather strap beside his bed.  I tied his hands behind his back and began to face-fucked him.  When he was gagging to the point of retching, I would let him lick my balls until he caught his breathe and then I would face-fucked him some more.  After about 15 to 20-minutes, he started to whine.  He continually asked what I was going to do next.

Finally, while he was licking my balls I moved forward on his face and put his mouth and nose firmly in my crack.  I could feel him fight under me.  He was squirming to get away.  I pull him up and smacked him across his face.  He instantly stopped struggling and went limp.  With my other hand, I tore his tighy-whities off of him.  I snugged his blindfold and tightening the rope binding his hands together and proceeded to use the leather strap on him for a few minutes until he was almost totally silent.  Then I fucked him.  He was tight and had not lubbed.  It was skin-on-skin, which always creates a friction I enjoy.  I used him rough.  I fucked to dominate him.  I fucked to use him.  I fucked to humiliate him.  When that familiar pressure was building in my groin, I fucked slower but deeper to be sure I planted my load deep inside him.  At this point, he had totally submitted.  He groaned and met my thrusts, but it was a very submissive fuck on his part.  I bused a big load in him.  I must have spurted 7 or 8 times into his tight boypussy.     

I rested on top of him still buried inside him for a few minutes.  As my cock got soft, it began to slip out of his cum-filled hole.  I got up and smacked him on the ass I just used.  Took a quick shower, dressed and left him there.