Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Took a Chance......... Pt. 1

I was out with friends last Friday evening for dinner at a restaurant on P Street in the Dupont Circle in NW DC. This area, for anyone not familiar, is the historic gay neighborhood in DC. There is an eclectic row of restaurants along P Street just off the circle that gives its name to the neighborhood.

I met two friends there to catch-up and to enjoy a nice relaxed dinner. I haven't seen them in a while and they have been worried about me, which makes them great friends. We got a great table and the hottest waiter in the restaurant. I kid you not. This guy radiated personality and was just incredibly-boy-next-door hot. He had a great ass topped by a lean v-shaped torso and emerald green eyes that sparkled and a quick smile, but I am getting ahead of myself. I didn't take notice of him when we first sat down or even after he served us our wine.

As I chatted with my friends and caught-up, I caught the waiter looking at me as he passed our table. I really didn't think much of it. He was friendly and seemed to make a point of being attentive. I figured it was good service. It took about 15 minutes for one of my friends to point out that he was obviously flirting with me. I laughed. My friend nodded. We continued to chat and I began to pay attention to the fact that the waiter was definitely paying attention to me.

As dinner continued, my friends began to tease me about the hot waiter. The waiter continued to be friendly, to look, make a point of engaging me and flirting. My friends had known cherryboi, so he became a brief part of the conversation. I also got scolded for being so aloof and anti-social over the winter. They care and it was friendly. We were having a great dinner. A second bottle of wine was ordered. By my third glass of wine, I was feeling good. So dessert was served with some friendly banter/flirting beyween the waiter and me.

As our party was breaking up and getting ready to leave, the waiter made a point of coming back to our table with a final thank you and smile. On impulse, I passed him my card and mumbled something very stupid about seeing him again. Immediately, his face said it all. I got the immediate impression it was a jerk move. As we walked back towards the Metro, my two friends went from complimenting me on making the move to debating on whether I'd hear from him. Feeling a little embarassed, awkward and the effects of the wine, I put it out of my mind. The waiter's face seemed to indicate that my card was already in the trash.

Last night, I was sitting at the kitchen counter reading some old newspapers and downing a ceasar salad when I heard my cell ringing. I got up and caught it before it went to voicemail and it was the waiter. I was surprised, but played it cool.

We went back and forth with a little talk and little more banter.

To Be Continued...........