Friday, February 29, 2008

Valentine's Day

This may not be the post that anyone wants to read. I am on my way to becoming domesticated. cherryboi made a big deal out of Valentine's Day. He started about 10 days before reminding me to save the day for us. It was really very endearing and I started to get into it. I got the royal treatment.

I got a call from cherryboi at about 4:00PM on Valentine's Day reminding me not to work late. We had plans he reminded me yet again. When I got home, he was already at my place - cooking. Taking the cue from how he was acting, I had some flowers, a bottle of wine and a book that I thought he would enjoy to give him. He was all smiles and seemed genuinely touched that I made the effort to choise the book that I choose.

He made a complete dinner. I had no idea he could even cook. There was an incredible salad dressed with a raspberry dressing with walnuts and parmesan cheese chopped over it. He made a very tasty seafood pasta dish and chose a very mellow and dry white win to go with it. We relaxed and ate and chatted and flirt for 2 and a half hours over dinner. We polished off 2 bottles of the win. On top of being hot and young, he is very smart and engaging. I thought it was a very nice evening. It was only the beginning.

After dinner, he led me upstairs and helped me undress. I crawled up on the bed, somewhat high from the amount of wine I had consumed. He stripped down and crawled between my legs and proceeded to worship, tease and edge my cock for one of the best blowjobs I have ever had. As I came, he stared up at me and swallowed every last drop. He then got up and lit a candle that he placed near the bed on a stand. He also came up with a bottle of massage oil and motioned for me to roll over. He proceded to give me a sensual but aggressive massage working this warm massage oil that smelled like sandalwood and jasmine into my body. He caressed, kissed and kneaded me from head to toe. I felt like a king. I have never quite had a massage like it. Part of me thinks that he may have enjoyed it as much as I did.

After that we cuddled for a while and talked. He is happy, he tells me. He is very happy, he says again. Still thinking that all of this could very well be a dream, I worked my way down to his lean torso. By the time I got there, his 7" cut cock was standing at attention. It is average in thickness but gets as hard as stone. The head is a large mushroom considerably thicker than the shaft under it. It is arrow straight and without any blemishes. There doesn't even seem to be a circumcision mark. As I took him into my mouth, I heard him gasp out. I continued to engulf his cock and moved a hand to his stomach to rub him while I sucked him. He was eager and after a few minutes of attention he was thrusting at the back of my throat. His eagerness told me he was excited. I grabbed both of his ankles in my hands and lifted his legs up in the air to expose his ass and began working at it. He was louder now. Not just moaning but vocal. "Fuck me!", he pleaded. "Fuck me now1", he moaned. So, I fucked him. I fucked him slow and deep. Making sure to pull almost out and them to plunge slowly back in as deep as possible. It took a few minutes of this before he shot his load all over both of us and I followed by dumping into him. We repeated this several times through the night.

It was a very nice Valentine's Day!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

It's Official!

It is semi-official. Ok, it's official! cherryboi and I are dating. I am almost embarrassed to admit this. I have mixed feelings about it. He is 25 and finding himself and I am 39, so it is up in the air about whether this will really become anything. I remind myself that this may be more about first-sex with him and a young tight boi that I am breeding for me, but I am a guy so I am enjoying the ride. And FUCK, it's one incredible ego boost!

I have been dicking cherryboi on a more and more frequent basis since last Fall, when we first hooked up. I haven’t written about him very much. He spent the night for the first time the weekend after my last post. This was more by accident on my part. I know from him that he stayed by intention. He is 25 and HOT and I have discovered quite intelligent. He is a Congressional Staffer by day and law student by night. He has worked for a Congressman for more than a year. He has a wide-eyed youthful optimism that I lost many years ago. He is one incredibly fucking hot piece of ass. I am hard just thinking about it. Shit, I feel 10 years younger lately! I can hear all of you laughing at me now. I know the upside and downside to this situation. This started out as a hot piece of ass for me and clearly he was bound to have confused feelings considering I was his first. What can I say....... one day at a time.

The other evening cherryboi was waiting for me when I got off the Metro. He had no idea when I would get to the station, so I was surprised to see him. I have no idea how long he had been waiting and I have no idea how long he was planning to wait. I had averted a previous invitation to grab dinner or a drink some time. He was there on the platform with his tussled-haired good looks and a big smile on his face when I saw him. This time he was hard to resist. He had clearly figured it that way. I didn't resist. He was right. I had no plans. I did have to eat something. The worst thing that could happen, I thought, was that I would eat and get laid too.

We chatted. We drank beer. We shared a pizza. We sparred about whether there was an us or whether it was just great sex. Then I tried to be adult and he tried to be an adult. I don't know whether we will have an enduring relationship or not, but I guess the most compelling thing he said was that he had the right to make his own mistakes. How many times have we all said that at different times when we were younger. Finally, we both drank too much beer.

The night couldn't have ended better. Me on my bed with the room spinning around and my new boyfriend giving me an incredibly good BJ! Life is good in the strangest ways and at the most unexpected times.