Monday, July 09, 2007

As Promised - Hook-ups During my Trip to Europe

I promised an update on my trip to Europe when I got back in June, but work and life have distracted me from writing. I was in Europe for about 3 weeks in May and June. I had a meeting in Germany and a later meeting in Italy at the end of May for two different projects I am in charge of at work. There was a gap of time between the two meetings, so I hopped a train to Switzerland and spent a few days in Interlaken and Zurich.

Gareth - a brunette English lad on the train from Zurich to Milan.

The train from Zurich to Milan passes through Zug, Arth Goldau, Airolo, Bellinzona, Lugano, Chiasso (border town to Italy) and then Comon, Monza and Milan Central Station. This train leaves almost hourly from Zurich. I was late and missed the 16:00 train I originally intended to take. Instead, I caught the 17:00 train.

I first saw Gareth on the platform as my train rolled into the station at Arth Goldau. He was in his mid 20's – maybe 6’1” - good body with broad shoulders. His hair was light brunette. He had a couple of day’s growth of beard on his face. He was wearing hiking boots and a pair of tan-brown hiking shorts with a ton of pockets. He had a black t-shirt with "FBI" lettered across his chest covered with an un-buttoned oxford shirt. His face was slightly sunburned – and the ruddiness of his burn accentuated his bright blue eyes.

He was a hottie and definitely caught my attention, but it was momentary and I went back to the book I was reading. About 15-20 minutes later, he was standing in the aisle adjacent to my seat stowing his pack in the overhead. Exactly the same, but now totally clean-shaven. His eyes were even bluer up close. I flashed a smile and he flashed one back. Then dropped into the seat next to mine.

The train ride from Zurich to Milan is almost 4 hours long. I read and watched the beautiful scenery that passed by a good part of the way and Gareth slept. Shortly after we crossed into Italy, he started to stir. Dug around in his pack. Did some re-packing and read a magazine for a while. It wasn’t long until he asked me in a very proper English accent, “You are an American aren’t you?” One thing led to another and we made small talk about a lot of subjects. He soon knew a little about me and I knew he was a student taking a year off to travel around Europe. And it wasn’t long until it was pretty apparent that he was overtly flirting with me. He was still flirting and we were discussing European football by the time the Milan Central Station was announced and the train slowed and rolled into the platform.

As we crawled down from the car onto the platform and began to walk toward the station, I mentioned that I was going to grab something to eat and extended an invite which Gareth jumped at instantly. Outside I grabbed a cab and gave the driver the address for my hotel.

Dinner at a nearby café was extended in the Italian fashion and we killed 2 bottles of wine between us. More talk and more flirting and soon he was following me back to my hotel and trying to appear innocent, while I checked into my room.

As soon as we were in the room, we were tearing each other’s clothes off and rolling around on the bed. He immediately reached for my cock and I was rock hard. We kissed and groped and he played with my cock. I grabbed his uncut cock and it was expanding in size. It felt great. It was smooth and very white under his tanned torso. Gareth kissed and licked his way down to my crotch and took my cock in his mouth. He was a very skilled cocksucker!!! I ran my hands through his hair and gently used my hand on the back of his head to fuck his face. This went on for a while and I was totally into it. He came back up and gave me a very passionate kiss. He then asked if I had a condom and lube. I got up and dug through my bag to find both. Back on the bed, he playfully put the condom on my cock and then crawled up and straddled me – burying my cock deep into his tight young ass. His ass was very warm and he groaned and closed his eyes tight as he sank down on me.

Gareth rode my cock like a champ – his cock and balls flapped against my stomach. I ran my hands over his chest as he rode me. I played with his nipples – they got rock hard. I played with his engorged cock until suddenly his cock erupted and he shot his creamy load all over my chest with some landing on my chin. His ass tightened around my cock and that finally sent me over the edge. I shot in his ass and he kept riding me until finally he collapsed on top of me. His cum and our sweat sticking us to each other. He kissed me again deeply and passionately. My cock slid out of his ass and he moved his body next to mine. We fell asleep and neither of us moved until the next morning. We spent the next day and night together. I had to move on to Rome and regrettably Gareth was headed into the mountains for some more hiking. He said we should stay in touch. We exchanged numbers and e-mail addresses. I have already shared several e-mails with him, since I returned home. Maybe there is more to come from this meeting.

Pascale - a dark-haired Italian hunk at my hotel in Rome.

I arrived in Rome on the EuroStar from Milan, which made one stop in Firenze (Florence), at around 13:30. Cabbed over to my hotel near the Spanish Steps. This hotel was very very swank in a great area of the city. I spent most of the next day exploring Rome and a few minutes here and there on preparing for my meeting at the end of the week and phone calls. I used the hotel service to press my suit for the meeting and shortly before I was planning to head out to grab dinner one evening, Pascale knocked on my door with my freshly pressed suit.

If you are familiar with Italian men, you know how self-assured – cocky – and hot they can be. They have a darker Mediterranean coloring with passionate expressive eyes and sensuous lips. You look up at them and they are almost always studying you. And the bodies on these guys, lean and defined all wearing thin skin-tight shirts and tight pants. Incredible!!! Having said that, Pascale was a typical Italian man in his early 30’s wearing a painted on hotel uniform that showed-off a very nice round bubble ass.

As I opened the door and he greeted me, I know that I was staring. I couldn’t help it. His eyes locked on mine and he was immediately all smiles and friendly. He spoke very good English with a sexy Italian accent. One thing lead to another and he was recommending a restaurant near the hotel and we were chatting about Rome. I left my room right after Pascale and followed him down the hallway toward the elevator. My eyes were glued to his ass as he confidently strutted in front of me. At the elevator, he gave me a look and told me to, “Ask for Pascale, if you need anything.” I jumped at the opening to ask when he was finished working for the day and to extend an open invitation for him to stop back at my room for a drink. All I got was a smile and a “Si”.

I went to dinner and enjoyed a stroll through the streets near the hotel. I wasn’t sure whether Pascale understood my offer or whether he was even interested. I returned to the hotel and took a short shower to wash the city off and crawled onto my bed to watch CNN International. I must have dosed off, because I woke up to knocking on my door. I got up and opened the door to find a smiling Pascale standing out side. It took him a second to duck inside and I closed the door.

Pascale was about 5’11” and had a lean, tight compact body. He was solid, but may have only weighed 150lbs. He had dark brown hair and hazel green eyes. He just exuded sexuality. As I turned toward him he had one hand cupped over his crotch and his other hand extended toward me. I reached for it and he lead me to the bed. We were all over each other. We alternated between making out and taking each other’s clothes off. Soon I could see all of him in his perfection. He was totally smooth and had a gigantic uncut cock that was longer than 9” and so thick that I could not get my hand completely around it. It was the most impressive cock I have ever seen!!!

Soon Pascale had swallowed my cock to my pubes. He gently but eagerly devoured it as he worked my balls with his hand. The combination of his cocksucking technique and the visual of him stretched out between my legs had my head swimming. I also had an overwhelming desire to suck his cock. I had never seen such a large one and had to have it. I worked my way around until we were side-by-side 69’ing. I could barely get the whole head of his cock into my mouth. I used one hand to grab this monster and used the other to pull his foreskin back and had my desert. We went at each other like this without stopping for a while. As I bathed his cock with my mouth and tongue, I tried not to think about it but I felt things building between my legs and Pascale was dripping pre-cum.

Without any formalities, Pascale suddenly came off my cock arched his back and gasped loudly as his cock shot 5 large geysers of cum up into the air as I ran my tongue up and down his shaft. His spunk was all over both of us as he eagerly went about finishing me off. I was spent as I laid beside this Roman hunk and stared at his beautiful cock.

As quickly as he came, Pascale was ready to leave. He cleaned-up in the bathroom and quickly re-dressed. As he went to the door, he smiled back at me and said. “Circumcised ...first time. Ciao ”


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I am loving your attention to detail! Sounds like you had a good trip...

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i want to see your penis

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sounds so fucking hot... too bad you didnt breed that british cunt

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Love it.