Saturday, April 28, 2007

Sharing at the DFW Hyatt Regency

I am still here. I am still alive. I am still enjoying my 2 cocksuckers and I have nailed AF twice recently. AF still has one spectacular ass!

My last post seriously pissed-off the vgl young guy I mentioned. Obviously, I handled that badly. Definitely my loss! I am new at this Blog, so I am going to have to feel my way around it.

I have been traveling 4 to 5 days per week lately. Work is crazy. I have been all over the Country recently. Tuesday and Wednesday, I was stranded at the Dallas-Ft. Worth International Airport by a canceled flight. I checked into the DFW Hyatt Regency, since my expense account was paying, and ordered some room service and took a long long hot shower. Got on Manhunt, while I munched on the room service, to cruise and relax. I thought I might stroke one off and crash.

After a few minutes on line and some BS chatting, I get IM'ed by a DADNSONCT. A Dad and his Son from CT, who were in the same hotel - DFW Hyatt. That got my attention. The Dad was an average white guy. He seemed fit. He said he was 40, I figure mid-forties 5'11" about 185lbs. Their profile described him as a dom Top. The Son was 22 and sweet! He was lean-thin defined with a 6-pac abs. In his profile pics he has a nice tan. The kid was 6' tall a nice round bubble but with blond hair and green eyes. He had a preppy/Opie/Boy-Next-Door look. Their profile described him as a very submissive oral bottom. Almost immediately after the Dad figured out that we were staying in the same hotel, he gives me an invitation to come fuck his Son. The Dad is cocky about the whole thing. He indicated that I could do anything I wanted with the Son. I jumped at the invitation and the next thing I know I was getting off the elevator and making my way down the hallway to their room.

The Dad opened the door and ushered me into the room. He was nude and looked better than his pics, but I wasn't there for him. The Son was laid out across the king-sized bed and looked great. He shot me a timid look and a smile as I came into the room. The Dad offered me a drink and we made some small talk. The son was quiet on the bed. They were traveling and stranded too. They had been fucking around all evening and the Dad wanted to share his Son. I tried to get some expression of interest from the Son, but he didn't say anything. When I came right out and asked him, the Dad broken in and said that "he does what I tell him to do".

It was their scene and I liked what I saw laying on the bed. I peeled off my cloths and crawled onto the bed with the Son. We started slowly making out. He was very obviously submissive and he was responsive. At one point, he whispered into my ear asking if I wanted him. I wanted him! We continued to make out and grope each other. We kissed and he kissed back. He felt sooooo good against me. His body was hard and firm, but his skin was soft and smooth. I am not sure I have ever felt a guy’s skin that was so soft. As I pushed his head down between my legs and slide my cock into his warm young mouth, I glanced over and the Dad was standing off from the bottom of the bed stroking as he watched me use his Son.

The head was great. He was eager but relaxed about it. It was clear that he would suck my cock all night, if I wanted him to. He slurped it, licked it and swallowed it to my pubes. The whole time I played with his beautiful round bubble ass. He groaned a little as I worked his pucker with my fingers, but never lost concentration on my cock. The Son could definite suck cock. I was in a good place, relaxed and I was definitely enjoying it. As I felt a tingling build in my cock, I decided it was time to fuck the Son.

I flipped the Son onto his back and pushed his legs into the air. He reached for a bottle of poppers that were on the stand beside the bed as I grabbed some lube and got ready to take what I came for. He took a large inhale into each nostril and his eyes left me and kinda rolled back under his eyelids. Seeing that he was ready for anything, I forced my cock into him and with one hard thrust buried it deep into him. His ass swallowed me up. I could tell he had been fucked already and he was opened up, but he still was tight enough that I could feel him cling to my shaft as I pulled halfway out and pushed back in a few times. The kid knew how to bottom. He grabbed his calves with each hand and I could feel him flexing his pucker around my cock. I started to work into a fairly aggressive and fast rhythm and he met every thrust. In no time, he was grunting with each thrust of my cock into him and soon he was whimpering a little too. The whole package was pretty fucking hot! I was ready to adopt him. I had been banging away into him and enjoying how he took it for about 5 to 10 minutes, when I could feel the finish building in my cock again. This time I had no desire to hold back. I let loose and finished very loudly. Loud enough that the kid re-focused on me and gave me a little smile. I basically fell onto him. He curled up around me and we laid there for a while.

I zoned for a bit and felt him slowly move back down between my legs. He took my cock gently into his mouth. I was soft and wasn’t sure there was anymore there. He was not put off by my soft cock. He kept working at it and licking it and nuzzling it until my cock began to spring back to life. As the Son worked me back up with his talented mouth, I saw the Dad in a chair watching everything we did.

Soon, the Son was straddling me and riding my cock. He looked beautiful with my cock buried in him raising and lowering himself on me. The visual of this gorgeous young boy’s body over me was extremely hot. I was oblivious to everything but how hot he was and how good my cock felt in him. He leaned forward and we began to kiss as he continued to ride my cock. That’s when I felt it. He hesitated for a brief moment and then I was no longer alone inside him. The sensation was great and a mystery until I realized that the Dad had entered him too from behind as the Son was riding me and kissing me. I now had the sensation of the Son’s talented ass and the sensation of another cock moving against mine inside him at the same time. It didn’t take very long until I came again loudly.

Pretty quickly, the Son had re-focused his attention to the Dad. They were going at each other and taking no notice of me on the other side of the king-sized bed. I watched them for a few minutes and it was obvious that the novelty of my presence was over. It was sure fucking great while it lasted. I crawled off the bed and pulled my cloths back on. The Dad and Son never lost their concentration on each other. I let myself out and headed back to my room to crash.


bikeguy13 said...

very fuckin nice!

Vulgar-Vulva said...

I envy you! Toronto needs to whore it up accordingly!

Anonymous said...

wow. hot. speechless. you just walked out and they didn't pay you any attention. hot.

The Average Joe said...

that is SO incredible its amazing:-)

Nick said...

Mmm that was brilliant! wish I had a daddy like that!