Saturday, August 11, 2007

K - It's NOT all about me............. Pt. 3

I am not sure if K and I are still together or not. I am not sure if we were ever together. We have spoken by telephone every day. We had lunch downtown on Wednesday.

The fact of the matter is that what K says he hoped for was that I would see the cigarette burn marks, be jealous and beat him up. Or, so he says now. I think whatever the reality, only K may have any clue of the truth. I told him Wednesday that I would devote no more energy trying to make a determination.

K said he loved me, as I have blogged. I was shocked at the time, but on some level I wanted to believe that he might. Everyone wants to be loved. He may love me. I am just sure that he doesn't love me the way I need to be loved. Bottom line.... that is what is important. If I don't remember that then I am as fucked up or more than he is.

The dilemma now is whether to even continue to see K as a friend or a fuckbuddy. If I do, isn't he the winner? We aren't too close and he gets to live this fantasy of abusive relationships. Somehow, I think the conflict between the two of us over the last week has fed that. I mean, as some of you have pointed out, I made him cry and he gets off on abuse. K needs professional help, which he is not now getting. So, maybe the end of K.

In the meantime, I totally fucking worked the The Cop over last night. He left a few hours ago very sore and totally not willing to give me some more this morning. I had to settle for a tame morning blowjob.

A shout out to my new Cockwhore. You know who you are, if you are reading. I suspect you maybe. Maybe I'll fuck you next time, if you serve me well!

Finally, so fortunate to have cocksuckers to enjoy. Thugboy and The Kid have been a telephone call away all week. I am amazed how eager The Kid has been. He is on his way over now!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

K - It's NOT all about me............. Pt. 2

I appreciate all of the e-mails I have received. I have cooled off or relaxed ... whatever it is and finally talked with K today. I won't get into every detail, but it is pretty obvious that this is far more about him and me.

Yes, I may not be behaving properly. Yes, it appears that on some level K wanted me to find this out. It was a casual night at my place. He could have made an excuse and not showed. He could have made an excuse and I wouldn't have undressed him. There was no way I was going see his body and not notice the cigarette burn marks. He wanted me to know this.

Bottom-line, as I told K today, I am not going to burn him with cigarettes or do any other things along this line. I think that he may have wanted to push me away and he has been successful. I told him that I was shocked because outwardly I thought we were learning each other and growing closer. I think I was getting too close and he grew uncomfortable. I think he can deal with the level of intimacy that results in him being used or being burned with a cigarette. I don't think he can deal with the intimacy that we were developing.

Finally, to those who correctly pointed out that I was still hooking up. That is correct. K and I had the talk and he wanted me to continue hooking up and to include him occasionally. The hookup is not why I lost it. If I had been jealous, I would have made a play for exclusivity. I was attempting to accommodate to his needs to a certain level, but I can't be something I am not. Also, I don't expect K to be something he is not. I don't know where we are, but it is very far apart today.

He is crying. He is upset. I am upset too. I doubt we will both come out of this happy.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

K - It's NOT all about me.............

I had a casual evening at home with K Friday evening. We had a bottle of wine and were playing around on the couch in front of the tv. I casually started to peel his clothes off as we messed around. I sensed a little hesitancy, which is out of the ordinary. Usually, I can do what ever I like with him.

When I got to his ass, he got really strange and started to turn away from me. He has the firm, round ass of a soccer player. It makes my mouth water and I frankly wanted to eat a little and fuck him on the couch. In a manner very out of character, he put up a little resistance to being turned over. I was determined and turned him over and made a discovery. He had a quarter-sized burn mark on his lower left butt cheek that was red, nasty-looking and starting to scab over. I immediately turned the lights on and discovered several other similar burn marks in other locations.

Long story short - after some concern and a little bit of ugliness, I discovered that the burn marks are cigarette burns from a recent hookup with a dominant top fuckbuddy that K has recently acquired. It appears that K forgot to require that his fuckbuddy leave no marks and well the rest is pretty obvious.

I immediately had a very bad reaction. I was totally fucking pissed off. I looked K straight in the eye and tossed his words about it being all about me right back at him. It was very obvious that his sexual pleasure was NOT all about me at all. I told K to leave and he was visibly upset and crying as I closed the door on him.

I have thought about this since Friday. I almost didn’t Blog this because I realize I am hurt. I am not hurt because he is fucking someone else. This surprised me, but I can’t be jealous because I am certainly doing my thing. Frankly, K encouraged me to hookup. What hurts me is that obviously what K desires sexually is even more way-out than I was willing to recognize. While I thought we were figuring each other out and he was verbalizing what I wanted to hear…………………… he needed to be dominated and burnt with a cigarette.

Thursday, August 02, 2007


The Dad had opened his previous e-mail with, "How would you like to use my Son again in July?" Since then, I hadn’t heard anything. Last Thursday, I received an e-mail from DADNSONCT that simply gave me the name of a hotel at BWI Arirport near Baltimore, a room number and indicated after 4:00PM on Friday. It took me 30 seconds to confirm by e-mail that I would be there and Friday afternoon shortly after 4:00PM I was standing at the door to that room.

The door was slightly ajar when I got there, so I pushed it open and quietly announced that I was there as I closed the door behind me. The Son was stretched out on the bed wearing a white jock. He had that same timid look I remembered from our last encounter, but he did crack a smile when he saw me. The Dad was nowhere to be found. I asked the Son where his Dad was. The Son smiled and said, “Dad told me that you were coming at 4 o’clock and to make sure you left happy.”

I immediately started to pull my clothes off and crawled on to the bed with the Son. When I reached for him, he pretended to resist and we wrestled around on the bed for a minute or so and soon his lips were on mine and we started to make out. After a few minutes of this, the Son freed himself and crawled up to straddle my chest. We continued to kiss and he gently tugged on my nipples. After a while, his tongue was swirling around my bellybutton and a short time later I could feel him nuzzling and gently kissing my cock. This continued until I reached down and grabbed the back of his head with one hand and my cock with the other hand and pushed my cock into his warm eager mouth.

I fucked his face for a while firmly but gently using my hand on the back of his head to move him up and down on my shaft. Then he reached out and grabbed the base of my cock with his hand and started to bob up and down on me taking more of my cock with each stroke. The Son obviously loves cock. He would alternative between bobbing and deep-throating my cock and sucking on the head and licking my shaft and balls. He was obviously fully aware of where I was, because each time I approached the point of no return he would slowdown, or change his stroke or move to my balls and nuzzle them. The Son is a skilled cocksucker and a master of his technique. He edged me and re-edged me until I was ready to beg him to finish. Finally, he stopped, took my cock in his hand, looked deeply into my eyes and finished me off in his mouth with his mouth and hand.

The Son then crawled up beside me and coyly opened his mouth, so that I could see he was holding my load in his mouth. He moved his tongue around and I could see strings of my cum slide off of his tongue. Then he gently tugged my hand up to his throat, closed his mouth and swallowed my load. He wanted me to feel his throat swallowing my cum. He licked his lips, smiled and we spooned and cuddled on the bed. This lasted for I don’t know how long.

He looked good and felt good. I could not keep my hands off of him. I started to feel his tight thighs and squeeze his ass. We wrestled some more and finally he got a vary serious look on his face and asked, “Aren’t you going to fuck me?” I was instantly hard again. I told him with total sincerity that that was the reason I had come. And that was the truth! Together we got my cock wrapped and both of us lubed. Then as quick as lightening, he was on his back and was pulling his legs up beside his head.

I moved over him and forced my cock right in. It took about three firm thrusts, but his ass soon swallowed my whole cock. The Son was very tight as I remembered. He also has one of those asses that seem to mold around your cock and cling to you. Makes a guy think the ass was made for his cock. The Son is not virgin, but there is no mileage on his ass. Almost from my first thrust he was grunting and moaning. I like noise. There is something very erotic about the sounds some guys make as you work your cock into them. The Son was obviously enjoying it. It soon occurred to me that the Son might have been the reason for my invitation from the Dad to use him again. This boy wasn’t acting and the Dad was still nowhere to be found. I aggressively drilled his ass for what seemed like 20 minutes or more. He grunted and moaned louder as time passed. My cock tingled as I drove it into him and pulled it back out. Soon, I was there and had no desire to hold back. I blasted a load into him as I made one last thrust. It was intense and I must have been expressive, because suddenly the Son was kind of giggling at me and had wrapped his arms around me.

We curled back up and cuddled again for a while. I finally looked at the clock radio and realized it was 6:25PM. I had been with the Son for more than 2 hours. It was intense and passionate! The Son had a well-fucked look on his face. I told him my time was up. I remembered that he wasn’t my son. I was just using him by invitation. I cleaned up, dressed and headed home. Thanks again, Dad!!!