Wednesday, February 25, 2009

german boy - Pt. 1

I was kinda bored and horny on Sunday evening. cherryboi was working on some group Law School project most of Sunday. I randomly text messaged D that "i am horny", but didn't get any response back. I finally ended up on Craigslist.

I came across this post:

Submissive boy for older

I am a very submissive good looking guy who would like to try getting together with an oral top, especially older. I would love to service you orally any way you want. I am 6'1" 195 lbs, blonde hair blue eyes. Shoot me an email if you are interested.

I was intrigued and bored, so I shot him an e-mail.

he responded: "I really would like to become someone's regular cocksucker. I don't swallow, but I love getting my face blasted. What is your HIV status? I am negative.

me: "totally disease-free and hiv-. swallowing is not a requirement. important thing is that you really like to suck cock. looking to get off."

he responded: "I love getting naked, getting on my knees, and sucking cock.

me: "hot! available now? come on over."

he responded: "I've just given head a few times and have discovered that I like it alot. I don't want to be meeting random people and I have a need to be discrete, so I would really like to find someone who will tell me to suck his dick on a regular basis. Have you ever had a personal cocksucker?

At this point, I relaxed a little because my bs detector was beginning to go off.

me: "i have some experience with guys sucking my cock. a regular guy would be very hot! i can host you very discreetly here. come on over?"

he responded: "I am in NW DC on the Red Line. Are you on the Metro?

me: "i am in close walking distance to the New York Avenue Station. my cell is - XXX-XXX-XXXX. Give me a call from the Station when you get there."

Not that I was too surprised, but I heard nothing more from him that night. I figured it was just another Craigslist Bullshitter.

About an hour later, I got a return text from D, "What do you want, Sir?". Three text messages and about 15 minutes later and D was on his knees between my legs eagerly milking my cock. It was fantastic!!! Made even hotter by the fact that he was eager to come and do exactly what he was told. A true fag! After I finished down his throat and made him lick my cock and balls clean, I told him to "get the fuck out of here" without even looking at him. He dressed and was gone. Over the next 30 minutes, I received six different text messages from D.

D: "Thank you! I am in awe of you."

D: "I worship you, Sir!"

D: "Your contempt for me grows; while my lust, attraction and devotion to you grows ever more intense."

D: "It seems that my dreams are coming true."

D: "This fag will make itself available to you, SIR, when it is told."

D: "I am humbly, your fag."

I did not respond to D.

Fast forward to last night (Tuesday), shortly after dinner I am relaxing with a glass of wine and my cell rang. I answered and it was the submissive boy from Craigslist on Sunday night - german boy I'll call him because he has a melodic German accent. I was completely surprised to hear from him. I had given him my cell number, but I had written him off on Sunday. In very good but accented English, he announced that he just happened to be at the New York Avenue Station and was still very serious about wanting to suck my cock. WTF, I gave him the address and waited to see what chance would deliver.

To Be Continued.......

Monday, February 23, 2009

Headed to NYC on Thursday

I am headed to New York City for business this Thurday and Friday for work. I am staying in Midtown Manhattan not far from Penn Station. I should have alot of free time to see the City and enjoy myself. I am planning to stay over in the City on Saturday and possibly Sunday.

If anyone would like to show me a good time or the sights, let me know.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

I can't believe he fucks you up the ass......

I have been really busy working and traveling for work. cherryboi is still in my life for those of you who have asked. It has been good between us lately.

I took him to a party two weekends ago and a younger guy at the party cruised and flirted with him all night. At one point, we had mingled back together and were sitting on a step next to each other and this guy approached and asked cherryboi, "Are you cheating on me?". It was a cute move in a way and the guy was aggressively serious about landing my guy. cherryboi was visibly flustered and immediately stammered that he was my boyfriend, which was equally as cute. The guy made his exit and I leaned in and said to cherryboi that I was ok with it if he wanted to go for it. To my surprise, that lead to a gigantic argument later that night on our way home. I was informed that cherryboi feels like sometimes I try to pimp him out and it is not appreciated or flattering. I was further advised that he doesn't "want anyone else". He added, for clarification, that I was the only guy he was "interested in having fuck me". I will admit here that I have been somewhat fixated on cherryboi with other guys lately. I think I worry about it to a point and I think that I may feel that if I give permission, it will be alright when and if it happens.

Last weekend, we entertained cherryboi's Brother. cherryboi apparently came out to him over the Holidays. I had no idea about all of this drama until he told me his Brother was coming to DC. cherryboi is the youngest of three. There are two other brothers - Brother1 - 30, Brother2 - 28 and cherryboi - 26. It apparently is all too much like Leave It To Beaver, except that Beaver in this version is gay. Brother1 was shocked, stunned, in denial and then came around to acceptance, or so he said.

cherryboi tells me the Thursday night before Brother1 arrives that he is coming to DC and asks if Brother1 can bunk at my place. Then proceeds to tell me the whole story about coming out to Brother1 over the Holidays and how he was cool with it and was coming to Baltimore for work and stopping over in DC. Long story short, Brother1 apent that Friday night and Saturday night at my place. I virtually didn't see Bother1 on Friday or Saturday. cherryboi and he spent a lot of both day together out and about. Saturday evening, the three of us had a nice leisurely dinner and a few bottles of wine at my place and Brother1 and I kind of took each others measure.

Unfortunately, it isn't clear to me that Brother1 is totally accepting. He was completely cool with me nothing but polite and an excellent guest. The visit was uneventful and there were no scenes, but still I never felt totally comfortable with Brother1. I will say that he is every bite as hot as cherryboi. He is very obviously cherryboi's older brother. He has the same features and hair. Being with the two of them, I can tell that they are close. It just confirms everything that I have been told. They have a really close family and there is a lot of love there. I think that being accepted by his family is of paramount importance to cherryboi. As with many people, the fear of not being accepted is keeping him from being totally out. I think it will destroy cherryboi, if his family doesn't accept him.

One thing led to another and Sunday morning, I was driving Brother1 to BWI Airport to catch his flight. cherryboi had to report to work on the Hill. I reluctantly agreed to go solo. It was as uncomfortable as I had feared it would be. No real unpleasantness, but it was uncomfortable. We had occasional chit chat punctuated by long silences. Fortunately, BWI is only about 30 minutes north of my place. As I guided the car up the departures ramp, Brother1 began the most angry monologue.

Brother1: "I was blown away when cherryboi told me he was gay."

Brother1: "Brother2 and I think it is some kind of stage he is going through. At least we hope it is, because it will kill our Mother if she finds out."

Brother1: "Brother2 and I just don't get it. It's not like he ever had trouble getting girls. He always had girls falling all over him. He had girlfriends in high school and college."

Brother1: "We think he came to a new city and is experimenting."

Brother1: "I don't want to offend you. You are a nice guy and you and cherryboi seem to get along and all, but he isn't really gay."

Brother1: "He could practically have any girl he wanted. I can't beleive he fucks you up the ass. No offense"

By this point, the car was stopped at the terminal and I was spinning between anger and amazement. I wasn't sure what to say or how to react, but all of a sudden I just began to speak.

Me: "I am not going to share this conversation with cherryboi, because I think it would upset him. His family is very important to him and you must know that the love and acceptance of his family is very important to him too. I will tell him that Brother2 knows that he is gay, because I am sure that he is under the impression that he confided in you and that it was a confidence."

Me: "By the way, it isn't any of your business but I want to clarify something. Just so you know, I fuck cherryboi up the ass and from what I can tell he loves it and I love him."

Me: "Brother1, it was a pleasure meeting you. Have a great flight. I hope you will come back for another visit soon."

Then I left him watching from the curb as I drove off.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


I got a shit load of e-mails and comments indicating I should be the Top. WTF? I am the Top and I don't need to breed every tight ass in DC to prove it.

Thursday afternoon, I sent a text to D - "Planning to stop by to fuck you after 6:00PM. Confirm!"

D replied, "Yes SIR!!!".

D lives a few stops north of me on the Metro Red Line, so I went straight there after work. As I got off the train and headed toward his place, I sent another text to D - "On my way. Down the block."

D replied, "Waiting, SIR." along with his code to enter his building.

I let myself in the front door of the building. When I got to D's door it was ajar. I entered and placed my stuff in the closet off the foyer and took off my shoes. I looked around and D was no where to be found. I made may way to his bedroom and found him spread across his bed with the mounds of his firm bubble butt waiting for me.

I slowly disrobed and laid my clothes neatly on a nearby chair. I didn't say a word to him. I crawled up beside him on the bed and smacked his ass with my open hand telling him to, "Get over here and suck my cock." He moved over to face my crotch and began to lick and nibble at my balls. As my cock grew and hardened against his face, he would gently stroke it and look up at me to see if I was watching him. Soon he had moved from my balls to the underside of my shaft and he licked his way slowly up my cock until his lips reached my cockhead. When he got there, my cockhead was wet with precum. He was soon eagerly devouring my whole cock. Bobbing up and down on it and I could feel his tongue on my ball sack on the down strokes. As he sucked my cock, he felt my stomach with one of his hands. The head was very good, but I came to fuck him and I did.

I announced that, "I am ready to fuck you. I want you to wrap my cock." He reached over to a table beside the bed for a condom and lube. I took the lube from him and watched him wrap my rock hard cock. I tossed the lube to the side of the bed and flipped D onto his stomach. He wanted to get fucked and I had every intention of accommodating him. I treated his ass like I owned it. I put a hand firmly on the cneter of his shoulder blades and pushed his head and face down against the bed. With my other hand, I moved one of his legs out to his side to allow me to position myself above his ass. I penetrated him completely in two rough thrusts. The first thrust was too fast for D to respond, but as I made the second thrust his body convulsed under me and he instinctively moved to get away from my invasion of his ass. I know it was uncomfortable, because he was just as tight as the first time I fucked him. He struggled to adjusted and panted against my thrusts. The room was filled with the sounds of a boy being fucked agressively. My grunts mixed with his grunts and panting, as I proceeded to throw him one mean fuck. I am not sure how long I drilled him before I began to feel a load building in my groin. Since this was about me, I made no attempt to hold back. I let loose with a massive orgasm with multiple spurts that I could feel escaping the tip of my cock. Then I collasped on to D's back and stayed in that position until I recovered from the instensity of the fuck and my orgasm.

I rolled over and pulled D to me and enjoyed the after-sex. We kissed some and cuddled some. Later, I got up and made my way to the shower as D fixed us a snack to eat and opened some wine. We enjoyed that and then adjourned back to his bed to fuck again.

The second time was more leisurely. I had the fag ride me, while we kissed and groped at each other. I think he rode my cock for 20 minutes, before I pumped a second load off inside him.

There is no doubt that I plan to keep him. I have already heard from D again. He wants me to come back and fuck him whenever I care to. He signed himself as, "humbly, your fag".

Saturday, February 07, 2009


I haven't seen or tried to have contact D since we hooked-up. I was out of town a few days this week, but received the following e-mails:

D e-mail #1: I am so horny. I really wanna get fucked by you again!

D e-mail #2: You have no idea how badly my ass is aching to have your cock in it again!!!

D e-mail #3: I really need to get fucked!!!! PLEASE COME FUCK ME!!!

I guess it is ridiculous to even ask, but what do you all think I should do?

Thursday, February 05, 2009

History Made ... A Yellow Ticket

The Inauguration was a special and inspirational event! I have been pondering since what and how to Blog about it.

I am not very political. DC is a political town and I am not a pro. I quickly learned in DC that politics is a pro sport. I figure that everyone has their own take on politics and their own set of beliefs that are usually strongly held. I was never a Bush supporter. Frankly, I thought he was an idiot before he ran for President and I am still amazed that he managed to convince enough people in this Country to vote for him that he was able to get elected, not just once but twice. as President of the United States.

Having said that, I can't say I am in luv with President Obama either. I didn't get starry-eyed over his oratory and I haven't seen much change yet. I think it is fabulous that a minority has been elected President. I think it says alot about the man and this Country. I just hope he does something positive. I hope that there is really change and that it wasn't all politics. I did enjoy watching history being made, when President Obama took the oath for his office on January 20, 2009. Thanks to cherryboi, we were really up close and had a great line of sight with Yellow Tickets. I attended as cherryboi's guest. This was the first time that we have gone to an event together on his territory. He is a Congressional Staffer and there were plenty of people that knew him in the Yellow section that day. It felt good!

All went well. cherryboi was relaxed and up the whole afternoon. He introduced me to everyone as his friend, which was fine. It was my first attendance at an Inauguration. The atmosphere was like a celebration and carnival. The crowd was happy and energetic. It wasn't till later in the day that I realized how mny people with tickets never got into their areas. I guess the biggest let down of the day was that many people never even made it to the Mall and never saw the event. The crowd was just that big. There was a gigantic mass of people, but it was a crowd with a positive attitude.

That evening, dressed in matching tuxedos, cherryboi and I attended an Inaugrual Ball at the Convention Center downtown. I am avoiding details to maintain some privacy, but I really enjoyed myself. It was a spectacular evening! The really strange thing was that we virtually knew no one there. Toward the end of the evening and older very dignified lady leaned in to me and told me, "what a wonderful couple you and your young man make...". I was, with a doubt, the hightlight of my evening:)

The evening ended at my place. cherryboi and I spooning in the dark. I know I was too exhausted to think of even trying to make a move....