Sunday, May 17, 2009

Gym Wednesday Night

I went to the gym Wednesday Night after work. I haven't really blogged about it, but my New Year's Resolution was to get in better shape. I do have a really hot young BF and I just turned 40. I already belonged to a gym downtown not far from my office, but I rarely hit the gym more than once per week before January. I also hired a Trainer - Seth. He actually was recommended by The Cop. Seth is a police officer, part-time trainer and a competitive kickboxer. Unfortunately, he is as straight as an arrow. He is also in fucking fantastic shape. Seth busts my ass twice a week and e-mails me a work-out routine for me to do between our meetings.

I am actually starting to notice changes in my body. I have lost about 5 to 10 pounds depending on the scale and everything is firmer. The other day cherryboi commented that he noticed a difference and recently a friend that hadn't seen me in a while commented that I had changed, so some results for all the paces Seth has put me through I guess. Tonight we did some actual kickbox sparing, which was a first for me. A lot of people watched us spare, but after about 30 minutes I noticed one particular guy on a leg machine watching. I didn't give it a lot of thought, because I was busy with my footwork and dodging Seth's hits.

When we were done I headed for the sauna and spent a good 15-20 minutes there relaxing in the steam. Then I headed straight for the showers. There weren't too many guys in the showers at this point and I headed toward the back. I was literally in the shower for maybe 60 seconds, when I heard the shower curtain open and close behind me. I turned surprised, but in stepped the guy I had noticed earlier on the leg machine. He was late 20's-early 30's, 6’, 165, smooth with a swimmer-type build and a light dusting of hair on his chest, close cropped light-brown hair and obviously on a mission. "We OK?", he said with a smile as he reached out and cupped my balls. I smiled back and in an instant he was on his knees in front of me nuzzling and squeezing my growing cock and balls.

My cock was instantly hard as his soft lips wrapped around the head of my cock. He soon effortlessly took my whole cock down his throat. I reached down and grabbed the back of his head forcing his nose into my wet and sweaty pubes. I could feel his tongue working the base of my cock and as I let him come back up, his tongue worked the length of my shaft and swirled around the head of my cock. I was really enjoying it. My senses were alive with the feeling of the water on my body and his mouth and hands working my crotch. He reached up and ran his fingers through the trail of hair above my pubes and ran his hand along my side and grabbed my ass. I instinctively moaned out loud, without thinking about who might hear me. I could hear the sounds of him aggressively sucking my cock. He was there to get me off. I grabbed the back of his head firmly and began aggressively meeting the movements of his head. As I thrust into his eager mouth, I could feel my balls slapping against his chin. As much as I tried to feed him, he was in control.

Then I was there. Almost without warning, I began to spasm into him. As I knew I would shoot, I looked down at him and met his eyes staring up at me. His eyes said yes and we were locked in a stare as I blew my load into his willing mouth. It was a big load. I felt 8 or 10 spurts and between spurts felt his tongue working the underside of my shaft. I was nearly spent by the intensity and closed my eyes as I finished. When my eyes opened again, my softer cock was in his hand and he was squeezing the last few drops of my load out and licking them off the head. I felt him kiss the end of my cock softly and as he did I noticed some Arabic or Hebrew symbols tattooed on the top of his back at his shoulders. Then, he was gone.....

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Blogging about cherryboi today

By popular demand, I am blogging about cherryboi today. We are still together. I continue to take it figuratively and in reality day-by-day and things seem to be good. It feels good! We are more and more good together.

cherryboi continues to be a law student by night and works full time on Capitol Hill by day. He recently took on a lot more responsibility as his Congressman has expanded some of his committe work. I was discussing this with a friend over dinner several nights ago and it me hit that this is really incredible. I am busy too, but somehow we seem to find time and I have begun to miss seeing him when we aren't together.

Last night, we were together all evening and he was here this morning until he left to hit the law library to study. Yesterday afternoon, I went for a long walk to shop at Eastern Market in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of the City. It was the first day in more than a week that it didn't rain here. It turned out to be a beautiful day. cherryboi and I exchanged texts as I shopped and he met up with me there. I got some great fresh pork chops to grill and the makings for a nice salad. We also roamed around and enjoyed the day as we checked out the other vendors.

I planned to make dinner and then thought we would watch a movie on Netflixs or PayPerView. cherryboi was my appetizer on the couch and floor of my living room. We had been relaxing with cold drinks after our walk back from Eastern Market and one thing led to another and soon I had cherryboi bent over the arm of the couch and was holding a hand full of his blond hair, as I aggressively pounded his ass. I was horny for his ass and the grunts and moans, in response to my invasion of his ass, was getting my off. I had a load building in less than 5 minutes. I didn't try to hold back. When I had shot my load deep into him, I pulled him by his hair from the arm of couch and down on to the floor between my legs. "Lich me clean!", I commanded, and cherryboi eagerly complied.

Having this beautiful young man on his knees in front of me licking my seed and his ass juices off my cock had me hard again in no time. I laid my head back on the couch and just enjoyed his service. I got lost in how good it felt. He licked, nuzzled and stroked my cock until I shot another load all over his chest and stomach. I reached down to touch his engorged cock and in a few strokes his load joined mine on his smooth hard stomach. Then we kissed deeply and he whispered, "I love you", into my ear.

I washed up and headed to the kitchen to make dinner. cherryboi ran up stairs and jumped into the shower. We had a wonderfully pleasant dinner on my back patio under the trees rustling in the breeze. We chatted away about various things.

cherryboi: You know I love it when you loose control of yourself fucking me.

Me: What exactly does that mean?

cherryboi: You know what I mean. You loose yourself and just fuck me. It isn't passion or control. It is almost animalistic and I love it.

Me: Well, I certainly enjoyed!

cherryboi: Good I want you to enjoy it. I hope you saved a little for later.

Me: Always!

And later, as we drank wine and digested our dinner:

cherryboi: Do you remember our first time?

Me: Of course I do. How could I forget it? I practically raped you.

cherryboi: No, you didn't. I gave myself to you. I wanted you. I wanted you to fuck me.

Me: Is this revision of history?

cherryboi: No, not at all. I am a shy person. You know that. When I came here the first time that night I was scared, but you were so nice and made me feel comfortable. What I remember is that you finally sat down beside me and touched my face and kissed me. I decided right there that I wanted you to have me.

Me: Is that true? I remember taking you and clearly recall not giving you an option.

cherryboi: It's true. I could have put up a fight. That was my choice. I wanted you to take me. I want you to always want to take me. I love you.

Much, much later after cherryboi was sticky from and smeared with 2 more of my loads.

cherryboi: I love you.

Me: I love you too.

cherryboi: I love laying with you and being filled with your cum. It just feels so right and I feel so good. I really do love you.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

more D

Thursday night after a brutal workout at the gym with my Trainer, I text messaged D that I was coming by for some relief. It was a quick blow-and-go. The highlight was feeding him 3 days worth of cum at the end and watching him gulp it all down and smile in appreciation after he was done.

The following is an on-line chat we had Friday afternoon:

D: hello sir
Me: hey
D: how is my Master?
Me: good here. u?
Me: mmmm
D: Pleeeeease!!!
Me: totally enjoyed feeding you last night
D: thank you! I am in awe of you sir.
Me: :)
D: i worship your cock sir! that was a very nice load!
Me: it was time for you to take one. pretty impressive.
D: really? good! thank you! it was hot.... tasty:)
Me: you are a good cocksucker!
D: thanks sir. i like hearing that.
Me: don’t mention it.
D: i dont think i spilled a drop either
Me: impressive.
D: thanks, i love your cock and love being your cocksucker
D: i wish i was on my knees in front of u now
Me: nice :)
D: i know this humble fag does not deserve a man like you, but i am always here and ready to serve you with my body if you want me. i will do anything for you. i am getting addicted to serving your cock.
Me: of course you are, fag:)
D: i would do anything if you would come fuck me now or if you would give me your cock.
Me: not available now.
D: PLEASE!!! i know i don’t deserve you, but i want to be your fag. use me.
Me: i plan to.
D: tonight i will leave my door unlocked and u can come in whenever you want.
D: i am trying to think of a way u can mark me as your personal property.
Me: really? won’t that discourage other guys from using you.
D: i want everyone to know that this fag belongs to you.
Me: well, i gotta go. i’ll be in touch.
D: yessir. this fag awaits your command.

I am headed over to fuck the little fag now. What a surprise he has turned out to be:)