Sunday, November 29, 2009

Eye Candy - Cleveland Indians' Grady Sizemore's iPhone Pics

I don't do this often, but I came across these eye candy pics of Grady Sizemore on the Internet this afternoon. Grady Sizemore is an outfielder who plays for the Cleveland Indians. If you aren't familiar with him you can check him out here. Apparently, these pics were snapped during some sextexting with his Playboy Playmate girlfriend Brittany Binger.

He is delicious, fucking hot and as you can see hung like a horse.............

Cleveland Indians' Grady Sizemore's iPhone Pics

Cleveland Indians' Grady Sizemore's iPhone Pics

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving, cherryboi, the Marine - and a date

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! I am making pasta salad and a desert for a group dinner at "Dan" and "Howard"'s place with friends this evening. Things are good!

With all the news about the military and debating about whether the President will send even more troops to Afghanistan, my thoughts have been with the the Marine. He is still deployed in Afghanistan. I won't get any more specific. It appears that he will be there for a while. Our conversations are always generic, but we IM and exchange e-mails a lot. I have gone high tech enough to have Yahoo! messenger on my phone, so we IM at the strangest times. I think he's scared and bored. He is too macho to admit the scared descriptor, but I can feel it and totally understand. I am moved by the sacrifices these men and women make for us. Having said that, he promises me that he is living his dream. He wants to be and is a Marine!

I put together two big care packages that I mailed out to Afghanistan on Monday. I must have made quite a sight lugging these two big boxes from the Metro to the Union Station Post Office. It was stuff that the Marine said that he an his buddy's could use. I also threw all of the books that I had around the house into the boxes along with some sweets and everything else I could think. It made me feel good to do it. I am thankful for them. I think we all can agree that we hate war, I just want all of them to come home safe someday soon. I'd also luv to fuck the Marine again soon and can't tell him.

cherryboi left a box with a note on my backstep some time between Friday and Sunday last week. I found it last Sunday afternoon. I had not planned to ever mention him again in this blog, but the note changed my mind. The box contained an old sweatshirt, some clothes and about everything I had ever given him during our relationship. It also contained the book - The Ultimate Guide to Fellatio: How to Go Down on a Man and Give Him Mind-Blowing Pleasure that I once mentioned in this blog. I will be honest. I actually cried. It appears that cherryboi has quit his job and moved back home. He wants to try to live a straight lifestyle. I gather from the note that he has surrendered to family pressure and fear to come out to his Mother and Father. I am sad, but at a loss to do anything constructive about it.

I had a date last night. Not really much to tell. We planned to have drinks and that turned into dinner at his suggestion. It was nice and I thought I'd mention it. I am not sure it if will go anywhere.

Finally, D just text messaged me: "I am so horny! Please come fuck me!" I will soon:)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Pounded The Cop's hole last night

I passed on a chance to go out after work last night with some friends. I haven't been very sociable lately and I haven't had much energy to Blog either. I went home and did a few chores. I made some soup and a salad to eat and passed on the thought of a late trip to the gym last night. I headed up to bed early.

I was still dozing after midnight, when the phone rang. I almost knew before I answered that it was The Cop. His voice has that tone that makes my cock tingle. He is almost begging to come over. I told him to come over, but warned him that I was tired.

I went downstairs and unlocked the door. I then crawled back in bed to doze a while. I am not sure how much later I awoke to The Cop coming into the room. Again, he is wearing his police uniform. A move he has fallen into that I don't comment on. It is FUCKING HOT! I lazily watched him undress and neatly layout his police uniform on my chair by the bedroom window. The light from outside silhouetted his well defined muscular body. I could make out the roundness of his big bubble ass and his muscular legs and thighs. Any thoughts I'd had of not fucking him disappeared immediately.

He crawled into bed next to me and I just pushed him down to my cock. There were no orders or words of encouragement. He knew what I wanted and he knew what he came for. He was hungry for my cock and engulfed it with his mouth. I closed my eyes and reached down to grab his head. I could feel him working his tongue on my shaft. Occasionally, I would firmly force his head down on my cock to feel it in his throat. After a while of this, I pulled him up from my crotch and we kissed passionately and made out for a while.

Then I told him firmly to get on his stomach. I got up behind him and had to admire his ass for a bit. Then, I grabbed each cheek firmly and opened up his crack. I spit three times on his hole, wrapped my cock and put the head at his hole. Then as I forced my way into him, I dropped down on top of him. I felt him stiffen and grunt at my presence in him. I positioned my legs outside his thighs as I bucked my hips to force my cock deeper into him. He groaned in pleasure and turned to look at me I kissed his lips lightly and wrapped my arm around his neck. Then, I whispered huskily into his ear that I was now just going to fuck him.

I rode him hard and held on to him with my arm wrapped around his neck firmly. He groaned in pleasure as I bucked to get into him deeper. Finally, I came in waves into him. Then, I was spent on top of him. I could hear and feel him panting under me. I rolled over and he spooned up to me. I still had the condom hanging on my cock when I woke up this AM.

After a light breakfast together, we went to my gym and worked on arms and core. I would definitely like to have The Cop's 8-pack.