Friday, November 23, 2012

Finally.... Rough.... and Raw!

I am going to tell you a long and winding tale!  Literally, I posted on Craigslist about 3 years ago and this fairly hot 32yo wm guy responded. He described himself as, "5'9", 140 pounds, smooth. I'm into being used. anon is hot. can wear a blindfold if you like that. Pics?"  His response came with a pic, that I am not going to share.  My mouth was watering.  We chatted online, but of course we never met.  He flaked.

This isn't un-common scenario as anyone who has cruised on Craigslist knows.  But, about 3 weeks later he initiated and we chatted again.  He flaked yet again.  Again and again.  This has been going for about 3 years.  It eventually stopped pissing me off and has been rather interesting.  The dude is hot.  More pics have followed.  He is actually quite engaging.  If he is reading this post, yes I am talking about you so get ready.

Last Thursday we started chatting again............

HIM:  definitely in the mood to suck, swallow a load. so would you want to breed my hole?

ME:  i at work till 5:30/6:00... after?

HIM:  my address is...........Arlington.  email me when u r on the way? anything u want to specify - how u want it to work, etc, just let me know. don't be shy - this is an opportunity to make something you've imagined into a reality.

ME:  i am looking to use you as a bitch?   be waiting to serve as instructed.  you will do as i say and submit to my demands.   i will do as i please even if you beg, whine, cry, etc.   i am done when i say so.

HIM:  Ok, i'm good with that.  from reading your message its clear you know what u want and i like that you're willing to demand and take it.  i especially like that u get off on my irrelevance and have no qualms about ignoring my wishes, pleas...even finding them appealing as they are evidence that it is all about u having what u want and using me in the process.  if restraints are needed, i assume you won't hesitate.

(a little while later near 5:30PM)

ME:  i am on my way.

HIM:  Great!  i do think it would be hot if you came in my unlocked door, found me in a pair of underwear on my knees - proceeded to restrain my hands, ripped my underwear off while saying, "bitch, you aren't going to need these for what i have in mind".  once you had me restrained and ready for use, you then undressed.  i like the idea of being totally helpless before i ever see you undressed - it's the excitement of being committed to the situation without having ever laid eyes on the object that will violate my holes in numerous ways.

ME:  ok. then be in your underwear near the door.  i want you tightly blindfolded.  place the restraints you have conveniently nearby.

(as I am driving to Arlington, I receive.....)

HIM:  would you mind fucking me covered?  as much as I am fascinated by the idea of your load in my hole, it scares me.  as an alternative, after you shoot your load in the condom, could you lay me flat on my back, tell me to open my mouth with my tongue out - you get over me with the head of your cock over my mouth, then you pour you load on the head of your cock, making sure that anything that runs off, falls in my mouth.  once you've poured it all over your cock, you put your cock down my throat - all the way so that my face is buried in your pubic area.

ME:  i am 10 mins away.

HIM:  Ok

When I arrived at his front door, I tried the door knob and it was unlocked.  I entered cautiously and found him beyond the entry way on his knees, blindfolded, wearing a pair of tighty-whities and almost quivering.  I locked and chained the door.  After literally years of e-mails, I expected it to be a bogus address.

As he balanced himself quivering on his knees, I slowly undressed and neatly folded and stacked my clothes on a convenient chair.  He spoke several times while i was undressing, but I ignored him.  It was very apparent that this un-nerved him.  He was smooth except for some pubes and hair on his legs, 5'9", lean and looked younger than the 32 years he claimed.

I was there for maybe an hour.  I grabbed him by his hair and pulled him to his bedroom down the hall.  There was a rope and thick leather strap beside his bed.  I tied his hands behind his back and began to face-fucked him.  When he was gagging to the point of retching, I would let him lick my balls until he caught his breathe and then I would face-fucked him some more.  After about 15 to 20-minutes, he started to whine.  He continually asked what I was going to do next.

Finally, while he was licking my balls I moved forward on his face and put his mouth and nose firmly in my crack.  I could feel him fight under me.  He was squirming to get away.  I pull him up and smacked him across his face.  He instantly stopped struggling and went limp.  With my other hand, I tore his tighy-whities off of him.  I snugged his blindfold and tightening the rope binding his hands together and proceeded to use the leather strap on him for a few minutes until he was almost totally silent.  Then I fucked him.  He was tight and had not lubbed.  It was skin-on-skin, which always creates a friction I enjoy.  I used him rough.  I fucked to dominate him.  I fucked to use him.  I fucked to humiliate him.  When that familiar pressure was building in my groin, I fucked slower but deeper to be sure I planted my load deep inside him.  At this point, he had totally submitted.  He groaned and met my thrusts, but it was a very submissive fuck on his part.  I bused a big load in him.  I must have spurted 7 or 8 times into his tight boypussy.     

I rested on top of him still buried inside him for a few minutes.  As my cock got soft, it began to slip out of his cum-filled hole.  I got up and smacked him on the ass I just used.  Took a quick shower, dressed and left him there.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

I got wildly lucky last night!!!

I got home late from work last night and after trying to relax realized that I didn't really want to cook anything so I headed over to H Street figuring I grab something quick to eat.  As I walked over, I came across a neighbor and we chatted for a few minutes and then we both decided to head over to one of the bars on H Street.  We sat at the bar and bs'ed.  I complained and he listened and he complained and I listened.  Felt real good.  The bs'ing and alcohol definitely relaxed me.  We both finished at least 3 drinks and then he announced he had to head home to his wife and I headed to the bathroom.

I entered the bathroom and was alone, but about a minute later someone else entered.  I frankly was concentrating on hitting the urinal, so I wasn't paying much attention.  As I finished and shook, I looked up and noticed that a guy was standing at the urinal to my left.  He was looking directly at me and smiling a big shit-eating grin.

The guy was one of the 20's or very early 30's white interns that crawl all over Capitol Hill.  He stood about 5-10 or 5-11 and weighed maybe 150 lbs.  He was lean but not skinny and was wearing a tight pair of dress pants and a rumpled white dress shirt.  Before I had completely processed the whole scene, I realized that he was signaling me by motioning with his head to join him in the stall in the corner of the bathroom.

So WTF, I did.  With the door closed he went straight to his knees and started fumbling with my belt and zipper and shoved his hand into my pants, cupped my balls and cock and pulled them out to his face.  He looked up at me with another big shit-eating grin and them swallowed my cock while he kneaded my balls with his hand.  I was instantly as hard as stone and he had the perfect touch.  He sucked, he licked, he nibbled on the mushroom end of my cock and he was at the same to eager and deliberate.  It was intense as hell and by this point my knees were a little weak.  After a few minutes focused solely on my cock, he looked up and said, ""You have the biggest set of balls.  They are huge."

Suddenly, someone else entered the bathroom.  I froze and his hand moved up and he gently patted me on the chest.  He slowed down his pace and kept my cock in his warm mouth and kept his other hand firmly around my balls.  The new arrival used the urinal and did his business and left.

The guy immediately proceeded to totally suck my cock and work my balls.  I had to be panting at some point because I heard this guttural moan say, "I want it.  Please give it to me."

Within a minutes, my hand was on the back of his head and I was releasing powerful spurts of cum over and over into his eager mouth.  He swallowed each like a champ and ran his tongue over the end of my cock to get any more that he could encourage.  When I had finished, he slowly licked my cock and balls clean and when he got to the end of my cock, he squeezed the end and licked it to get all of my load.  He then gently packed my cock and balls back into my pants and zipped my zipper.  We both fumbled with my belt as we exited the stall.

I will say, it was the perfect, most intense random blowjob.

At the sink he licked his lips and said, "Thank you."

I smile and put my card in his shirt pocket.  Hopefully, if he sobers up and remembers the whole thing in a good way I'll get a repeat.

When I left the bar, the guy was back with a group of his 20's and early 30's comrades at the end of the bar.

Monday, March 05, 2012

Goodbye CampusGloryhole on XTube

I have been a big fan of the video's posted on Xtube. At some University in Texas he was faithfully manning a gloryhole and giving some stellar performances at the end of some great college cocks and posting the video's for my stroking pleasure.

At one point last month, I noticed he had started a Blog where he was posting videos too. In a few of the videos he mentioned Grindr in the descriptions and I briefly fantasized about finding him and his gloryhole the next time I was in Texas.

This guy was a worldclass cocksucker, which is intended to be a compliment. I even referred his videos to a reader of my Blog who asked me about good blowjobs a few weeks ago.

This morning when I went searching for some porn for my stroking pleasure, I discovered that CampusGloryhole gone. His video's on Xtube and his Blog removed. So very said.............

I hope all is well and that CampusGloryhole is just practicing his gift in private out there some where for the benefit of some lucky guys who find him!

Thank you, CampusGloryhole!!! I enjoyed your talent!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

My Fuck Buddy Update

I really appreciate all of the thoughtful e-mails and I want to thank everyone who reached out to me after my last Blog post. I was gone for a long time. But, I am back. As with most things in life, there are many reasons why I took a break from Blogging.

Several of you wondered about my regulars, so this got me considering a post I did a while ago listing and ranking bottoms I have fucked and Blogged about.

So, here is an updated list of bottoms I have fucked and blogged about ---

Number 1 should not surprise long-time readers, it is the Marine. He is in his 30's, 6'4" with the trademark "high and tight" haircut with a genuine bulldog tat. He still is a perfectly formed man!!! He comes the closest to resembling Michelangelo's statue of David as any man I have ever seen. He was deployed in Afghanistan for almost 2 years, but each time he returned to the US and once right before this last Thanksgiving he has comeback to my bed. Extremely hot really does nut adequately describe how exquisitely perfect in form he is! Need I say more? All around best looking and best body. And under all the Marine bs he is one of the sweetest guys I know.

Number 2 is D. My Metro fuck buddy. He really does look like this Sean Cody model - Ben. He is 30 years old and about 6'1", 180 pounds with a massive uncut cock and has hazel-green eyes and brown hair. He is lean, worked out with just enough hair in the right places. All around great looking, great body, best cock and the best sex! He may be the hottest guy I have ever fucked. He is still wearing a locked chain around his neck and I have the only keys. He doesn't seem to want more and definitely doesn't ask for more. We go out to dinner, to an occasional movie, we hit the gym together from time-to-time and I use him. I can have him whenever I want him. I got a text message Friday afternoon from him - "u around?" Our code for my ass is yours if you want it. I enjoyed my Friday night.

Number 3 is Guy from the Corner Store. He is in his 30's, 5' 11". lean and very cute with sandy-brown hair and green eyes. He also has one fantastic ass and it is always tight! I rarely write about this guy, but I see him all the time around the neighborhood. He lives exactly 1 block from my door. He is married with a pretty young wife and a small kid that I see him pushing around in a stroller. I now know him and his wife by name, so there is a devilishness about boning him too. We hookup randomly. Usually when the wife is out-of-town or he can sneak out. Every time we hooked up he wanted cum, so I stopped using a condom and it is strictly bareback now. I will say these happily-married bottoms fascinate me.

Number 4 is The Cop. He is 33, 5'11", very muscular with sandy-brown hair and he is a Cop for a suburban Maryland County. He is almost too muscular for my taste. But, he is one extremely nice guy. I'd say we are friends at this point. Nothing quite compares to fucking a submissive Cop. He has an uncanny knack for calling at the perfect time. Sometimes weeks go by and I don't hear from him and then he spends 24 hours at my house getting fucked and sucking my dick. And yes, I have fucked him in his uniform.

Number 5 is The Married Guy. He is in his mid 30's with a lean and muscular body including six-pack with a nice light trail. He has boyish good looks and a devilish smile. He has incredible sex appeal. There is something magnetic about this guy. And he is totally straight-acting living a straight life. Hot! Lets face it. It's hot fucking a married guy. Extra hot because he is that preppy frat guy alpha-male type that moans like a bitch with a cock stuffed in his ass balls-deep.

Honorable mention to 2 others that I haven't Blogged about yet:

Number 6 is the caterer named JR. He is a pretty white boy. Tall and wiry with creamy white skin. He in an incredibly cocksucker and anxiously gave me his ass bare on his living room couch. He comes and goes, but every time we hookup it is hot.

Number 7 is the southern boy. He is 29, 5'8", smooth with six-pack abs. He is shy and fucking him is like fucking someone's little brother. If I turn off the lights he is all over me. I don't get to fuck him enough. Simply WOW!

I hope to keep adding to the list!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Looked....And Got Caught

I started this post a few months ago and did not have the drive to finish it. I have come back to it a few times, but I have never been quite able to finish it. A text message yesterday from the guy I described in this post resulted in another very hot hookup with him this evening, so I dusted this off and finished it to post.............

Some guys just have an outstandingly spectacular ass! We all know this to be true and we all notice those guys.

So, there is such a guy at my gym and I admit I just can't stop looking. I first noticed him in May on a quiet Saturday morning. I was checking blackberry messages and sitting on a bench in front of a row of lockers. He walked up and I didn't pay too much attention. He is a good-looking white guy, in his late 20's or maybe just 30, about 5'9" and just fucking built. There was no cockiness. He was using the locker immediately next to mine. I had hardly noticed him as I put down my blackberry and he turned slightly away from me and dropped his shorts to reveal his outstandingly spectacular ass maybe 12 to 18 inches from my face. My eyes must have popped out of my head. His ass is smooth round meatly and firmly jutts out from his lean and defined frame. A classic "super fucking hot bubble ass". It is perfect! I immediately wanted to grab it and slide in. I was positive that he didn't take notice of me. He seemed totally unaware if not ambivalent.

Long story short, since May there have been regular sightings and I have tried to unobtrusively admire his ass every chance I have gotten. I didn't make a move to do more because I have shitty gaydar and he might have been totally straight. He carries himself with a confidence and lack of awareness that I usually notice in very hot straight guys. Also, I have had so much shit going down lately that I just didn't have the energy to make any more of a move. So, I just kept looking. Sometimes I have been lucky and we have grabbed a locker in the same area and I get a good show. Sometimes I have caught a glimpse as either he or I head back and forth from the showers. There was one evening where I got a reflected view of him toweling off in a mirror. All this time I have been convinced that my looking has been covert and that he hadn't noticed. Wrong!

I went to the gym a several weeks ago (August) late afternoon on a Friday after work. It was a late summer Friday in DC, so the gym was dead. I had no plans for the evening. I'd had a very busy week and this was my first trip to the gym all week. I did a long run on a treadmill for some cardio and a few sets of free weights and headed to the suana to relax. When I left the sauna to head to the showers, the locker room was empty. When I returned to my locker after showering, there he was bare-assed at the locker next to mine. There was no real intent on my part, but I sat down on the bench at the lockers to finish drying off and just admired his outstandingly spectacular ass. Then before I realized what was happening, he glanced over his shoulder looked down at me and smiled. Big shit-eating grin to tell me that I had been caught. "Hi", he said.... and them strutted off bare-assed to the showers. When he got to the shower doorway, he looked back in my direction and flashed another smile.

His performamnce totally threw me off balance and he had to have known that. I was totally caught. I know I was a million shades of red. The whole scene had been so fast that I had no time to recover my composure before he had disappeared into the showers. Looking back, there was probably an unspoken invitation to join him but I have always been awkward at reading situations. I did recover enough to scribble a "call me if you are interested note" on the back of my card before I hit the road. I was really embarrased to have been caught ogling his ass. I wasn't sure if I'd hear from him or whether he just had me pegged as a sad old voyeur. More than a week went by and I had almost put the whole thing out of my mind.

I continued to hit the gym regularly, but there was no sign of the guy with the spectacular ass. Late one Friday afternoon (2 weeks later), I looked at my blackberry to find a text message from a strange number.

Text - Wassup?

I thought for a few minutes and decided it had to be the guy with the spectacular ass. I hadn't passed out my number recently to anyone else. So I texted back.

My Reply Text - Big smile now to hear from you.

Text - Join me for a drink @XXXXXX's?

My Reply Text - Be there in 30 minutes.

XXXXXX's isn't a gay bar or even a meat-market, but it has a nice outdoor area in a very neighborhoody setting. And you can get a great bottle of wine. He and I leisurely shared a great bottle of Malbec.

It was comfortable from the minute I sat down with him. We have a lot in common. We sipped the wine. We nibbled on a tray of assorted appetizers. We talked about everything.... including how flattered he said he was that I found his ass ogle-able. Two hours later as he pour the last of the wine in both of our glasses, he asked if we could go to my place since he has a roommate.

He's not out. He doesn't bottom, but he is the most incredibly submissive cocksucker I have ever enjoyed. We have cuddled many times through the night, since that first bottle of wine.

Oh, and I have tried to have that outstandingly spectacular ass but he seems un-interested in giving it up.

The head is incredible! Him totally nude curled up between my legs in a trance as he runs his tongue over my cock and balls.... I am unable to adequately describe. Sitting next to him sharing beers and hot dogs at a Nats game was the highlight of my summer. Well, maybe the night in bed with him after was the highlight..

And he is still that guy at my gym with the outstandingly spectacular ass! And he allows me to ogle.