Sunday, April 26, 2009

Thursday with cherryboi and Friday with The Cop

Things have been hectic for me as usual. cherryboi and I made a point to connect Thursday evening for Holy Thursday Mass, dinner and some passionate sex Thursday night. He left town early Friday morning to visit the Family for Easter. Between Law School for him and work for me, it has been hard to make enough time for each other. I have to give it to cherryboi, he makes sure we do find time together.

Sometimes, our relationship is like a corny movie. He's made dinner and is waiting for me - in the nude. A cell phone call telling me to meet him in the square near my office to share a sandwich on a sunny day. Sweet text messages randomly arriving throughout my day. And of course, needling me about Church just often enough to cause severe flashbacks of my youth and to get me to Mass again on Thursday. cherryboi tries harder at our relationship than I do, which is not the norm for me in relationship. This has kept me off balance, un-comfortable and frankly a little scared.

I have realized slowly over the last few months that cherryboi sees us as this great thing that has happened for him and that he is truly in love and he is peddling as hard as he can to live it. It is really so genuine and healthy and optimistic. I have realized that my state of mind about our relationship is more jaded and pessimistic. I love him, but wonder how he could possibly love me. So as protection, I assume it is not permanent and that when he finally comes to his senses he will move on. Right now, I am trying to not make that a self-fulfilling prophecy.

So on the Thursday night before Easter, as has become our practice before a holiday I fucked him and sent him home to his Family with an ass full of my cum. Friday, I was at working playing catch up in a quiet office. Between Passover and Easter, it seemed that hardly anyone was at work that day. Shortly after 2:00PM, I got a text message from The Cop and we made plans for Friday night. The image of him in his uniform thinking about bottoming for me is just too fucking hot! The amazing thing is that he always approaches our hook ups as though I am doing him such a big favor. It makes me hard!

Promptly at 7:00PM, The Cop was standing at my door with a bottle of wine and a six-pack of beer wearing a tightly-fitting pair of faded tan khakis and white button-down cotton shirt. I let him in and he followed me to the kitchen. It was all very domestic. He opened the wine for me and cracked open a beer for him. I worked on dinner, while we chatted about stuff.

The domesticity of the scene was just too much, so I told the The Cop to strip down so that I could see his ass. It was a sudden spur of the moment request and I could tell he was caught off guard. He gave me a questioning look and laughed and I said, “I am serious. Get naked.” I watched as he sheepishly disrobed. Instantly, the dynamic was changed. Being totally exposed and sitting up on a stool in the middle of the kitchen put The Cop at a perceptible disadvantage. He was uncomfortable in this position and it was nice watching him try to be relaxed. We continued to chat and as we did, I would look at his masculine body.

When dinner was finished, I collected the plates and stacked the dishwasher. As I worked, The Cop asked if there was anything he could do. I smiled and said, “ Go upstairs and get a condom and some lube.” He questioned this by repeating it to me. “Yes”, I replied. “I am going to fuck you on that stool.”

When he returned, I was sitting on the stool. He got down on his knees in front of me and began to rub my crotch through my pants. He fumbled with my belt and the button until I finally helped him peel my pants off. By this point, my cock was engorged. He swallowed my cock in one gulp. He kept it down his throat and worked his lips around the base as he gently squeezed my balls. I could feel his tongue on my shaft and I could feel his warm mouth flexing around my cock. The sensations made me even harder. Then he began to lick up my shaft and trace my cockhead with the end of his tongue. He kept my balls in his hand and gently worked them. He paused and looked up at me with a half-smile as he licked precum from the end of my cock.

The Cop: “Is this what you wanted?”

Me: “No officer, I want to fuck you! Wrap it and crawl up here and ride me!”

He stood up and looked at me with a question on his face. “Did you hear me?””, I asked? Suddenly, The Cop was overcome by eagerness. He practical shredded the condom wrapper and rolled it down my cock in one quick motion of his hand. Then he climbed up onto my lap and I grabbed the back of his head and pulled his face toward me and plunged my tongue into his mouth. He kissed me back and wrapped his arms around me to hold on. I could feel his rock hard cock against my stomach. My cock was hard and crushed against his thigh. We made out really intensely for a while and he remarked that I was different tonight. “Is it a problem?”, I asked as I began to nibble on his neck. "No", he moaned back, “I am all yours.” I reached down and positioned my cock more towards the crack of his ass. I could tell he was totally lubed. As we made out, he began to slowly rub himself against my hard cock. His cock was dripping wet against my stomach and his breathing was getting heavier. I knew from experience that without even touching him, he was close to losing his load.

Without any prompting from me, The Cop reached down and pushed my hard cock to his hole and forced himself down on it. I moaned out loud.

The Cop: “Now, is this what you wanted?”

Me: “Yes, officer!”

And we finished about the same time right there on my kitchen stool.