Friday, July 20, 2007

Thursday over a Beer

There is a little sandwich shop near my office that has a food bar and a liquor license. It isn't exactly a bar, but I have gotten into the habit of stopping there after work occasionally and grabbing something to munch on and a drink and watching whatever sport is playing on the flat screen tv's. Lately, I have been catching an occasional European Football (Soccer) match.

Thursday, I went in to grab a beer and relax. I have said before, I am not always the most confident guy in the pickup department and I don’t always have the best gaydar. Having said that, as I enjoyed my sandwich and beer and tried to relax and decompress from a really shitty day this incredibly handsome construction worker pulled up the stool next to me.

Construction Man had obviously been working all day. His work clothes were dirty and covered in dust. He had a mild smell of sweat from being outside in the DC heat. He was an extremely handsome man. Handsome enough that I found myself taking another look and thinking how attractive he was. He was early 30’s, with thick wavy dark brown hair, 6’ plus tall, probably 200 lbs. and his skin was darkly tanned from working outside. His easy were a very striking pale blue color. He was very well built. From the definition of his arms and how his shirt clung to his back and shoulders, I could tell he had the muscular body of someone who did hard manual labor. Totally fucking hot and at first glance too good to be true. It frankly never crossed my mind that he might be interested.

I continued to relax and eat my sandwich and nurse my beer. My work cell rang and I spent a few minutes dealing with more bullshit from work. Construction Man checked out the menu and I noticed him order. During my cell conversation he got up and left and then returned to sit in the stool right next to mine. This is when it occurred to me that the shop was nearly empty and that there were plenty of stools and tables to sit at.

Soon Construction Man was chattering away about work, the heat and how nice this place was etc. etc. etc. After a few minutes we were having a nice conversation. He is working on a new condo building going up a few blocks from my office. Soon he is telling me his girlfriend is out of town at the beach in Ocean City. He is from Baltimore County, MD, which is north of DC near the City of Baltimore. This goes on for about 20-30 minutes, while I downed another beer. It still wasn’t clear to me whether he was cruising me or just being friendly. As I said, I can be slow. But he was so fucking handsome and friendly that as I got up to leave, I grabbed a napkin off the bar and scratched my cell number down and pushed it across the counter. “Call me if you are up for a beer or something….”, and headed home.

Two hours later, my cell phone rang. It flashed unknown number, but I answered with my usual a “Hello.” The voice on the line was Construction Man. The voice was deep, but tentative. He had a name. He was quick to remind me where we had met and that I had given him the number. He fumbled with his words for a minute and then asked, “Are you gay?”. I said that I was. He then asked if he could come over. He said, “I’ll bring the beer”, which I thought was very cute. I told him my address and 20 minutes later he was standing at my door with no beer.

Construction Man was uncomfortable, but he made himself at home on my couch. I offered him a drink, but he declined. We made disjointed small talk for a few minutes with a few long awkward silences. Finally, this beautiful man blurts out, “Can I suck you dick?” I said, “Sure”, and got up and lead him by the hand upstairs to my bedroom.

In my bedroom, he immediately got down on his knees as I turned toward him and grabbed at my crotch as he fumbled with the waistband of my shorts. He grabbed at my growing cock and licked the head and rubbed his tongue all over the underside of the shaft. He then took whole head in his mouth and started to suck hard and slowly slurped most of the shaft into his mouth. He started to bob his head on my cock and looked up at me with a look of satisfied hunger in those striking pale blue eyes.

I freed myself from my shorts and moved us closer to a wall for support. He followed without missing his focus or a stroke on my cock. Once at the wall, I put both of my hands on the back of his head and held it while I slowly began to thrust my cock in and out of his mouth. I was fucking his face gently to see how he would react. He grabbed the back of my legs with his hands and opened his mouth even wider to take more of me. He looked up at me again and I slide my hands to the side of his face and started to more aggressively work more and more of my cock past his lips and down his throat.

After several minutes of getting his face fucked, he grabbed onto the base of my cock and tugged it out of his mouth. He gasped for some air briefly. He licked his lips and stared at my cock. It was wet from his mouth and I could feel his breath on me. He pulled my cock up toward my stomach and slowly stroked the underside of the shaft as he buried his face in my ball sack and licked and sucked on my balls. At this point I was moaning, panting and telling him I wanted more. My balls were wet from his tongue and tingled from his breath. He softly nibbled on my balls as he licked. He slowly took each ball into his mouth and I could feel him work his tongue over them through my sack.

After several more minutes, he swallowed my cock to the pubes and started to bob his head on my cock, deep-throating me and rubbing his hand on my wet balls. At this point I was loosing it. My head was spinning and I could feel my groin start to tingle. I groaned that I was cumming. I was totally in a zone and going over the edge. At I let go with a substantial load, he came of my cock and each spurt splashed directly into his face. After I stopped shooting, he continued to squeeze my cock at the base, milking out every last drop of cum. Then he licked of the drops hanging onto the end of my cock.

He got up off of the floor and asked if he could clean up some. I pointed to the bathroom door and sat down to collect myself. The Dude gave great head, but it was obvious that we were done. When he came out of the bathroom. He was freshly scrubbed and ready to go. At my front door, he asked me if we could do this again sometime and I said sure and then he was gone.


baltimorean said...

u never disappoint, insoflo...sounds like u're having good luck with people in/from baltimore. what's up with that?!

Superman said...

Seriously. You must be a witch. It has to be witchcraft you are practicing on these guys.

BlkJack said...

Hot! Hot!Hot!

BlkJack said...

Hot! Hot!Hot!

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