Monday, March 05, 2012

Goodbye CampusGloryhole on XTube

I have been a big fan of the video's posted on Xtube. At some University in Texas he was faithfully manning a gloryhole and giving some stellar performances at the end of some great college cocks and posting the video's for my stroking pleasure.

At one point last month, I noticed he had started a Blog where he was posting videos too. In a few of the videos he mentioned Grindr in the descriptions and I briefly fantasized about finding him and his gloryhole the next time I was in Texas.

This guy was a worldclass cocksucker, which is intended to be a compliment. I even referred his videos to a reader of my Blog who asked me about good blowjobs a few weeks ago.

This morning when I went searching for some porn for my stroking pleasure, I discovered that CampusGloryhole gone. His video's on Xtube and his Blog removed. So very said.............

I hope all is well and that CampusGloryhole is just practicing his gift in private out there some where for the benefit of some lucky guys who find him!

Thank you, CampusGloryhole!!! I enjoyed your talent!