Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Big Question?

The big question is - to meet and/or have sex with readers of this Blog or not? I have received several contacts from readers of this Blog interested in meeting recently. One of those contacts from a vgl young guy is particularly appealing. Up to this point, I am positive no one knows who I am. I am not sure how obvious my identity may be to someone who reads this Blog. I actually never considered this eventuality when I began writing here. My purpose in writing this Blog was to describe my sexual escapades in my new city – DC. The object was to write about sex I had not to write in order to have sex. I am not sure this really matters, but I have certainly pondered this recently. If I begin to meet readers, my anonymity certainly will to disappear. I certainly wouldn’t be anonymous to any reader I might meet through this Blog and fuck.

Now for the big news - The Cop IM'ed me late Sunday evening. I was just about to signoff for the evening. Simple and direct. He was horny and looking to come over. He was really meek about it. Kinda acted like I might not be interested, which was a real ego boost since he is so FUCKING hot! As I was trying to act a little less excited about seeing him, I told him to come over.

About a half an hour later, he was standing outside my front door. It was cold outside, so he was wearing a green pea coat and jeans. Inside, I take his coat and he was in a white t-shirt that totally showed off his build. He thanked for letting him come over.

We made some small talk. I offered him a beer, which he declined We pretended to watch some TV for a few minutes. Finally, I said lets just go upstairs and fuck.

In my bedroom, I pulled him towards me and we started to kiss and make out. Almost instantly, I was rock hard. I grabbed at his t-shirt and pulled it over his head. I reached to unbuckle his belt and pull his jeans off, but he reached down to do it himself. While watching him strip, I got out of my cloths and we crawled up on my bed and started in again.

It was passionate! We explored each other and actually made love at some level. It was some of the most satisfying sex that I have had in a long time. There is no doubt that he was definitely into it as much as me, because he came loudly as I was fucking him and then begged me not to stop. The more this hunk begged for my dick the hotter I got. After I came, he went down on me until I was ready for round 2, which was more aggressive and fast. Finally, we dozed off holding each other and didn't wake up until my alarm sounded on Monday morning. It was a little awkward, because I don't think either of us had been planning to make it a sleep over. Waking up with this buck-naked sexy cop in my bed was a hell of a way to start the week off. Especially, when I grabbed some morning wake-up sex before he went on his way!


libertine di homo said...

i get your concerns - i see the pros/cons of both. if losing your anonymity is a major concern - i would advise against meeting guys.

however, having a rotating stable of lays is pretty sweet. imagine beng able to skip the (pain-in-the-ass) talking/negotiating portion of getting laid.

if a guy looks to be an especially gratifying bang, you could always screen a little more thoroughly to ensure you're fucking someone who is not a flake/blabbermouth. take it on a case-by-case basis.

use this "vgl young guy" you mentioned as a test fuck to see how it goes.

BikeGuy said...

I haven't had sex w/any of my readers....that I know of.

The reality is, when making on-line hook-ups though, it wouldn't take a Ph.D. to do a Goooooooogle search of say..my id to see what comes up.

I wonder if any of my escapades go back and find out i've written about them.

Anonymous said...


The Average Joe said...

a little late of a comment but fuck that was hot sex.