Sunday, February 13, 2011

My First Blowjob

I love blowjobs in case that fact has eluded readers of this Blog. I was chatting with a friend Friday night and the topic twisted around to first experiences. He asked me who gave me my first blowjob and was shocked to find out that it was not a guy, but two girls.......

It was summer and I was 14 in an era before gaming and cable tv were universal. I was at my grandparent's farm in the middle of nowhere watching tv on the "front room" couch. My 17 year old cousin M*** and her best friend C**** were in and out of the farmhouse listening to records on a portable record player and talking on the phone with friends. I remember I could hear them being girls. My grandparents had gone to town and as it got dark outside M***, C**** and I were alone.

They came into the "front room" and settled in to watch whatever was on tv, which is totally forgotten to me now. Of course, they started to tease me as "older" young ladies are prone to do with awkward teenage boys. Suddenly, C**** pointedly asked me if I had a girlfriend..... yet. At 14 and confused by my sexuality, this question always unnerved me. Sensing my unease M*** and C*** continued to tease me about girls and girlfriends until the subject came to their doubt that anyone had even sucked my "little dick".

Then the challenge was made. M*** doubted that I even had any hair "down there'. Of course, I took the bait. Mustering as much cocky courage as I could I stated that I had plenty of hair "down there". C**** laughingly demanded proof. To this day I have no idea how I resolved to respond to this challenge the way I did, but I looked at both C*** and M*** and said: "If I prove it and you are wrong you both have to suck my dick!"

I realize now that that was exactly what they wanted to do, but back then I was shocked when they both immediately agreed. I still remember my hands shaking as I fumbled with the steel button on my shorts and dropped them standing by the couch in the "front room" of my grandparents' farmhouse.

Obviously, I had some hair "down there" as I am pretty sure they both were counting on. With me sitting in the center of the couch and M*** on my left and C**** on my right, M*** was the first to bend over and take my raging hard-on into her mouth. I will never forget that first warm sensation and have spent a lot of time and energy for replays of it since. M*** and C**** took turns sucking me on that couch for what seemed like an eternity, but was probably a few minutes until I exploded without warning into M***'s mouth. She may have been surprised, because I remember her turning her head to look up at me. But, she eagerly licked my cock clean and announced to C**** that I finished.

C*** mockingly asked where hers was and I reached up and pushed her head down into my lap. Still hard from the excitement of the situation, I had no problem meeting the challenge of a second round. C**** and M*** took turns again, but C**** took the lead in round two. M*** was bobbing on my shaft as I felt the rising and I pushed C***'s head down to get hers. It was not the best head I have ever had, but it was my first and was very exciting.

It never happened again. I guess fear or possibly respect made sure that M*** and C**** were suddenly nicer to me. An old boyfriend once assured me that it was respect!