Saturday, May 05, 2007

Friday Night I used K

I called K Friday afternoon and told him to be waiting for me at my place at 5:30PM. He was instantly excited. He even e-mailed me late in the afternoon to tell me how anxious he was to see me.

I knew K would be sitting on my front stoop at 5:30PM, so I called Thugboy and set him up to be at my place at 5:30PM too. I told him another sub white guy would be there. He would be watching and might join in with him.

As I approached my place, I could see from down the street that K was sitting on my stoop and Thugboy was hunkered down on the curb out front. I nodded to Thugboy and invited him into the house. As I passed K, I told him to get inside.

I headed straight upstairs and kicked off my shoes and peeled off my pants. I kicked back in a comfortable chair and Thugboy crawled down between my legs and went to work. He was as eager as ever and has learned exactly what to do with his mouth to my cock to send me over the edge. I just leaned my head back in the chair and enjoyed how good my cock felt. Thugboy was getting vocal with what a great cock I have and how good it tasted. My hand went to the back of his head and I was pushing him down on me a little more each time he bobbed his head. I glanced over and saw K standing just inside the doorway. He had a perplexed look on his face but he was watching everything. Thugboy eadged me each time i got close. He licked my shaft, worked my balls or he worked his way down under my sack with his tongue. Finally after what seemed like forever, I felt it building deep in my groin. I guided Thugboy back to my cock and pushed his head down as I released my load into his eager mouth and came loadly. It didn't take long for Thugboy to be on his way and then it was just K and me.

I looked over at K and told him to get out of his cloths and come clean me off. He was almost shaking as he crawled between my legs and began to lick me clean with his tongue. I watched him, but he didn't look at me. In fact, he avoided looking at me. My cock got semi-hard after a few minutes and then I could feel that I had to take a piss. I told K to get up and go into my bathroom. I followed after him and told him to get into my shower and get on his knees. The whole time he was doing everything as I told him to and he was not questioning my instructions and he deliberately avoided eye contact with me. I stood over him and took my cock in my hand and let loose with a warm stream of piss all over him. When I was finished, I shook my cock over his face and headed down stairs to start dinner.

I could hear the shower running upstairs. K was cleaning himself off. He was a long time coming downstairs. The salad was made. The chicken was almost finished broiling and I had two plates and settings out. He looked fantastic as he walked into the kitchen. He has this incredible soccer player bod with light brown hair and green eyes that flash when he talks. He could be an underwear model. I could feel my cock stirring again. I handed him the wine to open and we sat down to a quiet dinner and finished off the bottle wine. I didn't even mention what had happened so far this evening upstairs.

After dinner, we curled up and watched a Manchester United Game that I had Tivo'ed from earlier this week. At the Half, I looked at him and told him he was getting fucked tonite. He responded, "Yes Sir."

After the game, I took K by the hand and led him up to my bedroom. He was mine all night any way I decided to have him. As much as I enjoyed it, it was clear by how he responded and how he reacted that he enjoyed it more! I have made him my fag!


Anonymous said...

yea, great work. youre a real champ. woo hoo. how old are you again?

Anonymous said...


Living said...

OMG! WOW. I see. I'm not sure what to say or think. What you did was... whoa. Speechless. Hot, BUT... I'm not sure. And K? Wow.

The Average Joe said...

sounsds good:-)

Anonymous said...

no more updates?

David said...

yeah sounds hot, but i'm sorry you've avoided all the good emotional/psychological stuff you brought into the last post about k. that's what made it interesting.

Anonymous said...

YUM WS!! DC guy here ALWAYS thirsty