Saturday, October 24, 2009

When Are You Gonna Just Fuck Me Raw? Pt. 3

I appreciate everyone's public and private comments. I took a lot of heat from prople about my post about fucking D raw. It probably was for the most part deserved. I spent several days after hooking-up with D trying to figure out what the next step should be. It didn't help that I got a running stream of text messages from D begging me to come fuck him.

I posted that I was in love with cherryboi most of the time. That was true. cherryboi and I were at the National Equality March on Sunday, October 11, 2009. He went back to work and the next time I heard from him was on the following Friday. It was after 9:30PM by the time he got to my place. It was nasty and rainy. cherryboi came into the kitchen and I remember now that he was wearing a jacket that he never removed. Before I could break the good news to him that I had fucked D raw and broke my promise or offer him something to eat, he announced that we needed to have a talk. To cut to the chase, he broke up with me. "I have needed to break up with you for a while.....", he told me. I am not going to blog about all the pesky details. He handled it very maturely. He told me that he will always care for me. He gave me a quick kiss and laided my house key on the counter and was out the front door before I could take a deep breathe. He still doesn't know that I that I fucked D raw. It is over. I am sure that all of you will think I got what I deserved and you all may be right. As I write this post, I don't really fully understand why cherryboi broke up with me. This has been painful.

So, no sex lately to blog about because I haven't been motivated to reach out for it. I am going to set about picking up and moving on.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

When Are You Gonna Just Fuck Me Raw? Pt. 2

Yes everyone, I broke the rules with D. I felt a slight twinge of guilt as I woke up Sunday morning in his bed. But, I have to be honest it was only a twinge and it was very momentary. I had D's ass raw again Sunday morning before breakfast. We laid in bed and talked about barebacking. I will continue to fuck D raw. The fag wants it! Spare me the judgments. Believe me, if he offered you his ass raw you'd have it too!

cherryboi is still in the picture. I am not sure what I'll tell him if anything. I am in love with cherryboi most of the time. I nailed him nearly 2 weeks ago. We didn't see each other again until this Sunday. No complaints. We are both busy.

It is sex with D. Great sex! I would like to get both of them in bed at the same time, but I am sure that will always be a fantasy.

cherryboi and I were at the National Equality March on Sunday. He held my hand the whole afternoon and then went back to work.

Monday, October 12, 2009

When Are You Gonna Just Fuck Me Raw?

Friday night, I text messaged D because I was horny after a long evening out drinking with some work friends and I was not ready to go home alone. Regrettably, I got no response, so I went home and crashed. The next morning, I had the following text from D with a timestamp of 3:40AM:

D: Sir, I am sorry I did not get your text until now. Please tell this fag how can to make it up to you?

I texted back that I was still looking for some ass and head. We texted back and forth with some scheduling for Saturday evening and a little bit of flirting. One thing led to another and finally I got a text saying:

D: Sir, I will be home from 6:30PM on. You know the code. Door will be unlocked. PLEASE come when you want to!!!!

I was out at dinner with some friends. It was a combination birthday dinner for one friend and a catchup for all of us. Things have been crazy for all of us. We joked about how little time there seemed to be lately to do anything but work. I had been out later than I planned. I ended up waiting almost 20 minutes for a Red Line train, so I considered not riding the extra stops north to fuck D. The train stopped at the New York Avenue Station and the doors opened and I thought about the tight bubble butt waiting for me and started to get stiff. As the doors closed, my stiffinning cock told me that I had the energy to get laid.

D's building is a short walk from the Metro Station. I let myself in the front door of the building. When I got to D's door it was unlocked. I entered and locked the door behind me. The apartment was totally dark. I removed my shoes and put them near the foyer closet.

I found him asleep in his bedroom sprawled across the bed. He was half-covered with a sheet and totally nude. The mounds of his firm bubble butt were partially exposed and waiting for me. I undressed and crawled onto the bed beside him and he responded immediately with a lingering kiss.

D whispered, "I am so happy you decided to come."

We kissed and made out for a while. We have kissed before, but this was different. It was passionate and hungry from him. He clung to me and his kisses were hungry. This went on for long enough that I wondered for a minute, if we would fuck. As though he could read my mind, he reached down and grabbed my cock. "Put it in me now", he whispered.

I got up to grab a rubber and I noticed a very audible sigh from him. In the dark and almost disembodied, I hear his voice plaintively say, "When are you gonna just fuck me raw?"

I was taken by complete surprise. This came from nowhere and I was stunned. Then I just went with it. I crawled back into bed. His hand grabbed my cock and pulled me towards his ass. He was already lubed, but as tight as always. He grunted and tensed, but I pushed in and was instantly in bliss. His hungey hole engulfed my cock.

D always uses his ass well as we fuck. His muscles milk my cock. He always seems to squeeze harder as I pull out. The more I pumped into him the more he squeezed the shaft of my cock as I pulled back. After about 15 or 20 minutes of this, I busted uncontrollably into his ass. It was so intense, that I could feel the squirting cum move up the underside of my cock. He knew I was cumming. As I finished, I could feel him kissing my forearm. His ass was clamped tighly around the shaft of my cock and working it.

Surprised by the tender kisses on my arm and enjoying the sensations of his ass working my cock, I stayed in him and let him flex around me. I was totally over the top. I stayed hard. It felt incredible. He was hot with my cum. Instinctively, I justed began to thrust into him again.

I was more aggressive this time. I could hear D moan and grunt as I pounded my cock deeply into him. His ass felt like warm velvet around my cock. It was slick from my first load in him and I could feel that soon my second load would be in him too.

Then I could hear him softly moaning, "Fuck me! Fuck me! Don't stop. Fuck me!"

His ass was like paradise. It was hot with my cum and responsive to my every thrust. Added to that, D was pleading for it.

I think the whole building and people on the street heard me pump my second load deep into him. Even after I finished, I continued to fuck his velvety hole.

I was still hard as I pulled out of him and plopped down beside him on the bed. D immediately moved to cuddle up against me. I was totally spent. I woke up 9 hours later in his bed with the sun shining.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Yesterday Anon

His address was a few blocks from the Metro. I was calm and unaffected until I came up on the escalator and felt the damp wind blowing against me. Then I began to have a feeling of anxious excitement that built as I walked towards his block.

He had e-mailed me a few days ago:

Please Fuck me dude… I luv to be used and anon is hot! Find me blindfolded or anyway that you want, hole up waiting for you so it is totally anonymous! 30 wm 6’1” 175 near XXXXXX Metro.

His second e-mail contained a mouth-watering bodpic with nice muscular legs and a hard ass. He made it clear again how hot the situation was to him and that I could have him any way that I wanted. He supplied a cell number and a promise to make himself available any time after 4:30PM most days.

His building was easy to find and I had no trouble getting inside. When I got to his door, it was ajar waiting for me to enter. As I closed the door, I realized that I could hear my heart beating in my hears. I was suddenly very excited and at the same time extremely anxious.

His room was dimmed from the quickening setting of the sun outside and the window treatments pulled almost tight, but I could see him laying on the bed nude and face down. He was wearing a blindfold and didn’t move or make a sound as I entered the room. I could hear him breathing between the throbbing sound in my ears.
I quickly undressed and crawled onto the bed behind him. I was totally erect. He wiggled his legs apart in a move to almost invite me. I could feel him jump a little as I touched his thigh just beneath the roundness of his ass. He was smooth and warm. There was a lingering sign of a summer tan. His ass felt as muscular as it looked in the bodpic he had sent.

As I looked him over, I caressed his ass checks and felt his firmness. Then I pulled them apart slightly between my hands. The first sound came from him as my tongue found his hole. He was very clean and fresh. He didn’t expected my tongue, that was clear. There was a moment of processing and then he began to react with low groans. I felt him push his hips down and towards me as I probed him with my tongue. I was surprised to find that he was very tight. I assumed a guy eagerly seeking to be used would have a sloppy used hole. I surprised myself by wanting to eat him out. For a while, I almost lost myself in his ass.

Then I decided to take him. I had decided ahead of time to be safe, so I quickly wrapped for the occasion. He wiggled his ass at the feeling of my cock approaching his hole. He was well-lubed, but his pucker was tight. My first careful attack at his pucker met some resistance. With my second attempt, I placed a firm open hand between his shoulder blades and forced my way in. As my cock penetrated him, his body convulsed and he gasped loudly. He didn’t resist and he didn’t pull away, but I could feel his ass flexing to accommodate my penetration. After getting in and allowing him a chance to get used to my cock, I began to gently thrust. He was instantly responsive and his gasping stopping and his breathing began to change. This boy liked being fucked, it had just been a while since he had been fucked.

I fucked him. I purposely concentrated on how my cock felt in him and adjusted my movements and pace to maximize how good it felt. I had come to make it about me and I did. I zoned in and out, occasionally noticing his responses and movements under me. Within in minutes, the pleasure was building in me. I concentrated on the moment. I didn’t try to last and I didn’t concern myself with him. It was fucking awesome! I peaked fast and could feel the explosions of cum at the end of my cock into the rubber. I was almost immediately spent and literally collapsed on top of him.

He laid there under my weight without making a sound or moving. I could hear him panting slightly. After a few minutes of collection, I got up and moved off his bed. He didn’t move. The rubber fell off of the end of my cock from the weight of the cum inside it. I tossed it on his back and grabbed his head to pull his face toward my crotch. He needed no prompting. He licked my cock and balls clean. I dressed and pulled the door tight as I left without either of us exchanging a single word. He has no idea who fucked him. It was incredible!