Thursday, October 04, 2007

Not All Hook Up's Are Good

I logged on to Manhunt to relax and decompress this afternoon after work. I was on about 10 minutes when I got and IM from a very hot muscle bottom not that far from my office. We went back and forth and I figured that he was hot and on the way home, so WTF.

I got to his place and he was everything that his pictures showed. He described himself as a 29-year-old bottom - athletic, very fit 5'8 155lbs smooth/handsome and he was. His living room had a large set of free-weights against the wall and he had the body to prove that he used them. He was lean with massive shoulders and a thin waist. A little more muscled than I usually go for, but nobody would say no to this boy. He had 0% body fat and a defined 8-pac.

Almost immediately the vibe was off. He asked me as I came into his place if I was a top. I replied yes. He looked at me and said casually that, “you will be topping me”. With a stay here, he disappeared into another room. He returned with a towel, a condom and some lube. He handed the condom and lube to me, turned away from me and spread the towel on the floor in front of his door. Immediately, he pulled his boxers off and crouched down on the towel without a word.

His ass was attractive, not great because he has almost no body fat. I disrobed and started to play with his ass and finger his hole a little. He was hot, but I wasn’t even close to being hard. He was totally non-responsive. Sadly, I noticed that he had a hole as wide as the Grand Canyon. I would have munched on him for a while, but it was very apparent that a hell of a lot of cock had been there before me.

I continued to finger his ass and stroked myself till I was fairly hard and still absolutely nothing from him. Not a sound, a moan or anything. He crouched on his towel like a statue.

I applied some lube and rolled the condom onto my cock. As I pushed my cock into him, I realized that he was even looser than I had thought. He took my whole cock without so much as an indication that he felt it. I couldn’t even feel his ass on my cock. I didn’t feel any tightening around my shaft. I smacked his ass and told him to tighten up a little and again nothing.

I started out slow and started to build up a rhythm. I was still not feeling anything and wasn't getting anything from this boy. It was like fucking a wooden horse. Finally after about 5 minutes, I thought WTF am I doing. I pulled out and yanked the condom off and tossed it onto his back. As I pulled my cloths back on, he turned his head around and looked up at me. “What’s wrong, Dude?”, he asked. “It isn’t working for me”, I said. I feel bad for this boy. He is a hottie and I guess he has never really had to give anything to sex, but his ass is worn out. It was a bad hook up.


Baltimorean said...

well see K wouldn't have been nonresponsive...


it seemed u were doin well in the hook-up department. better luck next time

The Average Joe said...

man i wish my ass would sometimes grand canyon it up cos usually its like freshly popped cherry... okay stop salivating. its his unresponsiveness that made it worse i bet

Superman said...

Wow. Talk about going through the motions.

the poet said...

Oh, that sucks.

Boxersboi said...

hey culd u add me ill do tha same

David said...

weird. sounds like he was tweaked.