Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Hump Day

I have been trying to avoid it, but K was on the Metro car I got on this morning. It was immediately uncomfortable. The seat next to him was open and he was all smiles and made a big point of saying good morning to me. I have been trying to avoid this. Lately, I have been walking to the back end of the platform to make sure I was on a car that he wasn't. He must have figured that move out.

I sat with him and we chatted briefly on the ride downtown. I get off the Red Line before he does. He wanted to have lunch, but I flatly said NO! He looked so fucking irresistible, it took all the strength I had. I so fucking luv how good he looks. I wish he wasn't so fucked up. I made a snide comment that he would probably jerk off tonight thinking about the rejection and got off the train without looking back. What a fucking waste of a beautiful man.

The Cop spent the night here Monday. It kinda had the feel of a relationship ha ha. He arrived with a bottle of wine and a movie and we ended up in my bed making out and fucking and sleeping all night. Tuesday morning, I was making breakfast and he was trying to make small talk. I looked at him and told him I knew he was cop. He got a total look of terror on his face and gulped. I smiled and told him to relax. I wanted him to know that I know and to make him comfortable. I asked him the burning question that I have had recently...., "Are you married?". He says not. I think I believe him. I assured him that I wanted to fuck him not out him, so he should not worry. When he left I actually think he was relaxed about it. I will be nailing him again this weekend. What a fucking body. I am average, but this man is hard as a rock and a total submissive bottom. Woof!!!

The boy I cherry popped last week e-mailed today. He wants to be fucked again. Should I?


Anonymous said...

I'll bet part of you wants to not call the ex-virgin and make him feel even more like a slut than he probably already does, but if he was a good fuck why not stay in touch?

Baltimorean said...

what u said about k is fucked up. i thought u missed him and had been talking to him?! oh well.

but good move with the cop. glad that at least something's working out! hope you're doing better overall, too.

Ky said...

Good bye K, welcome cop and continue "education" of ex-virgin!

Anonymous said...

i think you should invite K over, and invite the exVirgin, fuck the exVirgin again and then kick K out for good.

yeah, get the exVirgin to be on call. whatever happen to The Kid and The Thug?

Also, you should fuck the Cop raw!

The Average Joe said...

good thing you spoke to the cop, it's gonna ease up things and open up lines of communications.

mmm, if u dont call the guy whose cherry u popped hes totally gonna feel like a used slut, on the other hand he might get clingy, but hey maybe u can train him.

Anonymous said...

The cop is cool and hot. And you found his secret, so that he is your toy now.

David said...

damn i love that cop. wonder if you'll ever hear from him again though.

wish you hadn't made that bitchy comment to k. you're better than that.