Wednesday, February 25, 2009

german boy - Pt. 1

I was kinda bored and horny on Sunday evening. cherryboi was working on some group Law School project most of Sunday. I randomly text messaged D that "i am horny", but didn't get any response back. I finally ended up on Craigslist.

I came across this post:

Submissive boy for older

I am a very submissive good looking guy who would like to try getting together with an oral top, especially older. I would love to service you orally any way you want. I am 6'1" 195 lbs, blonde hair blue eyes. Shoot me an email if you are interested.

I was intrigued and bored, so I shot him an e-mail.

he responded: "I really would like to become someone's regular cocksucker. I don't swallow, but I love getting my face blasted. What is your HIV status? I am negative.

me: "totally disease-free and hiv-. swallowing is not a requirement. important thing is that you really like to suck cock. looking to get off."

he responded: "I love getting naked, getting on my knees, and sucking cock.

me: "hot! available now? come on over."

he responded: "I've just given head a few times and have discovered that I like it alot. I don't want to be meeting random people and I have a need to be discrete, so I would really like to find someone who will tell me to suck his dick on a regular basis. Have you ever had a personal cocksucker?

At this point, I relaxed a little because my bs detector was beginning to go off.

me: "i have some experience with guys sucking my cock. a regular guy would be very hot! i can host you very discreetly here. come on over?"

he responded: "I am in NW DC on the Red Line. Are you on the Metro?

me: "i am in close walking distance to the New York Avenue Station. my cell is - XXX-XXX-XXXX. Give me a call from the Station when you get there."

Not that I was too surprised, but I heard nothing more from him that night. I figured it was just another Craigslist Bullshitter.

About an hour later, I got a return text from D, "What do you want, Sir?". Three text messages and about 15 minutes later and D was on his knees between my legs eagerly milking my cock. It was fantastic!!! Made even hotter by the fact that he was eager to come and do exactly what he was told. A true fag! After I finished down his throat and made him lick my cock and balls clean, I told him to "get the fuck out of here" without even looking at him. He dressed and was gone. Over the next 30 minutes, I received six different text messages from D.

D: "Thank you! I am in awe of you."

D: "I worship you, Sir!"

D: "Your contempt for me grows; while my lust, attraction and devotion to you grows ever more intense."

D: "It seems that my dreams are coming true."

D: "This fag will make itself available to you, SIR, when it is told."

D: "I am humbly, your fag."

I did not respond to D.

Fast forward to last night (Tuesday), shortly after dinner I am relaxing with a glass of wine and my cell rang. I answered and it was the submissive boy from Craigslist on Sunday night - german boy I'll call him because he has a melodic German accent. I was completely surprised to hear from him. I had given him my cell number, but I had written him off on Sunday. In very good but accented English, he announced that he just happened to be at the New York Avenue Station and was still very serious about wanting to suck my cock. WTF, I gave him the address and waited to see what chance would deliver.

To Be Continued.......


Jack said...

How is it that you're such a fucking stud, man? I only wish I had dudes falling over me like them seem to over you.

Dave said...

Craigslist can be an adventure. You just never know who will show up or when they'll show up. Oh well, I give him credit, he finally made it. Please be careful.

Anonymous said...

Thank u :) look at that emo boy style on this blog:

Blogger said...