Thursday, February 05, 2009

History Made ... A Yellow Ticket

The Inauguration was a special and inspirational event! I have been pondering since what and how to Blog about it.

I am not very political. DC is a political town and I am not a pro. I quickly learned in DC that politics is a pro sport. I figure that everyone has their own take on politics and their own set of beliefs that are usually strongly held. I was never a Bush supporter. Frankly, I thought he was an idiot before he ran for President and I am still amazed that he managed to convince enough people in this Country to vote for him that he was able to get elected, not just once but twice. as President of the United States.

Having said that, I can't say I am in luv with President Obama either. I didn't get starry-eyed over his oratory and I haven't seen much change yet. I think it is fabulous that a minority has been elected President. I think it says alot about the man and this Country. I just hope he does something positive. I hope that there is really change and that it wasn't all politics. I did enjoy watching history being made, when President Obama took the oath for his office on January 20, 2009. Thanks to cherryboi, we were really up close and had a great line of sight with Yellow Tickets. I attended as cherryboi's guest. This was the first time that we have gone to an event together on his territory. He is a Congressional Staffer and there were plenty of people that knew him in the Yellow section that day. It felt good!

All went well. cherryboi was relaxed and up the whole afternoon. He introduced me to everyone as his friend, which was fine. It was my first attendance at an Inauguration. The atmosphere was like a celebration and carnival. The crowd was happy and energetic. It wasn't till later in the day that I realized how mny people with tickets never got into their areas. I guess the biggest let down of the day was that many people never even made it to the Mall and never saw the event. The crowd was just that big. There was a gigantic mass of people, but it was a crowd with a positive attitude.

That evening, dressed in matching tuxedos, cherryboi and I attended an Inaugrual Ball at the Convention Center downtown. I am avoiding details to maintain some privacy, but I really enjoyed myself. It was a spectacular evening! The really strange thing was that we virtually knew no one there. Toward the end of the evening and older very dignified lady leaned in to me and told me, "what a wonderful couple you and your young man make...". I was, with a doubt, the hightlight of my evening:)

The evening ended at my place. cherryboi and I spooning in the dark. I know I was too exhausted to think of even trying to make a move....


Anonymous said...

This made me go "aww" :) cute post.

borg_queen said...

Firstly, Bush was not elected. Gore wuz robbed. 2nd, he got reelected because that CIA operative known as Osama Bin Laden "released" a tape just four days before the 2004 elections which caused thousands of idiot Ohioans to swing the vote. Bin Laden "attacked" the towers in 2001. Denied it then and "admitted" it only 3 years later. Convenient, huh?


Love the blog, btw. Been reading your archives for a few days now. Keep it up.