Saturday, February 21, 2009

I can't believe he fucks you up the ass......

I have been really busy working and traveling for work. cherryboi is still in my life for those of you who have asked. It has been good between us lately.

I took him to a party two weekends ago and a younger guy at the party cruised and flirted with him all night. At one point, we had mingled back together and were sitting on a step next to each other and this guy approached and asked cherryboi, "Are you cheating on me?". It was a cute move in a way and the guy was aggressively serious about landing my guy. cherryboi was visibly flustered and immediately stammered that he was my boyfriend, which was equally as cute. The guy made his exit and I leaned in and said to cherryboi that I was ok with it if he wanted to go for it. To my surprise, that lead to a gigantic argument later that night on our way home. I was informed that cherryboi feels like sometimes I try to pimp him out and it is not appreciated or flattering. I was further advised that he doesn't "want anyone else". He added, for clarification, that I was the only guy he was "interested in having fuck me". I will admit here that I have been somewhat fixated on cherryboi with other guys lately. I think I worry about it to a point and I think that I may feel that if I give permission, it will be alright when and if it happens.

Last weekend, we entertained cherryboi's Brother. cherryboi apparently came out to him over the Holidays. I had no idea about all of this drama until he told me his Brother was coming to DC. cherryboi is the youngest of three. There are two other brothers - Brother1 - 30, Brother2 - 28 and cherryboi - 26. It apparently is all too much like Leave It To Beaver, except that Beaver in this version is gay. Brother1 was shocked, stunned, in denial and then came around to acceptance, or so he said.

cherryboi tells me the Thursday night before Brother1 arrives that he is coming to DC and asks if Brother1 can bunk at my place. Then proceeds to tell me the whole story about coming out to Brother1 over the Holidays and how he was cool with it and was coming to Baltimore for work and stopping over in DC. Long story short, Brother1 apent that Friday night and Saturday night at my place. I virtually didn't see Bother1 on Friday or Saturday. cherryboi and he spent a lot of both day together out and about. Saturday evening, the three of us had a nice leisurely dinner and a few bottles of wine at my place and Brother1 and I kind of took each others measure.

Unfortunately, it isn't clear to me that Brother1 is totally accepting. He was completely cool with me nothing but polite and an excellent guest. The visit was uneventful and there were no scenes, but still I never felt totally comfortable with Brother1. I will say that he is every bite as hot as cherryboi. He is very obviously cherryboi's older brother. He has the same features and hair. Being with the two of them, I can tell that they are close. It just confirms everything that I have been told. They have a really close family and there is a lot of love there. I think that being accepted by his family is of paramount importance to cherryboi. As with many people, the fear of not being accepted is keeping him from being totally out. I think it will destroy cherryboi, if his family doesn't accept him.

One thing led to another and Sunday morning, I was driving Brother1 to BWI Airport to catch his flight. cherryboi had to report to work on the Hill. I reluctantly agreed to go solo. It was as uncomfortable as I had feared it would be. No real unpleasantness, but it was uncomfortable. We had occasional chit chat punctuated by long silences. Fortunately, BWI is only about 30 minutes north of my place. As I guided the car up the departures ramp, Brother1 began the most angry monologue.

Brother1: "I was blown away when cherryboi told me he was gay."

Brother1: "Brother2 and I think it is some kind of stage he is going through. At least we hope it is, because it will kill our Mother if she finds out."

Brother1: "Brother2 and I just don't get it. It's not like he ever had trouble getting girls. He always had girls falling all over him. He had girlfriends in high school and college."

Brother1: "We think he came to a new city and is experimenting."

Brother1: "I don't want to offend you. You are a nice guy and you and cherryboi seem to get along and all, but he isn't really gay."

Brother1: "He could practically have any girl he wanted. I can't beleive he fucks you up the ass. No offense"

By this point, the car was stopped at the terminal and I was spinning between anger and amazement. I wasn't sure what to say or how to react, but all of a sudden I just began to speak.

Me: "I am not going to share this conversation with cherryboi, because I think it would upset him. His family is very important to him and you must know that the love and acceptance of his family is very important to him too. I will tell him that Brother2 knows that he is gay, because I am sure that he is under the impression that he confided in you and that it was a confidence."

Me: "By the way, it isn't any of your business but I want to clarify something. Just so you know, I fuck cherryboi up the ass and from what I can tell he loves it and I love him."

Me: "Brother1, it was a pleasure meeting you. Have a great flight. I hope you will come back for another visit soon."

Then I left him watching from the curb as I drove off.


Anonymous said...

U go DOG! Way to go! But you forgot to add, "if you ever want to feel what cherryboi feels, call me, I would happily fuck you up the ass"


gettinfuckedbare said...

cheryboi's family must be from utah or something like that.

the brother's sound like fucking neandertal's.

Anonymous said...

Don't take it personally there is obviously still a lot of adjustment going on there. Given that with the exception of the angry monologue the brother was nothing but respectful I guess he falls into that category of "Live and Let Live, until it's my family." It's easier for some people to accept LGBT people when they are friends and strangers quite another when it is family and mostly that adverse response comes from a place of concern about the challenges their loved one's face. I think you just ended up hearing a lot of the doubts and concerns Cherryboi's brothers have for him but don't want to voice to him for fear of hurting his feelings.

skate said...

I got that same vibe...Cherryboi's family is probably Mormon! The Mormons believe that God's plan is for Cherryboi to marry a woman and father a bunch of babies. (Apparently they've never heard of Plan B...)

Moving to DC is probably his only escape from that kind of family pressure. It basically takes "Mr. Right" to come along for these guys to even THINK about coming out.

Loadseeker said...

Sorry, guys. Cherryboi is Catholic. In a post over a month ago, Cherryboi wanted DC Top to accompany him to Sunday Mass.
.....But Catholics have the same guilt trip as Mormons, so same difference.

Anonymous said...

Wow some people are so incredibly stupid. Lame. So glad that he has you on his side. Thoughtful response! Good job being protective of a sub yet maintaining his family ties with great restraint! - MsGray

Anonymous said...

Given the circumstances I thought you handled it well.Had that been my experience anger would have gotten the best of me. There would be a very high probability of me snatching him out of the car a booting him in the ass resulting in another blow to his fragile hetro psyche.

Anonymous said...

I am still amazed (after all these years) that family members show such lack of restraint when it comes to the details of sexual intimacy between men. Wouldn't it be sufficient to know that your brother is a gay guy in a relationship with another gay guy?

Why on earth would they want to know the 'juicy details' as in 'who fucks whom?'

Say your sister is dating a dude. Would you ask her, if her BF eats her pussy or would you privately ask the BF, if your sis sucks well?