Saturday, February 07, 2009


I haven't seen or tried to have contact D since we hooked-up. I was out of town a few days this week, but received the following e-mails:

D e-mail #1: I am so horny. I really wanna get fucked by you again!

D e-mail #2: You have no idea how badly my ass is aching to have your cock in it again!!!

D e-mail #3: I really need to get fucked!!!! PLEASE COME FUCK ME!!!

I guess it is ridiculous to even ask, but what do you all think I should do?


Anonymous said...

Fuck him and do it raw. You seemed to enjoy the first fuck with him, but let him no you'll fuck him when you need to, not when he needs you. Be the top here!

damien whitfield said...

u should definitely fuck him, but make him beg for it when u reach there, like anonymous said,show him who is in charge, make him do whatever u want for begging for it, fuck him raw and hard and make sure and blog about it after for your fans to read.
keep the postings cumming insoflo.

skate said...

This is the clean-cut all-American boy with the porn-sized cock? Um, may you should totally bone him?? Just a suggestion.

Anonymous said...

One other thing, try to get a pic of his cum filled hole and post it for us. Do fuck him.

Loadseeker said...

You had great sex with him in January, didn't you?
He sounds a little desperate with the 3 e-mails in a row. But, WTF.
Set something up with him, but do it on your terms. You're the Dom Top so call the shots.
Echoing the other comments on this post, I'd make him beg and submit to you. When you are ready, give him the raw hard fuck you both want and deserve.
Oh, and tell us about it, please.

Anonymous said...

If anything, the dude is articulate alright. It is your call, after all.

I always make sure that the bottoms understand clearly that I top on my conditions and in my time. Unless you establish clear rules here, the bottom dude soon starts taking it for granted that it is your job is to make him happy, when and if he needs it.

If he wants to have that, he needs to find a sort of a sub top, who'll be there to mount him as per request. Or he can get an escort dude to help him out on his conditions... I ain't that...