Saturday, February 14, 2009


I got a shit load of e-mails and comments indicating I should be the Top. WTF? I am the Top and I don't need to breed every tight ass in DC to prove it.

Thursday afternoon, I sent a text to D - "Planning to stop by to fuck you after 6:00PM. Confirm!"

D replied, "Yes SIR!!!".

D lives a few stops north of me on the Metro Red Line, so I went straight there after work. As I got off the train and headed toward his place, I sent another text to D - "On my way. Down the block."

D replied, "Waiting, SIR." along with his code to enter his building.

I let myself in the front door of the building. When I got to D's door it was ajar. I entered and placed my stuff in the closet off the foyer and took off my shoes. I looked around and D was no where to be found. I made may way to his bedroom and found him spread across his bed with the mounds of his firm bubble butt waiting for me.

I slowly disrobed and laid my clothes neatly on a nearby chair. I didn't say a word to him. I crawled up beside him on the bed and smacked his ass with my open hand telling him to, "Get over here and suck my cock." He moved over to face my crotch and began to lick and nibble at my balls. As my cock grew and hardened against his face, he would gently stroke it and look up at me to see if I was watching him. Soon he had moved from my balls to the underside of my shaft and he licked his way slowly up my cock until his lips reached my cockhead. When he got there, my cockhead was wet with precum. He was soon eagerly devouring my whole cock. Bobbing up and down on it and I could feel his tongue on my ball sack on the down strokes. As he sucked my cock, he felt my stomach with one of his hands. The head was very good, but I came to fuck him and I did.

I announced that, "I am ready to fuck you. I want you to wrap my cock." He reached over to a table beside the bed for a condom and lube. I took the lube from him and watched him wrap my rock hard cock. I tossed the lube to the side of the bed and flipped D onto his stomach. He wanted to get fucked and I had every intention of accommodating him. I treated his ass like I owned it. I put a hand firmly on the cneter of his shoulder blades and pushed his head and face down against the bed. With my other hand, I moved one of his legs out to his side to allow me to position myself above his ass. I penetrated him completely in two rough thrusts. The first thrust was too fast for D to respond, but as I made the second thrust his body convulsed under me and he instinctively moved to get away from my invasion of his ass. I know it was uncomfortable, because he was just as tight as the first time I fucked him. He struggled to adjusted and panted against my thrusts. The room was filled with the sounds of a boy being fucked agressively. My grunts mixed with his grunts and panting, as I proceeded to throw him one mean fuck. I am not sure how long I drilled him before I began to feel a load building in my groin. Since this was about me, I made no attempt to hold back. I let loose with a massive orgasm with multiple spurts that I could feel escaping the tip of my cock. Then I collasped on to D's back and stayed in that position until I recovered from the instensity of the fuck and my orgasm.

I rolled over and pulled D to me and enjoyed the after-sex. We kissed some and cuddled some. Later, I got up and made my way to the shower as D fixed us a snack to eat and opened some wine. We enjoyed that and then adjourned back to his bed to fuck again.

The second time was more leisurely. I had the fag ride me, while we kissed and groped at each other. I think he rode my cock for 20 minutes, before I pumped a second load off inside him.

There is no doubt that I plan to keep him. I have already heard from D again. He wants me to come back and fuck him whenever I care to. He signed himself as, "humbly, your fag".


BikeGuy said...

I love it when they know what they are - but it is always nice to be reminded of it :)

Anonymous said...

great job! you are the DC TOP!
so when are you fucking BikeGuy that other blog fag...and let him know who he is....he's always in DC?

Michael said...

Hey stud - what has happened to cherryboi? Just curious.

Anonymous said...

Truly inspirational. Thanks for sharing this!!

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