Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Marine - update

Anyone who has read this Blog for a while remembers my luck in fucking a 100% genuine Marine. We kind of got introduced on Manhunt. We chatted for a while and hooked up a few times after our initial session that I wrote about. Through the summer last year, I just stopped hearing from him. I thought about it, but figured that he moved on or got transferred. Shit, I felt lucky that he had ever even been interested in hooking-up.

Last week, I got an e-mail from an unfamiliar e-mail address. I thought at first that it was one of the readers of this Blog. When I was going through e-mails over the weekend, I realized that it was from the Marine. In June, he was deployed to southern Afghanistan. I had no idea. Originally, it was supposed to be a short deployment but the situation has "deteriorated", so his deployment has been extended. Marine cautioned me that he was using a military computer for his e-mails and IM's. I can take a hint, so the communications have been very generic. This spectacular piece of ass at risk in Afghanistan drives home the total waste of wars. I am actually worried about him on some level.

Well, one thing led to another and today I am packing a care package for my Marine. After asking, he finally replied that he could use a computer game and some sunglasses. I checked some websites for some other ideas and I am adding personal hygiene products, Baby Wipes, TP and some snacks. I got some decent sunglasses at Target. No sexy pics of me:). I know this sounds very sappy, but I am feeling bad for the guy. His e-mails sounded kind of depressing.

I don't want any rants about what I am doing or the War. I have never been in the military. I never felt the call to join and, fortunately, there is no draft today. I do really appreciate what those man and women do for my personal safety. I also can't believe that some beautiful man that I enjoyed fucking is potentially gun fodder in a far away country.

So, the Marine and I are chatting again.... very generically for now. I am beating off thinking about how hot this guy is.


Anonymous said...

I like you. You are a good man! Keep it up!

Dave said...

I think its outstanding that you are sending him a care package. Thank you

Brad said...

you are doing a good thing by helping out your Marine - whether or not you agree with what he's doing, he is prepared to serve & protect you & your nation no matter what

it's also important to remember that Afghanistan is not Iraq - the Taliban controlled Afghanistan & harbored & supported Al Qaeda, which attacked the US on 911 - had US not gotten bogged down in Iraq, the war in Afghanistan could've been over long ago

he is protecting you & your freedom by serving, because of Afghanistan falls under total Taliban control again, they are a direct threat to the US

Anonymous said...

When he gets home screw his brains out as a thank you from all of us for his service to the country.

Atlantagent said...

I was really moved by this post. No matter how you feel about this war, the young men and women caught up in it are trying to make the best of a bad situation and, as Brad pointed out, there is some justification for our presence in Afghanistan. Kudos to you, and please let your Marine know many of us over here are thinking of him and his comrades.

Anonymous said...

You dig the guy big time. That much is clear. Leave out everything else.

If he were a dude in need of anything, and you dug him, you'd come up with something, wouldn't you.

So, you are just doing that.

And that's good.


Jay said...

thats so sweet :)

borg_queen said...

"I never felt the call to join and, fortunately, there is no draft today."

Not for long. Wars always follow Depressions. No way around it.


Adam said...

So sweet..<3