Saturday, January 03, 2009

Finally D...

I had said I wouldn't, but I ended up going to work the Friday after Christmas to get ahead for the coming week. Originally, I had planned to take the whole week between Christmas and New Year's Day off, but that was not to be. I have really been unsettled lately and the worst kept secret at the company is that layoff's are on the horizon. Intellectually, I know that my job is probably OK for now. Emotionally, I am paranoid about being laid-off. I am lucky. I love what I do and get paid very well for it.

In my last post, I mentioned D. I haven't seen him on the Metro recently. We have played a little bit of phone-tag, since he gave me his card. I have called him and he has called me. Same with e-mails. I took a trip to Atlanta and there was Christmas in between. While I am sitting at my desk that afternoon, my cellphone rings and it is D. We had a nice chat and one thing led to another and I was headed to his place in upper NE DC.

D lives alone in a newer condo building a very short walk from a Metro Station north of me on the Red Line. Nice place with a contemporary-stainless steel-granite decor. He buzzed me up and when he met me at his door, he was wearing jeans and a tight white wife-beater tee. He carried himself like a guy comfortable in his own skin and it was HOT! As he showed me in, he took my coat and neatly hung it in a nearby closet. The message was pretty clear. He planned on me being there for a while.

We sat down and began chatting and flirting and as we did we began to work on a bottle of red wine. I like D. He is engaging and has a quick wit. He is also incredibly handsome and very well put together. A 28-yo white all-American boy-next-door type. He is about 6'1" 180 pounds with hazel-green eyes and brown hair. He is lean, worked out with just enough hair in the right places. He looks remarkably like this new Sean Cody model - Ben:

D is older, but they could easily be Brothers. We sat there sipping wine and chatting and we both knew that I was going to fuck him and it was electric!

This was a different kind of hook-up. There was no rush and we instantly seemed to have a rapport. I'd probably been there like an hour, when our banter got back to why I was there. D was not bashful about his sexual preferences. With an earnest look on his face, he matter-of-factly tells me he is a total bottom fag with a daddy-thing. His presentation was so utterly direct, I was almost stunned by it. Then he goes on to tell me very directly that he has only one concern about hooking-up with me. At this point, he had my total attention. "What is that?", I ask. "Well, I have noticed you checking me out and I just want to be clear. I won't top you.", he tells me. I gave a slight chuckle at that and quickly said, "You are the one getting fucked this evening."

With that I put my wine glass on the table and got up and headed toward his bedroom. Without even looking back at him I said, "Follow me!" I entered the bedroom and turned away from the bed and slowly and deliberately began to disrobe. Again without looking at D, I told him, "Get undressed and get on the bed!" When I turned toward the bed, I was instantly stunned. D was exquisite looking lying there on his bed nude and aroused. As hot, if not hotter, than the pic of Ben above. I also instantly understood why he had said what he had said in the living room. He was clearly fully aroused and he literally had the biggest cock I had ever seen. In a split second, I calculated that he had to be more than 9", if not more than 10" and thick. It was uncut and appeared even bigger sticking up from his narrow waist. I also resolved in the same split second to act as though there was nothing out of the ordinary and to pretend that it was nothing more than an average endowment.

I crawled onto the bed beside him and aggressively kissed him. He kissed back and with that we were off. Slowly and deliberately, I kissed him, I groped him, I enjoyed his body and then finally without warning I forcefully grabbed his head by his thick brown hair and forced his head to my crotch and told him to, "Suck my cock!". He devoured my cock. He licked me, sucked me and slurped my cock like the total bottom fag he said he was. His eagerness told me that he wanted it badly. As D continued to devour my cock, I reached for his hips to pull him closer to me so that I could get as his ass. His ass was perfectly matched to the rest of his body. It was smooth, round and tight. He was freshly showered and smelled of soap. I grabbed a meaty cheek with each hand and spread them wide, so that I could tongue his tight little pinkish hole. He was totally hardwired to his ass. I could feel him squirm and react to the probing of my tongue as it flicked his hole and pushed into him. He had a mild peppery-sweet taste and I was totally lost in the moment of munching on his firm young ass. The more I ate him the more aggressively he devoured my cock and sucked on my balls. I was in a zone of sensory overload from the sensations of getting my cock and balls sucked and the joys of eating his ass. I was reaching a point of no return.

I had purposely ignored D's crotch and decided to finish what I had started in the same way. I flipped him over onto his stomach and reached for a condom on the table beside the bed. As I opened the package and wrapped my cock, he laid motionless with his face buried in the pillows. With one hand on his shoulder blades and the other hand pushing his legs apart, I moved his left leg up and off to his side and mounted his meaty ass and hips. I worked my hard cock into his wet crack and found his hole. I pushed at his pucker, but he was tight. I worked his crack some more with my cock and then pushed against his pucker again. For a moment, I was afraid this was going to be a bigger challenge than I had thought. I added some lube to my spit and went in for another assault at his hole. I pushed hard and forced the head of my cock in. I felt his stiff pucker give way around the head of my cock. I heard D gasp out with a loud guttural "FUCK!" and I forced more of my cock deeper into him. I began to thrust slowly and move my hips. With each deeper thrust, I forced more of me into him. At this point, the room was filled with "FUCK's" and "YES's" coming from D, as he adjusted to my cock deep inside him and took it.

I had about 5 minutes of good fucking in me. The blowjob earlier had me fired-up and the tightness of D's ass was intense around my cock. He literally milked my cock as I fucked him. I did my very best to hold back and alternated my thrusts to make it last, but I lost out to the intensity of being buried in his tight ass and the sounds of pleasure he was making from it. As I neared the point of no return, I felt his hand move to my ass and push me into him. I yelled out, "I am cumming!" and he grunted out, "Yes, give it to me!". I finished and fell onto him and we laid there together exhausted for a few minutes.

I got up and made my way to D's shower to rinse off. As the water poured down on me and I processed what had just happened, I heard him enter the bathroom. I thought he would join me and when he didn't I ordered him, "Get in here and suck my cock!". He entered and was on his knees in front of me in a flash. As he eagerly engulfed my cock again, I watched him from above work my cock and stroke his magnificent cock. In a matter of minutes, I was feeding D my second load of the day and watching him shoot streams of cum all over the shower floor.

More playing, more chatting and I eventually was headed to the door to leave. As I put my coat on at the door, D put his arms around my neck and whispered in my ear, "Come back, please?". I'll will be back!


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! Missed ya! Damn he sounds like BF material. Hope you get to "mark" that ass soon with some fresh cum.

What's up with cherryboi?

Would it be wrong to have two bf's at the same time? I mean, you can have your cake and eat it too....the "out" bf and the "closet" bf. LOL

Atlantagent said...

Glad to see you back! I've been checking your blog everyday in hope!

Bill said...

Great blog! I've just now found you. Bravo, your writing style!


"we both knew that I was going...."

"With an earnest look...."

"he lay (intr. verb as in lie, lay, lain; not tr. verb as in lay, laid, laid) motionless ...."

"found his hole...."

"we lay there...."

"another assault...."

BikeGuy said...

You know I'm loving how you use the word 'fag' in this story. It is done perfectly!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, as a sub bottom myself, I love the way you established that you are the Dom Top guy--ordering D into the bedroom, and to disrobe, ignoring his large cock, and giving him what you both want--your cock and creamy cum deep in his ass.
Glad you ordered up a blowjob in the shower.
I hope you and D get together often.
He sounds like a keeper.

Thirty3 Naked Laydies said...

DAMN! Do like D or what??!!!!

Adam4Adam said...

Lol that 'D' ;)

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