Tuesday, January 06, 2009

New Year's with cherryboi

cherryboi and I had originally agreed to go to a houseparty for New Year's before he left to visit his Family over Christmas. By New Year's eve, it was clear that he would be more comfortable doing something one-on-one or spending a quiet evening at home. So, I made dinner and he brought a salad and a bottle of wine and we had a very nice evening at home in each other's arms. By midnight, I had already fucked him once. He was spooning with me when we heard some fireworks outside in the neighborhood and clicked on the television to watch what was happening a Times Square.

One thing that I absolutely love is to have my cock sucked by a talented mouth. In the beginning, cherryboi was a passable cocksucker, but by no means expert. I am not complaining. He is young, sexy and has always been very eager to suck my cock. He has also always been very eager to see that I am enjoying it. All of this singularly and combined is very erotic, but in the end the head is usually ok and as often as not I am quick to flip him over and go at his ass.

I am relating this story not as a complaint, but as an illustration as to why I keep falling more and more for cherryboi. Right before Thanksgiving circumstances had me digging in the backpack that he is usually carrying wherever he goes. I came across a paperback book on the top of his backpack entitled - The Ultimate Guide to Fellatio: How to Go Down on a Man and Give Him Mind-Blowing Pleasure. It was so endearing! I was careful to put it at the bottom of the backpack and to go on as though I had never seen it.

The point of this story - well, cherryboi has been "practicing" over the last month or so - different positions, different techniques, more hand action, attempting to master throating my whole cock. The fact that he has been making such an effort is a real turn-on. I have been very encouraging and gently guiding him. I have not let that on I have any clue. It has all been just fucking hot! Who wouldn't be turned-on that his guy was making such an effort over his cock. New Year's Day early in the morning with fireworks going off outside, I received my first official mind-blowing blowjob from cherryboi.

I actually think he may have enjoyed it even more.


damien whitfield said...

cherryboi and u make an awesome couple, he is so sweet to be practicing on how to be good at blowjobs.

Anonymous said...

you don't want an expert...you want someone who can learn and grow to please you. it will last longer.

so why were you sniffing around his stuff?

Thirty3 Naked Laydies said...

One has alwasy wondered, are those sexual self-help books any good? It IS endearing that Cherryboi bought that book insofar as "perfecting the art of fellatio."