Sunday, March 04, 2007

The Cop

This is truly too good to be true! I have been messaging with this guy for about a month on and off. He winked a me on Manhunt originally and we have messaged back and forth since then. His profile is pretty simple: 28yo wm 5'11" muscular and he identified himself as a very oral bottom. There are no pics on his profile. I requested a pic early on and he said he needed to be discreet and couldn't send any. So, I am thinking he is either married or, recently since arriving in DC, I have figured this out as shorthand for military.

I was pretty much at the point where I was ready to ignore this guy when I am on-line Friday night and bored. We chat for a while and he tells me he is horny and needs to suck a dick. I blow him off because I am not really into having someone come to my door and have to go through the bs of sending him away. This is a quiet area and I am new in the neighborhood. I don't need an angry queen spazzing on the front stoop of my place.

Finally, he is all but begging to blow me. He tells me how good he is at giving head. I won't he disappointed, he promises. I can close my eyes and pretend it is someone else, if he isn't my type. All of the standard bs, but the more he pleads the harder I am getting. Lets face it, I am a guy and I like to get blown. I also like being told how great my cock looks. OK, so I tell him my address. I tell him it can be a quick blow-n-go. He is in Maryland, so he tells me it will take him about 20 minutes to get to me. I am clear that if I don't think it will work, he is out of here.

20 minutes later, there is a knock at my door. He is standing there with a kinda schoolboy grin on his face. He has sandy-brown hair and it is buzzed . He is wearing jeans and a tight grey t-shirt with cowboy boots. The grey t-shirt is clinging to him and he is tight and muscular. He is FUCKING hot! I let him in and he thanks me for letting him come over.

I offer him a beer as we head to the back of my house for some privacy. My cock is rock-hard in my sweats and making a tent as I drop onto the couch. We make small talk. I mention that he should post a pic and he would never have to convince someone to invite him over. He laughs this off and says he can't have his pic out there because of work. He then very matter-of-factly asks if I will let him suck my "dick".

So, I tug my sweats off and spread my legs. He crawls down between them on the floor and begins to slowly worship my cock with his mouth, tongue and lips. It is awesome head. My eyes are closed and he is kneading my balls and licking my dick. He actually had me moaning. At one point, I grabbed the back of his head and forced it down on my cock till I felt his face in my pubes and held him there. When I let him up for some air, there were strings of spit dripping off of his chin and he says, thanks man. After that queue, I start to really aggressively fuck his face. I am getting close, so I direct him to my balls for a bit and he asks permission to stroke. I say sure, but you have to strip down, so I can get a good show. He has the most FUCKING awesome bod. He is firm and tight. A little hair in all the right places, but definitely on the smooth side. He is totally defined with great muscle tone and literally an 8-pack of abs. And, last but not least, a great big bubble ass with muscular legs and thighs holding it up. Instantly, I realize that I have to fuck him.

He crawls back down between my legs and starts to suck my cock again. I am watching him stroke and can't believe it. I am no slouch, but average. This guy is prime beef! I can't believe my luck! I grabbed his arm and leaned forward to get up. Come on, I say. You gonna get fucked. He doesn't say a word and doesn't resist.

In my room, I lead him to the bed. While I fumble for a condom and some lube, he crawls up on the bed and positions himself on all fours. I get covered, get some lube on his hole, smack the head of my cock on his ass and push in as hard and fast as I can. I start out sliding in and out with long and deep strokes. He buries his head in my bed covers, bunches some up in his hands and makes a noise that I know is from pleasure. I just start slam-fucking his ass. I can tell he loves it and he starts asking me not to stop.

I am already close from the head downstairs and now having his hard ass in my hands and slamming against his legs, I can feel myself getting close. To change the pace, I decide to change positions, and I pull out and get him on his back. While holding both of his legs, I lean in and start to really bang him hard and clearly he loves every thrust. He is stroking away while I thrust away loving the fact that my cock is making that look on his face. After just a few minutes, I am ready to explode. I tell him I'm ready to bust and that combined with his stroking and the noise I was making had him shooting all over himself. After we caught our breath, I directed him to my shower and went downstairs to grab his cloths and boots. When I pick up his jeans, his wallet slides out of the pocket and lands on the floor. Fastened onto it is a shiny police badge from a local Maryland County Police Department. This fucking stud is a cop!


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AFT said...

I so relate to your comment about your cock making his facereact. Watching a guy's face while you're slamming his ass hard - seeing him transported. That's a good time.

Anonymous said...

if he's worried about posting a pic, he should think about the ultra tight shirt, jeans AND cowboy boots. How stereotypical gay is that?

Superman said...

This is sooooooooooooo ridiculously awesome.

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