Sunday, March 30, 2008

"That Was Amazing..... Thanks Dude!"

DC dies during any holiday. The combination of Spring Break last week with the Easter Holiday this past weekend made this City like a tomb. No one actually seems to live here or to be from here, so everyone de-camps anytime there are a few days off from school/work.

So being bored and horny on a Saturday night, I was cruising on Manhunt and checking out Craigslist. Half on a lark and half because of the attached picture, I responded to the following post from a guy in MD:

Trying agian (sp)

I tried last weekend, but couldn't find the right guy. I'm 23 yr old 6'4" 215 lbs. I just want to get dressed up for you. Suck you off, give you a lapdance, maybe fuck you. I've got a very tight ass, I think you'll love it. Be white, in shape and have pics to trade...looking for tonight!

I responded to this post with my stats and a picture.

Trying agian: You've got me fucking like the idea of me in a thong giving you a lapdance?

me: yeah! i'd luv to feed you my cock too.

Trying agian: You've got a great cock...i would love to suck on it...and rub my ass all over it.

me: hell yeah! now i'm hard!

Trying agian: Do you want to take care of that for you? When can you get here?

I have to say the pictures that Trying agian shared with me were incredible! In the pictures was a strapping and solid young white guy wearing a light blue thong. The guy in the pictures had a full meaty ass with a lean full torso. He didn't appear cut, but he had a solid muscular build.

Trying agian was in Maryland about 25-30 minutes from me. He needed to be discreet and needed to host. He stressed the need to be very discreet several times. We worked out the details and I headed out to meet him.

I had some difficulty finding the non-descript apartment complex along a road I was not familiar with in Maryland, but shortly before the appointed time I was rolling into the parking lot in front of the apartments. I soon found the right garden-style apartment and knocked on the door.

Trying agian opened the door and let me into the apartment. He was standing behind the door. When the door closed, there he was wearing black fishnet stockings that came up past his knees and the same light blue mesh thong he had been wearing in his pictures. He seemed anxious and almost paced around the room. Taking the initiative, I asked where he wanted to play. He pointed to a couch along the side of the room. As I was striping down to my boxers, I asked him what he was looking for. He asked me to sit down on the couch and wasted no time in peeling my boxers off. He was mesmerized by my cock and balls. He looked at them, felt them and squeezed them at one point before putting his head down into my crotch and taking the end of my cock into his mouth. He twirled his tongue around the head of my cock holding it and watching it grow in front of his face. I finally reached down and pushed his head down on my dick and he started to give me a very respectable blowjob. He lost himself sucking my cock and licking my balls for a good 5 minutes. Then he stopped and sheepishly asked if I would rub my cock on his ass.

With my cock wet from his mouth, I moved Trying agian around, pull his thong to the side and started to rub my cock along his smooth ass crack. He responded immediately to the sensation of my cock along his crack and against his hole. He started to thrust his hips working his crack against the shaft of my cock. It felt great to me too. Trying agian had a fresh soap smell and his hard young muscled back was flexing as he worked his crack on my cock. The harder he rubbed himself into my cock the more apparent it was to me that what he really wanted was my cock in his ass.

"Want me to fuck you?", I asked. "Can I ride it?", Trying agian replied. "Sure.", I responded.

Trying agian stood up and pulled his thong off. His smooth tight meaty ass was right in from of my face as he bent over to get out of this thong. I had an urge to eat it, but focused on fucking him for now. He kneeled down between my legs and fumbled with a condom while he gently tried to wrap my cock. I moved his hands aside and finished the job. He handed me some lube and I applied some to me and worked some into his crack. Then I let Trying agian lower himself onto my cock. I could immediately tell that he was tight. I had a hand on each hip guiding him down and immediately sensed him pull away and heard him gasp out loud as he felt the girth of my cock opening up his pucker. I held him firmly by his hips and told him to be still for a minute and relax. He was breathing heavy and I could feel his ass clenching and unclenching around the head of my cock as he adjusted to me being inside him. I hit the shaft of my cock with some more lube and slowly pulled him down on my cock. I felt his pucker open and my cock slide the rest of the way in. He started to ride my cock and was almost immediately into it. He was tight and the pressure of his tight ass sliding up and down on my shaft was incredible. He found his grove and was soon riding my cock like a champ. I laid my head back on the couch, kneaded his ass with my hands and enjoyed the zone, Soon, quicker that I wanted, I felt the pressure building in my groin. I knew I was close to the point of no return.

"I am going to nut in your ass!", I exclaimed. "Yeah man. Do it.", he grunted.

With that I reached around and clasped my hand around the shaft of his cock and began to stroke him. In less than a half a dozen strokes, he blew his load into my hand and I rubbed his cum all over his cock and down over his balls as I blew my load onto his tight ass.

Trying agian jumped up and returned with a towel for me to clean up with. He looked me directly in the eye and exclaimed, "That Was Amazing..... Thanks Dude!".


Baltimorean said...

fishnet stockings? wtf

Anonymous said...! thank god it is not cherryboi's fantasy. Glad you got and stayed hard. As a gay man, I'd have a hard time getting hard.

wolveriner said...

That was hot! I was with a bi guy in fishnet stockings and it turned me on big time to see this punk bi guy effeminated (is such word exists).

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