Sunday, March 25, 2007

Update on K

I am going to devote this entire post to K. If you have been paying attention, I referred to him as a quasi bf a while back. We have been fairly consistently "dating" on Saturday nights since February. He is a real cutie with this all-American young guy look. He is 32 years old, but looks like he's late 20's. A former high school/college soccer jock with the soccer player bod to prove it. He has light brown hair and green eyes that kinda flash at you when he looks directly at you. He normally wears a pair of scholarly-looking glasses. He is always smiling and is generally an up person at all times. There is always a book that he is reading under his arm or in his satchel. He is engaging, very cute not overtly sexy, but you'd definitely have to take a second look if you passed him on the street. You literally want to fucking tear his clothes off and fuck him hard as soon as you see him.

Having said all of that, there has been virtually nothing of interest to post on this Blog yet. For the first 3 "dates", we parted at the New York Avenue Metro Station with a kiss and a hug. I would get off the train and he would ride on to Silver Spring. On "date" 4, I again invited him to get off the train and come back to my place. After he hesitated, I point blank invited myself to his place, but got put off. This was followed by a couple really sweet e-mails and a kind of uncomfortable phone conversation. Again nothing on "date" 5.

On "date" 6, K came back to my place. We cracked open a bottle of wine and found a movie on on-Demand and cuddled and kissed and enjoyed the wine and the movie. We also talked about sex. It turns out that he has had a rough life and his experience with men has been less than mutually respectful. He candidly told me that he is very submissive and enjoys being with older dominant men. He has been dis-owned by most of his family and raped brutally at one point early in his life. He said that he likes to be the "fag". I am familiar with the term fag, but how he used it baffled me. Some of what he described left me totally shocked. I don't think I am naive and occasionally have been involved in some kinky play, but I am frankly puzzled how to have a relationship with a guy that wants this type of thing regularly. In addition, he told me as he left that night that he wanted to by my "fag".

I don't know how to have a relationship with a guy who wants to be my "fag". I said this to him. I am not sure I even understand his reaction. He says it’s all about me?? So, there we are.

I can't force myself on to a guy who has been raped. I certainly enjoy control and can be dominant, but there is a tacit understanding and reality that the guy I am with is enjoying it. So far, I am not seeing that here.

"Date" 7 was last night. He did anything I asked him to do, but it was like being with a robot. Today he assures me he enjoyed pleasing me. Frankly, it left me even more confused and empty. I am not sure about the future of us.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

"23 yo cocksucker seeking hung older guys....."

Early last week, I received an e-mail from a young guy who reads my Blog and lives in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of DC. He described himself as a "23 yo cocksucker seeking hung older guys....." and attached a picture of himself sitting outside on a picnic table wearing swim trunks. In the picture, he looked like someone's really cute younger brother. I didn't take the e-mail too seriously and I responded very perfunctorily that I was 38 years old. I also joked about being a normal guy who enjoys having my cock sucked.

I got home late last Friday evening from work. I started this job shortly after I moved to DC and I am trying to make the expected "good impression", but it has been crazy there the last few weeks. I finally had a chance to read the response I got from "The Kid" to my e-mail. He explained that he was really into blowing older guys. He said that recently he has been blowing a 45-year-old guy fairly regularly, but that he was 23 and always horny so he needed more. He volunteered to be my cockslave, if I gave him a chance. He promised that he would make sure that I enjoyed it and he would learn to do it anyway I wanted. He also attached another picture. It appeared to be a graduation photo. He looked like a younger Chris O'Donnell-type, if you remember him. "The Kid" had no idea who Chris O’Donnell was.

I had been seriously considering a call to Thugboy for some relaxed relief. I didn't have a lot of energy or desire to head out or cruise on-line. After exchanging a few e-mails on a whim, I shot him my address and went upstairs to take a quick shower. As I was drying off and pulling on my robe, the doorbell rang.

I invited him in and closed the door. "The Kid" was cute! He stood about 6-feet tall with dark-brown hair and shiny blue eyes. He looked young and fresh. He had a tight bubble-ass covered with a pair of tan chinos and a lean torso wearing a grey University of Maryland t-shirt. He probably weighed 165 to 175lbs. He was also eager. As I was eyeing him up, he asked if I was horny. I said sure and told him to follow me, as I moved to the back of the house. I sat down in my comfortable chair and opened my robe. My cock was stiff, not quite hard but getting there. He was looking down at my cock and seemed to hesitate for a brief moment. I asked him if he was going to stand there looking or suck. That was all the encouragement he needed.

In a split second, he was on the floor between my legs stroking my cock with one hand as he looked up at me and said, "Yes, Sir!" He bent down and kissed the head of my cock and slowly started to lick the head. Slow darting licks at first and then he proceeded to lick his way down the shaft of my cock to my balls. After he had covered my whole cock with his slowly licking tongue, he took the head into his mouth and gently sucked while his tongue darted over it. He began to suck, lick and slowly bob up and down on my cock. With each bob of his head, he took more of my cock into his silky smooth mouth. It wasn't long until he had my whole cock down his throat and I could feel his face in my bush. Soon he was working my balls with his hand too. My head was beginning to spin a little and I was definitely moaning in appreciation.

As I was settling in and getting into the rhythm, this cocksucker started to whimper like a puppy. He came up off of my cock and kissed the head and I told him he was a good little cocksucker. With that he moaned like a little bitch in heat and went right back to sucking. And, it was obvious that "The Kid" knew his craft. Just as I would begin to feel something stirring between my legs, he would change the rhythm or move from my cock head to my shaft or balls. He kept this up for what seemed like forever. I had my head back and was in that really great place that you go to when your whole body is into the head you are getting.

All of this time he was whimpering and moaning. Telling me it tasted good and thanking me for letting him have my cock in his mouth. At this point, he told me to let him know when I wanted to cum. I groaned for him to keep sucking! I was still in that great place and I wanted to stay there. After what seemed like forever again, I got to a point where I couldn't hold back and I didn't want to hold back anymore. I reached down, grabbed the back of this sucker's head and forced him down hard on my cock. As I did, I began to shoot. I could feel big bursts of cum shoot that blew into his silky mouth. He noticeably gulped once and took every drop. I could tell from how he worked to swallow, that it was a big load. He was quick to say that he normally didn't swallow. I grinned and told him that from now on he would swallow me every time!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

This Week

I want to take a moment to THANK Geekslut for including a link to my Blog in his Blogroll. I first ran across his Blog back in 2005. I have been a fan ever since. We are definitely different people, but his take on life and sex is always interesting. He has a million interesting stories and his Blog is one of my favorites. If you are one of the few who haven't found him, go check out Geekslut. THANKS Geek!

Last Sunday's trick, now and forever referred to as The Cop, e-mailed me last Wednesday and im'ed me on Manhunt Friday night. I was tempted to mention finding his badge, but figured why ruin a good thing. Sounds like he enjoyed himself as much or more than I did. He was already a 10+ on my scale. The whole mystic of being a cop just makes him an 11+. I tried hard not to seem too eager, but I plan to fuck him again.

No action this week. Been busy all week at work. Things are crazy with a new project I am working on. I have fallen into a routine of calling Thugboy for relief. This dude is a total cumpig and as I have said he gives awesome head. Very convenient too. He always takes care of the job and he always asks me to call him again soon. Kind of a turn on having a personal suckboi!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

The Cop

This is truly too good to be true! I have been messaging with this guy for about a month on and off. He winked a me on Manhunt originally and we have messaged back and forth since then. His profile is pretty simple: 28yo wm 5'11" muscular and he identified himself as a very oral bottom. There are no pics on his profile. I requested a pic early on and he said he needed to be discreet and couldn't send any. So, I am thinking he is either married or, recently since arriving in DC, I have figured this out as shorthand for military.

I was pretty much at the point where I was ready to ignore this guy when I am on-line Friday night and bored. We chat for a while and he tells me he is horny and needs to suck a dick. I blow him off because I am not really into having someone come to my door and have to go through the bs of sending him away. This is a quiet area and I am new in the neighborhood. I don't need an angry queen spazzing on the front stoop of my place.

Finally, he is all but begging to blow me. He tells me how good he is at giving head. I won't he disappointed, he promises. I can close my eyes and pretend it is someone else, if he isn't my type. All of the standard bs, but the more he pleads the harder I am getting. Lets face it, I am a guy and I like to get blown. I also like being told how great my cock looks. OK, so I tell him my address. I tell him it can be a quick blow-n-go. He is in Maryland, so he tells me it will take him about 20 minutes to get to me. I am clear that if I don't think it will work, he is out of here.

20 minutes later, there is a knock at my door. He is standing there with a kinda schoolboy grin on his face. He has sandy-brown hair and it is buzzed . He is wearing jeans and a tight grey t-shirt with cowboy boots. The grey t-shirt is clinging to him and he is tight and muscular. He is FUCKING hot! I let him in and he thanks me for letting him come over.

I offer him a beer as we head to the back of my house for some privacy. My cock is rock-hard in my sweats and making a tent as I drop onto the couch. We make small talk. I mention that he should post a pic and he would never have to convince someone to invite him over. He laughs this off and says he can't have his pic out there because of work. He then very matter-of-factly asks if I will let him suck my "dick".

So, I tug my sweats off and spread my legs. He crawls down between them on the floor and begins to slowly worship my cock with his mouth, tongue and lips. It is awesome head. My eyes are closed and he is kneading my balls and licking my dick. He actually had me moaning. At one point, I grabbed the back of his head and forced it down on my cock till I felt his face in my pubes and held him there. When I let him up for some air, there were strings of spit dripping off of his chin and he says, thanks man. After that queue, I start to really aggressively fuck his face. I am getting close, so I direct him to my balls for a bit and he asks permission to stroke. I say sure, but you have to strip down, so I can get a good show. He has the most FUCKING awesome bod. He is firm and tight. A little hair in all the right places, but definitely on the smooth side. He is totally defined with great muscle tone and literally an 8-pack of abs. And, last but not least, a great big bubble ass with muscular legs and thighs holding it up. Instantly, I realize that I have to fuck him.

He crawls back down between my legs and starts to suck my cock again. I am watching him stroke and can't believe it. I am no slouch, but average. This guy is prime beef! I can't believe my luck! I grabbed his arm and leaned forward to get up. Come on, I say. You gonna get fucked. He doesn't say a word and doesn't resist.

In my room, I lead him to the bed. While I fumble for a condom and some lube, he crawls up on the bed and positions himself on all fours. I get covered, get some lube on his hole, smack the head of my cock on his ass and push in as hard and fast as I can. I start out sliding in and out with long and deep strokes. He buries his head in my bed covers, bunches some up in his hands and makes a noise that I know is from pleasure. I just start slam-fucking his ass. I can tell he loves it and he starts asking me not to stop.

I am already close from the head downstairs and now having his hard ass in my hands and slamming against his legs, I can feel myself getting close. To change the pace, I decide to change positions, and I pull out and get him on his back. While holding both of his legs, I lean in and start to really bang him hard and clearly he loves every thrust. He is stroking away while I thrust away loving the fact that my cock is making that look on his face. After just a few minutes, I am ready to explode. I tell him I'm ready to bust and that combined with his stroking and the noise I was making had him shooting all over himself. After we caught our breath, I directed him to my shower and went downstairs to grab his cloths and boots. When I pick up his jeans, his wallet slides out of the pocket and lands on the floor. Fastened onto it is a shiny police badge from a local Maryland County Police Department. This fucking stud is a cop!