Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Gareth Redux Pt. 1

As I Blogged earlier, I was in Europe from August 8th through August 27th, mostly in Germany and Italy. It was a work trip again this year. I have two projects at work that are European-based. I started planning the trip in June and immediately starting maneuvering by e-mail to meet up with Gareth while I was there.

If you have been reading this Blog for a while, you will remember that Gareth is the major fucking hot English lad that I met on a train to Milan last year. We spent two days and nights together in Milan and I have always regretted that it wasn't long. We have gone back and forth by e-mail since last year and chatted about him visiting the US, but that never happened. Gareth was anxious to meet up and had the entire month of August open. So Saturday, August 8th, as I came out of Customs at Franfurt International Airport, a tall, tanned and and handsome Gareth was standing in the crowd wearing a great big smile.

He greeted me very affectionately and we shared a few long lingering kisses. I had an instant charge from how warm his welcome was and I was really glad to see him. He was every bite as hot as the first time I glimpsed him on the train platform. He hadn't changed at all. He was still a hottie with a tight-fitting polo shirt and khaki slacks accenting his broad shoulders and "british" prep look. We fell in together and headed to the S-Bahn to catch a train to Frankfurt Central Train Station - Frankfurt (Main) Hbf. By the time we were seated on the S-Bahn, it was almost like we had never parted ways in Milan last year. 20 minutes later, we were eye'ing each other while we waited in line to by tickets to Munich. An hour after that, we were locked in the WC as the train rolled toward Munich and I pounded Gareth's tight ass. I was embarassed how fast I shot my load in his ass. The condom didn't reduce the sensation of his tight hole and round ass against me. Immediately, I got on my knees to finish him off. I couldn't resist his magnificent uncut cock. He didn't last long either. I could feel his hands come to the back of my head and I could hear his breathing get deeper and soon I had a mouthful of creamy salty cum. I don't suck cock that often. I am not sure thsat I am any good at it and most bottoms seem to want cock in their assess more than head. I couldn't resist the chance this time. I stood up and started to kiss Gareth. He was shocked that my mouth was still full with his load. As we kissed, I pushed part of his load into his mouth. It was very intimate and hot! Tasting of him, I think we kissed and savored his seed longer than we fucked

End of Part 1.


Jay said...

hot stuff! Can't wait for part 2. :)


Anonymous said...

Hot blog man! Where's part 2? LOL!

Thirty3 Naked Laydies said...

that was your shortest and most intense story to date. amazing. live life.