Thursday, July 03, 2008

Thugboy is in the DC Jail

Weird update on one of my regular cocksuckers. I called Thugboy twice early in June and I was deposited directly into voicemail. I left my normal generic message and oddly didn't hear back from him. Usually, I get an eager response the same evening or the next day.

Monday night, I gave it another try. I came home and was in the mood for some nsa head. I got Thugboy's voicemail again.

Tuesday evening, my cell rings and it is Thugboy.

Thugboy: "Ya lookin for me?"

Me: "Yeah. You know why."

Thugboy: "I'm locked up right now. My lawyer says I be here for a little while."

Me: "How did you get my message?"

Thugboy: "My family brought me my calls. They has my phone."

Me: "Well, I guess you are out of commission for a while. Be safe, Dude."

Thugboy: "I'm locked up right now, but I be out. We cool after that?"

Me: "We are cool."

After I ended the call, I began to wonder. I can see Thugboy being very busy in a jail environment. I imagine that the ragging hard-on I get putting this thug on his knees will make him very popular in jail. Probably lost one of my cocksuckers, because it may be too risky to keep him.

I called The Kid for some relaxed relief, since I needed some uncomplicated head. Within an hour his fresh face was buried in my crotch. I have a soft spot for this kid lately. It is always "Sir", when we talk. Also, he goes into a whimpering trance when he gets into blowing me that is very fucking erotic. I also have a The Kid sighting in a social situation that I am conflicted about disclosing on this Blog. But, since that sighting The Kid and I are a little bonded mainly from his gratitude that I didn't out him or know him giving discreet cover for him to play along.


Anonymous said...

Well I am confused. I thought you were so euphoric with cherryboi now all of a sudden you need these cocksuckers, dag! Does cherryboi not have a key and he's shown that he can do surprise you want to loose him....over a bj.

Think of thugboy this way, you sure helped him fine tune his skill, he should make out fine in jail, but I would not touch him afterwards, too you don't know which Federal Agency might be following him when he gets out. LOL.

Thirty3 Naked Laydies said...

I think anonymous said it all. Our thoughts exactly. And kudos for being thoughtful arespectful towards The kid.

Anonymous said...

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