Friday, July 11, 2008

Drumroll, Please - Test Results

I blurted out the offer to get tested from a combination of feeling cornered and fear. Admitting that, it was a sincere offer, though, and I fully intended to get tested with cherryboi as soon as we returned from the Outer Banks. cherryboi didn't bring it up again and schedules and travel for both of us got in the way. Soon 2 weeks had passed and we were into the 3rd week. On one of our regular nightly conversations, I mentioned to cherryboi that I was going to the Clinic to get tested the next day.

Immediately, the lawyer/political operative part of cherryboi's personality kicked in. Even the tone of his voice changed as he informed me, "I called and we have to go together to get tested and counseled to get our results at the same time."

Me: "You called and checked this out?"

cherryboi: "Yeah, I called the day after we got back from the beach and we have to go together to get tested and counseled to get our results at the same time."

Me: "Why didn't you say anything before now?"

cherryboi: "I thought you might have changed your mind."

Me: "I didn't change my mind. I almost went and surprised you. When do we go?"

We went together the Thursday before the 4TH of July. We both left work early and had no trouble getting into the Clinic for testing. We were in an out in about an hour. It was tremendously important to cherryboi. He showed it in his attitude, his body language and how tightly he insisted on holding my hand while we waited on the wooden benches at the Clinic.

The Results - we a both HIV-negative. This was not a surprise for me, but it was a noticeable relief to cherryboi. I promised him to return in 6 months as advised by the counselor. He must have professed his love for me a half a dozen times through the rest of the day. He also made a big deal out of thanking me while we were riding the Metro back to New York Avenue.

When we got back to my place, I was introduced to a totally new side of cherryboi - the aggressive bottom. It was straightforward and totally out of left field. As I reclined in a chair reading my Blackberry, he brought me a drink, stood in front of me and stripped all his clothes off, knelt and pulled my cock out of my pants and proceeded to suck me. It didn't take long for him to get me rock hard. Then he was all over me. While rubbing his tight young ass on my cock, he straddled my lap and tugged my shirt off and we began to make out.

With only his spit and my precum as lube, he soon had worked his tight ass around my cock. I know that it hurt him, but the friction from his tight ass on my cock was perfect. I could feel his tight little smooth ass against my thighs, against my balls and riding up against my cock as he ground himself against me. At the same time, he was passionately sucking my face and whispering complements into my ear about how much he liked and enjoyed my cock. The boy was fucking me and I liked it! Up to this moment, I had always fucked him. In no time, I was in the zone and realized that soon I wouldn't be able to stop myself from shooting my load into him. I whispered to him to slow down for a minute and he said, "No, I want your load in me now!" And with that it was! Six or seven large spurts and I was spent. It was a powerful orgasm from the friction and the eroticism of cherryboi being aggressive.

He continued to kiss me passionately and express his love for me and my seed. My cum as lube had enabled him to take more of me. I was balls-deep in his incredible ass. He started to work his hips and slide up and down on me. The stimulation from my cum and his tight ass around my cock kept me fairly hard. He rode me for a while. We would make out for a while and he would ride me for a while again. In between, we had snippets of a conversation and it was clear that he was now much more comfortable being my cumhole. His words. And with that, he began to encourage me for another load. Not much encouragement was require. This beautiful young man riding my cock and pleading for me to seed his ass, was more than enough encouragement. Soon more of my cum was swimming in his guts and his cum was all over my stomach and chest.

Later that night I had my cumhole again for a third load. This time I was the aggressor and I took the boy to show him he was mine.

Things are good right now! As I blogged before, I am not good at the dynamics of a relationship and I am working on that. For those of you blasting me for abusing cherryboi, I am seriously trying not to abuse him. He met me on a Craigslist post. He knew I was out there fucking, because he came to my house to get fucked. I was worried that it would become a choice between us and sex at some point, but apparently that won't happen for now. I made promises to cherryboi and I plan to keep them.

Will I continue to fuck? Hell yeah, I will. When I have cherryboi, I'll fuck him. When I am horny and he is not available, I'll look around and see what opportunities present themselves. For perspective, I think cherryboi needs to get out there and get fucked. I doubt a future with me as the only cock he ever takes. Right now, he totally dismisses that. He won't feel that way forever. So, should I give up sex now only to discover that this beautiful young man discovers the joys of being a hot young bottom in the future? No, I don't want him to resent me anymore than I want to resent him. If I am lucky, he does really love me. If this is a mature lasting relationship, one day when I have him bent over and I sense that he is now reacting differently to being fucked because the last guy in had a different style I will enjoy the variety and not feel threatened. I don't want cherryboi to be threatened by any of my hook-ups. I am 39, soon to be 40. cherryboi is 26. We are in different places in the journey of life. I don't want to be a bitter old Queen, because I lost a younger partner. I am trying to be realistic about a relationship with a young closeted gay man finding his way.


Anonymous said...

Hi. I am one of those who had dogged you out in the past, but I think you have a really good thing in cherryboi.

We are the same age I have come to realize that some of these younger guys are really, really into the one-guy only thing unlike our generation who fucks anything that moves. Maybe cherryboi is one of those lucky dog.

So when do you meet the parents?

Anonymous said...

I don't know... he is saying one thing and you are doing another he desperately wants to convert you to being his exclusively and he is afraid of you saying that this is all he is going to get. It is obvious you are not a monogomous guy and that is fine but as long as you keep cherriboi around he will be secretly hoping that you finally fall in love with him and stop the chasing. This is so one sided and so sub serviant it is detrimental to his mental health. My suggestion to you is to cut him loose you are doing him no good and you know darn well that if he calls and says hey I have to go away this weekend, an evil grin will appear on your face and you will hop right onto whatever message board to find the next piece of ass.
I hope Cherriboi knows this and is able to express to you that he knows this. UGH! Why are relationships so one sided!!!
Good luck man I do love your blog and your attitude!

wolveriner said...

It seems to me you're a commitment-phobe with all this talk of difference in age and sexual experience and Cherryboi is seeking a commitment from you (HIV test and several declarations).

If you're not ready, don't lead the guy on. Most importantly, use protection when you fuck with others because you risk transmitting any HIV STDs to Cherryboi if you fuck every ass bare.

damien whitfield said...

please use a condom to fuck other guys, i think cherryboi loves u, so don't hurt him.

ever think it might be time for u to settle down, cherryboi might be the one.

this post was fucking hot by the way.

Thirty3 Naked Laydies said...

for taking the time to get tested with cherryboi- job well done! his post-status reaction was hot. your thoughts regarding age, his closeted status and your own sexual needs... you are both only human and you'll both find "the balance and space" that mutually works. enjoy the nature of your relationship with him... and IF you want a relationship, just work on it. If you don't, express to him your thoughts. I'm sure that he is not far of in his own thinking.

bartleby scrivener said...

I disagree with anonymous. I'm about your age and I just broke it off with a younger guy (younger than cherryboi). During the time I was with him I told him I expected complete honesty, that it was fine if he fucked around as long as he told me, and that I would do the same. Over a year later I found out he'd been hooking up the whole time he had been insisting he just wanted a one-guy only thing. IMO younger guys don't know what they want. I think DC top has the right attitude, but I wonder how long you can keep it.