Monday, December 25, 2006

Random Stuff

I guess I sound like a love sick teenager writing this, but its been 2 weeks since I was last with A and nothing from him. I haven't tried to contact him since I posted on this Blog about being in love, so at least I haven't projected desperation. I guess the main reason that I am obsessing about this is that I just don't get it. I thought things were going well. Either I read the whole situation incorrectly or I totally read A incorrectly. The answer is in that last sentence. I just can't figure it out.

I came upon the hot Gallaudet student Saturday walking to the Metro. There may still be possibilities there. He seemed very glad to see me. He volunteered that he has been swamped with classes and finals. He was on the way to Union Station to head home for the Holidays. He told me that he would see me after the New Year and flashed a great big smile as he got on to Metro. I'd ill like to peel his jeans off of him! Mybe he'll come and see me?

Well its Christmas. I am in a new City. No Family and not many friends here yet. I received a very generous invitation to share dinner with a co-worker this evening. I am going to go and spend a few hours there. I really think it was womderful to be invired. I really didn't have any other plans for today. I still don't know a lot of people in DC, but I am beginning to settle in. Happy Holidays to everyone!

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Anonymous said...

i hate that lonely feeling of being in a new city. i've been in dc for 8 years now... and it still feels lonely like that on the holidays.