Sunday, December 17, 2006

I am here...was briefly in love, but that's over.

Ok, met a guy named A. 30 year old professional photographer. One thing led to another and we spent most of the last 3 weeks together. I spent last Monday night at his apartment before he left for a photo shoot in New Mexico. I haven't heard from him since. Not sure whether I scared him off or it was just too instense for him. I have e-mailed at least 3 times and left 2 voicemail messages on his cell. So life moves on.................

I keep telling myself not to fall like this, but somehow this kind of thing keeps happening to me. I moved to DC to get way from a few of these bad choices. The thing about A is I don't get it. He was making sounds about going away for a weekend when he got back. Before he left town, he was calling me or messaging me every day. I thought there was something there. Anyway..............

The dude I fucked anonymously in Virgina back in November has been e-mailing me for more. He wants to hookup again. I just e-mailed him to set up an appointment with his ass.

My new cocksucker, I'll call him thugboy, was here last night. As I said before, he gives possibly the best head I have had in years. This guy loves a dick in his mouth. You'd never guess it by looking at him. He is straight-acting and pulls off the whole street-thug thing very convincingly. Hardly says a word. He came in last night and said very quietly that ...."You know what I am here for." He followed me upstairs and I kicked back in a comfortable chair and he got down on his knees and wasted no time unbuckling my jeans and pulling them off.

He stroked my cock for a few seconds and then buried his face in my balls. I could hear him sniffing them and almost immediately he was moaning. He makes enough noise to make you think someone is fucking him. He worked his way up from my balls to the end of my cockhead. He them licked his way up and down my shaft until he just swallowed my cock. I got lost in how good he made my cock feel. He edged me several times and worked his tongue off over my cock. Finally, he breaks into this whole rap about how badly he wants my load and what a great cock I have. After a few minutes of this I just put my hand on the back of his head and forced him down and as I buried my dick down his throat I shot my load. He swallowed every drop and licked my cock clean.

No small talk. He got up and started out of the room as I pulled my jeans on. As we head down the stairs, he asks me to call him again soon. Says, "I blow you anytime you want." I will!

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The Average Joe said...

men are like linear algebra, something i dont understand but i try to have a good go at it anyway