Friday, December 22, 2006

Guy from the Corner Store

So, he was cute with sandy brown hair and green eyes. A very hot combination. About 5' 11" or so...lean... wearing a tie shirt and jeans. His ass looked great in the jeans. This was the first thing I noticed as I walked by him in the snack aisle.

I didn't give it another thought as I moved through the store grabbing what I needed. A few asles later, I look up and he's smiling at me. At least for a minute, I think he's smiling at me. I moved to the next aisle and he followed. This time when I looked up it was obvious that he was smiling at me.

I am not sure what came over me. I am not sure where the self-confidence came from. I walked toward him and said, "Hi". I stopped and looked right at him and said, "I am headed to the checkout. I live 4 blocks from here. If you want to follow, I'd love to have you join me." He said. "I am following!", with a smile.

My heart pumped like crazy as we headed out of the corner store and headed to my place. We made small talk. He smiled the whole way to my place.

It took seconds from the time I closed and locked the door and set my bags down in the kitchen for him to be on his knees pulling my cock out and slurping it down.

I held onto the counter as he bobbed up and down and licked my cock. It was awesome! I finally said, "Lets go upstairs." We peeled cloths off as we headed up the stairs and into my room. We fell on the bed and started to kiss. I normally like guys that are on the submissive side. This guy was surprisingly aggressive. He didn't have the look, but he kept saying over and over that he wanted my dick. He made a point of going after it.

He blew me until I was rock hard. Then asked for a condom. I pointed him to my drawer near the bed. He grabbed a condom and the lube. I lubed him while he tore the wrapper off the condom with his teeth and sat about covering my dick. Before I could roll him over, he crawled up over my dick, grabbed it by the base with his hand, pushed it against his hole and slowly slide down on it. He was tight and I could tell by the expression on his face, a cross between pleasure and pain, that he was feeling it. He didn't miss a beat. He forced my cock into him until with a grunt he was sitting on my pubes. Then he started to ride. And I mean ride. Damn it felt good! I lasted a long time, but finally I started to feel my load buildingand the point of no return was cumming. I told him I was close and he started bucking up and down on my cock faster. I literally screamed out as I shot my load inisde him. He kept on riding. After a few minutes he shot his load all over my chest.

I was spent. I closed my eyes and caught my breathe. He crawl up under my arm and whipered into my ear, "Can I lick it off your chest?" I opened my eyes to look at him and see if this was a serious question. I instantly knew he was totally serious. I responded, "Only if I can watch." He started with a few drops near my left nipple and worked his way down my chest. He alternated between licking just me and licking his sticky cum off of me. He looked back occaionally to make sure I was watching. By the time he got to my crotch, I was hard again. He yanked the cum-filled condom off my dick and started to slowly lick and nibble on my dick. I wasn't sure I had a second load to give but he worked at it and worked at it until finally I was ready to shoot again. When I said I was close, he gulped my dick almost the whole way down to my pubes and squeezed my balls. He took my second load and swallowed every drop.

We rested for a while and lounged and then fucked slowly a second time. This time he came... his second. I didn't have a third load in me.

He left a few minutes ago. I don't get that brave or that lucky often. I have to remember how to be that confident and hope I see this guy again at the corner store. He left here with my e-mail address and cell number. We shall see.


Anonymous said...

that was the HOTTEST story ever. I wish i had been there.

The Average Joe said...

sounds like a bottom who likes to get his man. im kinda on the submissive side myself so if i ever head down to washington...

Anonymous said...

enjoying your posts and great writing !

hey i'm curious, since you live in a large metro area with all kinds of potentially problemmatic people, have you ever gotten yourself into a pickle, i.e. picked someone up and took them home or went to their place and decided too late, uh oh, this isn't smart ? your writings describe the conquests, what about the reality of less-than-successful hookups ?

that would be extremely enlightening (and hopefully entertaining) for all your avid readers, especially if it ended well (hopefully)........

thanks for the great blog !

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