Thursday, November 27, 2008

He is walking around with an ass full of my cum today.......

As I said in a previous post, I really missed cherryboi over the last few weeks. We spoke every day and sometimes more than once, but it's not the same as seeing his pretty face light-up when we are together. He has been back and we spent the last 5 days together before he left again yesterday to spend Thanksgiving with his family. I sent him home to his Mother with an ass full of my cum. I am sure she won't have a clue. cherryboi plays the straight young son very well apparently and the saga goes on.

Blogging is a tough thing. Originally, I started this Blog because I didn't know anyone in DC and was dealing with the abundance of opportunities that seemed to present themselves for connections in this town. For me, DC has been pretty much a sexual smörgåsbord. Almost from day one, there has been a chance to get-off or get laid whenever I was really looking for one. I have even had a lot of chances when I wasn't looking. I have written about some of these and not written about others. Sometimes I have struggled with what to write and what not to write. I have even written about a few things that I regretted writing about later. I look at that as part of sharing. Some of you read this Blog for the sex and the hook-up stories and I know from e-mails that some of you read it becaise you seem to be interested in me and my life too.

So that brings me to what really are two different points that I wanted to make: 1) Some times I am not making updates to this Blog because I am struggling with what to write and what not to write and I am torn about it. Should I just post the hot encounters that I have or should this Blog be a dairy of every time I have sex? I have struggled with this and don't have the answer yet. 2) Feelings? Do I post about what and how I feel or should this Blog just be a chronicle of how and where I shoot my load? I am working my way through these conflicts.

So, here are some feelings. cherryboi has become very important to me. I feel myself headed down a road that I was actively attempting to avoid. It just feels good when we are together. The problems: 1) He is still very closeted. My friends know him and he is part of my life at my place, but I am just a "friend" in his life. He plays straight. This isn't a complaint. It is really a concern. If he isn't totally comfortable in his own skin am I foolish to try to build something with him? 2) I am 40. He is 26. WTF does this beautiful young man want with me?

Happy Thansgiving to all! I am preparing to go to a get-together at my friend "Dan"'s house.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Been away for a while....

I am fine. I still have a job. I can say that has been touch-and-go recently. The balance in my retirement accounts tells me that I am going to be working somewhere a long time. But, things are good, I have a job!

I have hardly seen cherryboi in more than 6 weeks. At the beginning of October, he headed back to his Congressman's district to work on the campaign. The election was apparently suddenly close. Good news is that the Congressman won re-election. Bad news is that I really really miss him. This is something I have only come to actively recognize the last few weeks. We speak every day, but I miss him. So the saga of cherryboi goes on, more later.

The Cop only left a few hours ago. I got home late on Friday and crashed early. Around 3AM, my phone rings and it is The Cop. "Can I come over after my shift ends?", he asks. "Yeah", I say. "The door will be unlocked.".

I woke up early this AM to a very sensuous massage and blowjob. It was long and easy. He worked my shoulders a while and then sucked me for a few minutes. He moved to another body part and the cycle went on until I blew a big creamy load all over his scruffy face. I fell back asleep and woke up a few hours later to find this perfectly formed man freshly-showered sleeping beside me. I have always been amazed a my luck in finding The Cop. He is all man. He is 100% prime beef. Each part of his body is perfectly formed and defined. For some reason he keeps coming back and he is completely submissive with me. I have learned over time that I can have him anyway I want. It is unsaid, but never resisted. He submits to everything I want to do. This morning we fucked and sucked and fucked some more. Afterwards, I made a small brunch for us to eat and then he left. Damn, I hope he calls again!

I had something really nice happen on the Metro Friday morning. I got on the train at the New York Avenue Station and immediately noticed that K was on the same car. This has been happening again lately. I quickly put my iPod ear buds in and tried to zone. And, I noticed Him. You know how some guys just look incredibly good in their jeans? I noticed Him several weeks ago. On Friday's, he wears jeans that just hang on him perfectly. You can see the definition of his calves and the firmness of his tight bubble butt. It's also impossible to miss his package hanging there. He has caught me looking I know, so yesterday I was more discreet in my glances. So, I rode downtown trying to ignore K and not glare at His crotch. At Gallery Place, the doors opened and He moved closer to me as he moved toward the doors to exit. When he was right beside me, he leaned in and said, "Hello, my name is D" and handed me a card. I am waiting for a return call....