Monday, September 18, 2017

I am trying to comeback........

I am trying to comeback, but it has been a process that has been interrupted by life - work, family and day-to-day-stresses.  I didn't choose to take a break from the Blog.  I didn't stop having sex.  I didn't stop having experiences that I thought about blogging.  But, I just haven't always had the time or the energy to blog about them.

I want to thank the fans of the Blog who have reached out.  I appreciate your comments, compliments and questions.  BTW, the pictures that some of you sent were out of this world.  I have some incredibly HOT readers - out of this fucking world HOT!

I have made some great friends.  I have become acquainted with some great guys.  Fans of the Blog can always contact me.  I will respond.  To the readers that I have disappointed, I apologize.  You know who you are and I am sorry.  I am always open to a dialogue with fans of the Blog and willing to answer questions.

Now, a taste of recent events.  Occasionally, when I am bored or horny or both I will surf through Craigslist.  So, a few weeks back I started to regularly come across the same post.  With some variations, it usually read:

My BF will suck you.

BF is  6'3" 210 wm.  He is clean and disease-free you be too.  Must be comfortable with me there.

At first, I didn't take these posts too seriously.  It seemed to be posted repeatedly every 7 to 10 days.  Then evening out of boredom I responded.

Oddly, the BF who was being shared responded.  It was a little weird.  He was very tentative and asked a series of questions about what I wanted and what I would expect.  We went back and forth casually over about 3 or 4 days.  We exchanged pictures.  I had expected to be talking to the dominant partner, but instead I was "negotiating" with the "submissive" partner.  The vibe was strange, but the pictures were hot.  BF is a cute boy-next-door guy more well-put-together geek than athletic.  I decided to see if I could make this blowjob happen.

The next Sunday afternoon I was doing a lot of nothing and preparing for the coming week.  I get an email from the BF.  He is headed home.  His husband is at home.  They are ready.  Do I want to come over?  Yes, I said.

I get to their place in a newly gentrifing neighborhood east of the Anacostia and find a newly re-done rowhouse on a formerly sketchy street.  The husband greets me at the door.  He is tall early-30's sandy colored hair with a little bit of facial scruff.  He invites me in and I follow him downstairs to a  TV room with a big L-shaped sectional couch in the corner.  He offers me a seat and then he deliberately sits on the opposite end of the couch.  He has been checking me out and I must have passed because he calls out for the BF.

BF comes down the stairs and looks every bit as tentative as his emails sounded.  BF is early-30's 6'3" around 200 lbs but looks younger.  We make introductions and I understand the vibe.  It's clear this is the husband's idea and my quick deduction is that it has taken a while to convince the BF and for the BF to find someone with whom hei is comfortable.

I decided to take the lead.  I kicked off my shoes and dropped my pants then I kicked back on the couch.  I firmly but non-threateningly instructed the BF to get on his knees between my legs.  BF gets on his knees in front of me and literally looks at his husband.  I firmly tell him to look at me.  He obeys.  I put my hand on the back of his head and guide his face to my crotch.  When his mouth is at my cock I gently rub the head of my cock along his lips and tell him to suck my cock.  I stay firm and in control.  My hand never leaves the back of his head.  He is tentative but he slowly relaxes and turns out to be a damn good cocksucker.  I pull out and smack his face a little with my cock.  Then I facefuck him a little.  Nothing brutal, but I push his envelop and make sure he gags a little.  I firmly tell him to relax and enjoy it.  I know he likes it.  I tell him to breathe through his nose and swallow the whole thing and he goes for it and does.

I am in that sweet spot with the headed of my cock buried in BF's throat.  My hand is working his head up and down on my cock, when I casually look over at the husband.  His eyes are glued to the action and it is obvious that he is enjoying it.  His cock is out and he is stroking like a madman.  I grin and ask the husband if he is enjoying himself and he says yeah.

I am approaching the zone now.  I can feel the pressure building and I decide I am not ready to cum yet.  I look down and ask the BF if he is enjoying my cock.  He says yes loud enough that I know his husband hears.  I pull out and rub my wet cock all over his face repeatedly until I hear the BF moan quietly.  I tell him to suck on my big balls and then I stare at the husband.  I watch him watch me get satisfied by his man's mouth.  He is loving the show!

Now its time.  I don't ask I order the BF to swallow my load.  I firmly push his head down.  He resists a little but submits.  I cum in his mouth with 5 or 6 massive spurts.  I can tell BF is struggling to take it all but he swallowed like a champ.  I tell him to slowly clean me up and BF licks my cock and balls clean.  He looks up at me with half a grin and says damn there was so much cum.


Anonymous said...

So great to have you back, and what a great entry to kick things off with!

BlkJack said...

Fuck! That was hot. I,too, have missed heating of your adventures. Welcome Back!

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let me black. one white. maybe on 10th ?