Monday, September 01, 2014

Finally an Update!!!

Hello everyone!  I want to thank everyone for all of the positive messages I have received from readers of this Blog.  I really do appreciate the feedback.  All is well with me, it is just so fucking hard to Blog sometimes.  I am not complaining, but it takes time to collect my thoughts and to decide whether anything that is happening to me is even worth Blogging about.  So, thank you for taking time to even read this....

My fwb D is still a particular fascination of mine.  I "collared" him, at his request, with a locked chain around his neck a few years ago and I have the only 2 keys to the lock.  He demands nothing.  He expects nothing.  He asks for nothing.  I worked out with him last Wednesday and fucked him last night after we had a very relaxed dinner and watched a movie together.  If I don't contact D for a month, he will be there when I finally reach out.  I know this because I have done it.  He seems to crave the detached nature of our "relationship".  I see him on the Metro some mornings and he smiles.  Some times he approaches me and sometimes he doesn't.  He always looks absolutely delicious.

I asked him once how he explains the chain around his neck and he said no one ever asks about it.  He smiled and said that people who know what it is sometimes give him a knowing look and others just probably assume it is jewelry.  I'll admit that the chain around his neck makes my cock hard.  Last year I was in San Francisco on the Muni and saw a guy with a heavier chain and a bigger lock around his neck.  I stared, a lot.  To the point that the guy noticed me staring and I got the impression that he was almost proud that I noticed the chain.

D and I work out together usually at least once a week  He texts me regularly.  We occasionally meet for a drink.  We took golf lessons together in the Spring.  Last night we cooked dinner together and watched a movie.  It was weird.  He messaged me and said, "If you aren't doing anything let's spend the evening together.  I am positive he doesn't know about this Blog or cherryboi.

We messed around on the couch like teenagers.  We fucked passionately like lovers.  When I woke up this morning he was gone.


Anonymous said...

Spoiling us with double update, thank you! Your blog posts are always great to read and I still read from the archives when you're taking breaks.

Any of your other regulars still in play? The Married Guy? The Cop?

Anonymous said...

So what happened with cherryboi?

Adam said...

This guy look smashing! Then what happen to him?