Sunday, April 20, 2014

Shared His Boyfriend

It has been a very cold and snowy winter in DC.  It has just started to warm up and look like Spring.  In the middle of March, I was snowbound at home and bored out of my mind.  I started surfing online and ran across an ad on CL with the title - Share My BF.  I was intrigued by the pic of the young guy attached and noticed that the couple was very close by, so I responded.  I didn't hear back until the next morning.

The response was short and to the point.  The couple was two young white professionals guys about 8  blocks from my house.  The top was 31, 5'10", thin and the bottom was 27, 5'8", thin with a very tight meaty round ass that was in the pic attached to the ad.  The one that answered was very direct.  They wanted another guy to come over and have a have good time with the bottom while the BF watched.  No worries, the bottom was totally on board with the scene.

I headed over by foot.  It was a nice walk through a snow covered City that completely shuts down for any bad weather.  The top met me at the door with a timid smile and a handshake.  Friendly guy...  he led me into a backroom with a big screen TV, leather couch and chair.  The bottom was on the couch.  It was pretty obvious that the bottom was scared stiff.  The vibe was almost instantly cold.

The top offered me a beer and hurried over to the chair across the room and settled in.  I found a spot by the bottom on the couch.  There was a soccer game on the big screen TV, so we all had a beer and some conversation.  I focused on soccer and the vibe relaxed.  The top wasn't saying anything.  Just watching from across the room.  It soon became apparent that I had been exchanging emails with the bottom... not the top.  The bottom volunteered that they had been a couple for about six years and that they had always wanted to experiment, but never had.  As we chatted, the bottom was almost as timid as the top.  He was wearing nylon gym shorts and a t-shirt.  He looked delicious with nice full lips and a firm ass that was clearly defined by the gym shorts.  But, eye contact was at a minimum.

Finally, I decided that if anything was going to happen I had to be direct.  I put the beer down and looked directly at the bottom and told him, "to peel off his clothes and get down on his knees between my legs."  I started to undress never looking away from the bottom.  The bottom looked terrified and kept looking first toward his BF and then directly back at me.   The bottom finally slowly peeled off his t-shirt and got down on his knees in front of me.  I kicked back on the couch and very gently reached behind his head with my hand and pulled him toward my crotch.  I held my cock with the other hand at his mouth and very firmly but gently told him to lick it.

He is definitely a complete cock slut.  It didn't take very long for his very tentative licking to change to an eager tongue bath for my cock and balls.  Every so often he would look up with puppy dog eyes to see if I was enjoying it.  Each time I gently told him, "that I was watching him."  Finally, he looked up and I told him, "to suck my cock"  He obediently took a big mouthful and started to robotically bob up and down on my cock.

It was time for me to take charge.  I grabbed the back of his head firmly and took control of the rhythm and slowly began to fuck his throat.  When it is was crystal clear that I was completely using his BF, I finally looked over towards the top.  While his BF was struggling to take what I was pushing down his throat as if his life depended on it, the top had a hand full of his own cock and was madly stroking off.

After about 20 minutes of intense head, with me alternating between aggressively fucking his throat and telling him what to do with my cock and balls, I blew my load down the bottom's throat.  He tensed immediately.  He was clearly surprised at what was happening, but I didn't relax my grip on his head and gave him no choice.  He swallowed it and sheepishly looked up to see if he had pleased me.  I told him that, "he was good."  "Now, lick me clean and don't waste a drop", I told him.  He slowly bathed my cock and balls with his tongue and I enjoyed the attention.  I watched his BF finish himself off."  Figuring that taking more would be pushing it, I dressed and left.


BlkJack said...

Fuckin' hot!!

Anonymous said...

Great to have you back, insoflo! Please keep updating!

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