Sunday, March 08, 2009

german boy - Pt. 2


Picking up where I left off in Part 1 - about 15 minutes after the cell call, there was a knock at my front door. The german boy was standing outside in a pair of jeans and a grey hoodie. He was exactly as he described in his post - 6'1" 195 lbs with blond hair. He was in his late twenties at the most. I invited him in and was met with a big smile and a flash of his blue eyes.

german boy: "I am sorry about Sunday night. Things got hectic after we were chatting and I could not make it over here." There was no shyness. There was plenty of eye contact. His English was perfect with a clear melodic German accent.

me: "No problem. You can make it up to me."

german boy: "I am anxious to give it my best efforts. You have no diseases and are hiv-, right?"

me: "Yes. Last tested negative on January 8, 2009 and six months before that."

german boy: "OK. Good."

me: "Follow me!" I decided not to waste any time. I didn't even look over my shoulder to see if he was following. I knew he would be.

I led german boy to a room at the back of my house. As we entered the room, I turned off the ceiling light so that the only light in the room came from the back light behind my sound system. When I got to my comfortable chair, I turned around and faced him looking at me from the center of the room. Without saying a word, I began unbuckling my belt. This was the only encouragement that german boy needed to totally disrobe. I lost my jeans and reclined in the chair stroking my cock and watching this submissive boy loose his clothes. He was tall and well-formed with a smooth torso, powerful legs and a tight round ass. A very respectable package hung between his legs in a neatly trimmed blonde nest. I was hard by the time he was nude. He needed absolutely no prompting to crawl down between my legs and start to nuzzle and lick my balls.

german boy: "Man.... you have the biggest set of balls!"

me: "Take your time and get to know them...."

He tentatively began to lick, nuzzle and actually kissed my balls. Intermittently, he would stop and sniff them. I also felt his hands tentatively feeling my thighs. Soon. I felt him begin to work his way up the shaft of my cock with his tongue. Then in an instant, his tongue wrapped around the head of my cock and he engulfed me with his warm soft mouth. I was instantly in paradise.

IMHO there are two types of cocksucker. One sees sucking cock and giving pleasure to a man's cock as a submissive act and is excited by the submission and degradation of the act. This type of cocksucker sucks to degrade and humiliate himself and that is his reward. The second type, and in my opinion the superior one, just simply naturally loves cock. This type of cocksucker sucks for the oral and physical sensation of the act and his reward is the time spent enjoying the cock. The pleasure this type of cocksucker gives is a direct result of the cocksucker's love of the act of sucking and enjoying the cock. The second type, a true cocklover, is rare. With the german boy, it was immediately apparent that I had found a cocklover. He made love to my cock and the experience was mind-blowing.

I literally lost track of time in the zone. I didn't realize it till later, but the german boy sucked my cock for more than 45 minutes. He moved all over my crotch and enjoyed every inch. At one point, he rubbed my entire cock all over his face in this slow motion display of ecstasy. He responded to my every demand and encouragement. Finally, the ache in my balls and the hardness of my cock told me that it was coming to an end. Out of gratitude, I warned him that I was close. I remembered his reluctance to swallow.

german boy: "I want it."

I moved my hand to the back of his head and gave it to him. Immediately, I knew that it was a massive load. There were more than 6 large spurts followed my many smaller ones. The initial spurts were intense enough that I felt the cum exiting at the end of my cock head into his mouth. I had an intense orgasm and could sense his surprise as his body stiffened and he instinctively tried to move his head away. He gulped. Then he gulped again. Then his half choked and coughed, but he took it like a champ. I held him firmly on the end of my cock with my hand on his head. As I came to my senses, I looked down at him an said, "Don't waste any!" I watched him swallow my load and collect himself. The expression on his face said it all, he had gotten far more than he expected.

german boy: "Man.... you came a gallon. Do you always come so much?"

me: "I guess you will find out next time you suck my cock."

german boy has been back for a repeat at least once a week since that first time.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

New York

I had a very disappointing trip to New York - both professionally and personally.

Professionally, my company wasn't able to secure funding that was desperately needed for operations and to complete several on-going projects. Another redundant story of how shitty the economy is getting. My company laid off 40 people in February. March is a question mark???? I spent 12 to 14 hours each day I was in New York in meetings trying to work out details to get the funding we needed. In the end, last Saturday night everything fell apart. I am in Wilmington, NC this week working on something with another financial institution.

Personally, I really regret not being able to connect with a really hot boy I have been corresponding with. I wanted to meet up with him, but it never happened. A big apology to that boy….. He knows who his is..... I hope:)

I will complete my post on the german boy, when I get home.

Wish me luck. I need it.