Monday, November 06, 2006

Anonymous Fuck in Virginia

I don't know how I found the Dude's apartment. His directions were good and there wasn't much traffic, but I am new to this area and don't know my way around. Ordinarily, I wouldn't have driven that far, but I was horned as hell and his pic was spectacular.

He answered my Craigslist post:

"in *******. 34 bi white, 175, 6', ddf. looking to be fucked anonymously. kind of picturing me with my ass in the air doggy, blindfolded, lube and condoms at bedside, you come in fuck, blow and go. think this could work out well, if you are into a scene like this. has to be tonite."

After seeing his pic, I was definitely into his scene!!!

I haven't done something like this in a long time, but frankly I was only looking to find some ass and dump a load.

The apartment front door was a jar. I knew as soon as I entered the room and closed the door that the Dude was either married or had a girlfriend. You could tell that the place had that female touch. I undressed and laid my cloths on a chair near the door. The apartment was very quiet, but I made sure to close the door loudly enough to be heard. Made my way down a long hallway and there he was.... ass in the air on all fours on the bed. His pic was for real. Great bod and a fantastic bubble ass. The Dude works out and is in great shape.

Can't resist the urge to eat his ass! So I do. The move took him by surprise. He was totally not expecting it, but he was also certainly into it. He immediately starts to make a low moaning noise and pushes his ass into the air. He was totally clean. I could smell the soap on his skin and in his crack. I squeezed his ass with my hands and worked my tongue deep into his hole. He is totally responsive and I am rock hard and ready.

Lube and condoms are laid out real neatly on the edge of the bed. I ignore the lube and rip open a condom. Promised safe and I keep my word. I had spit into his hole enough that I don't use any lube. I rub the head of my dick on his hole for a few seconds and then stab it in all the way into him. Rougher than he expected and he yelped a little but didn't pull away. I started working it real good....deep thrusts all the way. My bush is rubbing his butt and my balls are smacking him. Not much response at first but he starts to moan and meet my thrusts.

I feel the buildup and then.... he surprises the hell out of me by reaching back and grabbing my balls. That is all it took and I shot my first load. I pulled out slowly and took the condom off.

Still horny and loving the look of his ass. I ask him if he wants more.

I get a low...YES, in response.

I tell him to use his hand to work my dick and he does. Fumbles with it and that is actually a turn on. Not sure he had any clue what to do with his hand. I squeeze his ass and slowly start to get hard again.

I grab another condom and put it on. This time I put a hand on the back of his head and push it down into the bed as I enter him. For what seemed like 10 minutes, I pound away in his hole. He tried to meet every thrust and the longer I fucked him the noiser he got and the more he bucked his ass up into me. Then he blew his load and shortly after that I shot my second of the night. Not often that a bottom cums when you fuck him the first time... that was hot!

I quietly pull out and let go of his head. He collapses on the bed. I went into the bathroom and cleaned up. Dressed and let myself out. It was good.... not great.... but good. I was a little rough, but he was eager to get fucked.

I'll see if he e-mails for some more.


IntrovertExcavator said...

so fuckin hot i love to be plowed this way.

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