Saturday, September 29, 2012

I got wildly lucky last night!!!

I got home late from work last night and after trying to relax realized that I didn't really want to cook anything so I headed over to H Street figuring I grab something quick to eat.  As I walked over, I came across a neighbor and we chatted for a few minutes and then we both decided to head over to one of the bars on H Street.  We sat at the bar and bs'ed.  I complained and he listened and he complained and I listened.  Felt real good.  The bs'ing and alcohol definitely relaxed me.  We both finished at least 3 drinks and then he announced he had to head home to his wife and I headed to the bathroom.

I entered the bathroom and was alone, but about a minute later someone else entered.  I frankly was concentrating on hitting the urinal, so I wasn't paying much attention.  As I finished and shook, I looked up and noticed that a guy was standing at the urinal to my left.  He was looking directly at me and smiling a big shit-eating grin.

The guy was one of the 20's or very early 30's white interns that crawl all over Capitol Hill.  He stood about 5-10 or 5-11 and weighed maybe 150 lbs.  He was lean but not skinny and was wearing a tight pair of dress pants and a rumpled white dress shirt.  Before I had completely processed the whole scene, I realized that he was signaling me by motioning with his head to join him in the stall in the corner of the bathroom.

So WTF, I did.  With the door closed he went straight to his knees and started fumbling with my belt and zipper and shoved his hand into my pants, cupped my balls and cock and pulled them out to his face.  He looked up at me with another big shit-eating grin and them swallowed my cock while he kneaded my balls with his hand.  I was instantly as hard as stone and he had the perfect touch.  He sucked, he licked, he nibbled on the mushroom end of my cock and he was at the same to eager and deliberate.  It was intense as hell and by this point my knees were a little weak.  After a few minutes focused solely on my cock, he looked up and said, ""You have the biggest set of balls.  They are huge."

Suddenly, someone else entered the bathroom.  I froze and his hand moved up and he gently patted me on the chest.  He slowed down his pace and kept my cock in his warm mouth and kept his other hand firmly around my balls.  The new arrival used the urinal and did his business and left.

The guy immediately proceeded to totally suck my cock and work my balls.  I had to be panting at some point because I heard this guttural moan say, "I want it.  Please give it to me."

Within a minutes, my hand was on the back of his head and I was releasing powerful spurts of cum over and over into his eager mouth.  He swallowed each like a champ and ran his tongue over the end of my cock to get any more that he could encourage.  When I had finished, he slowly licked my cock and balls clean and when he got to the end of my cock, he squeezed the end and licked it to get all of my load.  He then gently packed my cock and balls back into my pants and zipped my zipper.  We both fumbled with my belt as we exited the stall.

I will say, it was the perfect, most intense random blowjob.

At the sink he licked his lips and said, "Thank you."

I smile and put my card in his shirt pocket.  Hopefully, if he sobers up and remembers the whole thing in a good way I'll get a repeat.

When I left the bar, the guy was back with a group of his 20's and early 30's comrades at the end of the bar.