Saturday, September 29, 2007

Popped a cherry raw!

So, I was bored and horny as I indicated in my last post. I was checking out Craigslist and came upon a simple post from a guy nearby:

inexperienced looking for older masculine top. 6'1", bl, bl. 178, 32"w, athl, 25yo, 7” and eager. ne dc here. must travel to you.

We exchanged exactly 3 e-mails. This boy was about 12 blocks from my place. The pic in his e-mail was adorable! He was looking to get fucked, he said. I was sure that it was bogus, but WTF I gave him my address and waited to see what would come of it. About 20 minutes later, there was a knock on my door. He was not bogus! He matched his pic and looked even better in his carpenter shorts and t-shirt.

I invited him in and right away noticed that he was incredibly nervous. He could barely look me in the eye and his body language amplified that he was very uncomfortable. I made some small talk to try to break the ice. Offered him a beer, which he jumped at and we sat down in front of my TV and bs’ed for a while. I mean like 30 minutes. I had tivo’ed a Manchester United game and we kinda half watched that and chatted. The boy was a little more relaxed, but not much.

I hated to say it, but I offered that if he wasn’t into hooking up that we should just take a pass. He immediately said no. He wanted to get fucked, but he was shy. He apologized profusely and hoped that wasn’t a turn off. Frankly, looking at him had me hot and the innocence he projected was intoxicating. I put my beer down, got up and moved over to the couch beside him. I gently stroked his cheek and as he looked at me I gently kissed him.

After the first kiss, he said “Wow!”. We kissed again and he kissed back passionately. I could feel an impressive budge in his shorts. I moved his hand to my crotch and he fumbled with my cock through my sweats as we made out on the couch. After a long time, we stopped kissing and I could tell he was focused on my crotch and rubbing my cock through the material covering it. I reached down and pulled my sweats off and gently pushed his face down to my cock. I took my cock by the shaft and stroked it a few times in front of his face and then push it to his mouth. I could feel his lips open around the head of my cock and he gently began to suck on the head. He seemed to hesitate. I gently prodded him to relax and just enjoy how it felt in his mouth. He licked and sucked on my cock and seemed to enjoy it.

After a few minutes of okay head, I had an urge to pushed the boy down and just take him. So, I did. He was on the floor with my hand on the back of his head pushing his face into the rug. I yanked his shorts down with my other hand and used my hand and legs to spread his legs apart. His ass was bare and smooth with very defined tan lines. He immediately tensed his body and squirmed a little but relaxed as I buried my mouth in his crack between the mounds of his young ass. As I pushed my tongue into his tight hole, he squirmed even less and began to relax more and moan. After a few minutes of gently licking and eating his hole, I could feel him begin to wiggle his ass and push it at me so that he could feel my tongue probe deeper into him. From how he responded, it was obvious that he’d never been eaten before. He loved it! He bucked and groaned and reached back to grab at my head. I loved it too, but after filling his hole with spit I wanted to fuck him.

I took him raw. I didn’t ask. As I pushed the head of my cock into his pucker, I immediately knew that this boy had never been fucked before either. There is a difference between tight and never opened up. The noise and cry he let out as I forced my cock into him verified my opinion. He screamed out as I penetrated him. He gasped out, squirmed and flexed his arms out above his head. I didn’t stop and I didn’t ease up on the pressure I was applying to hold him down on the rug. I could feel his hole opening up and adjusting to the thickness of my cock. He screamed out that it hurt. “Oh my God it hurts”, he gasped. I continued to thrust slowly. Something about the difficulty he was having adjusting to being fucked just made it all the hotter. I started to fuck him harder. Soon, I was buried in his ass and I could feel his ass moving to meet me. His gasps had changed in tone to moans of enjoyment. Then without warning he screamed that he was gonna cum. I felt his hole tighten around my cock as he lost it. He literally screamed with pleasure as he shot his load.

I kept pounding away at his ass. After a few more minutes, I felt the pressure build in my groin and I slowed down and leaned forward to tell him that I was gonna dump my load in his ass. I didn’t wait for a response and he didn’t try to respond or resist. I just shot it into him. There were five strong spurts followed by a few small ones. He groaned, “Oh my God it’s so warm”. I was finished. I fell down on him and laid against him for a while. I could feel him panting to recover under me. My cock softened and slipped out of him and I rolled over on my back beside him on the floor. He had a little smile on his face with a look of total satisfaction. This boy had gotten exactly what he wanted. This was painted across his face.

A few days later, I got an e-mail from the boy thanking me. I fought the urge to thank him. Damn, I enjoyed that!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I Am Not Gone!

I am not gone. I am still here. I just took some time off from blogging to deal with my feelings and and to deal with life. August was a horrible month in my personal life and in my professional life. I really hope that September is better in both areas. There is a lot of shit going on in my life right now.

After what happened with K, I took a few days and went to the Outer Banks to relax. Got some sun and forgot about everything that was on my mind. I was hearing from K everyday before I left for the beach. I have not heard from him, since I got back. I am conflicted about that. I miss him. The fact that I miss him concerns me. I don’t know where this goes.

This trip to the beach really opened my eyes to the whole fetish gay men have with straight boys. There were a hell of a lot of young hotties parading along the beach in their surfing shorts. I have never been that hung up on the straight boy thing, but it looked sweet at the beach. I got a few returned looks, which convinced me that some of these boys ain’t so straight but nothing came of it. Clearly, it wouldn’t have been cool to talk-up an old guy on the beach. But, they did look!

I had an e-mail from Gareth waiting me when I got back. We have been e-mailing off and on since we hooked-up in Italy. He is the English lad I met on the train to Milan, when I was in Europe. He has been to southern Italy, Sicily, Greece and Turkey, since I left Milan for Rome. I have been trying to convince him to visit the US for a while. I, of course, generously offered him a place to crash! Thinking back, I was crazy not to rendezvous with him when I was finished in Rome. I could kick myself now!

I think I popped a guy’s cherry last Sunday evening. I was bored and horny, so I was checking out Craigslist. I'll post about that soon.