Sunday, September 29, 2013

My Trick Card

I was always been a big fan of a Blog called Dreams of Patroclus.  This Blog has been inactive for a longtime.  I keep it on my Blogroll, because I hope that he may eventually return.  I would imagine that his career made Blogging more and more difficult.  You all should check him out.  He is a true southern gentlemen. 

Patroclus in Greek mythology was the mythical comrade, brother-in-arms and lover of Achilles.  Their relationship was said to have inspired Alexander the Great in his alleged romantic relationship with his companion Hephaestion.  Patroclus died on the fields of war outside the walls of Troy.  The relationship between Patroclus and Achilles is held up as a model of romantic love.

One of many things I have learned from Dreams of Patroclus is the benefit of having a personal "calling card" or trick card as I call it.  Mine has my first name, cell phone number and a rather anon email address.  This allows whoever I give the card to the ability to casually contact me while protecting my identity and private information.

I won't boast about how many times my trick card has gotten me laid.  When there is a connection and time permits, I press one of the cards into the hand of whoever has crossed my path.  Sometimes months go by and I get a casual message that leads to a rewarding experience.  Thank you Dreams of Patroclus!

Why am I posting this you might ask?  I got wildly luck again this evening and got a blowjob in my living room from I-Got-Wildly-Lucky-Last-Night.  He had my card from last Fall.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Guy from the Corner Store is a total cumslut.

The Guy from the Corner Store is a total cumslut.  He is in his 30's, 5' 11". lean and very cute with sandy-brown hair and green eyes.   He has a fantastic ass and gives the most incredible head.  He lives about 1 block from my house.  I am on smile and wave terms with him and his pretty young wife.  When he can get away, he usually texts me for some cock and cum.  When his pretty young wife is out of town, I usually get his ass.

Wednesday, I got a familiar text.  "Around?" 

By 6:00PM, the Guy from the Corner Store is standing at my door and wastes no time wrapping his mouth around my cock after I let him in.  I unzip and he reaches into my pants to get at my cock.  He pulls my cock and my balls outside my pants.  It is clear that this will be fast.  He nuzzles my cock, licks the head and starts in on me with his hand firmly around my balls.  I am immediately rock hard.  I lean my head back and try to focus.  My hand is on the back of his head.  I meet his greedy gulps at my cock thrusting as deeply as I can down his throat.  He is clearly determined to get what he came for.  He gave me a great blowjob.  He sucked on my cock and licked it and my balls like his life depended on it.  After about 20 minutes of intense head, I blew a massive load down his throat.  He swallowed it and kissed my cockhead.  I zipped and he left. 

"Good time again!", he texted about 15 minutes after he left.

Saturday, September 07, 2013

The Married Guy - What Is This Really?

I originally met The Married Guy at a co-worker's Holiday Party in Upper NW DC a couple of years ago. Since then he randomly contacts me and we always end up messing around and fucking.  I don't contact him.  He always contacts me.  This has been very convenient and, frankly, he is very hot so I enjoy our hookups a lot. 

There are many guys like this in DC.  Many of them masquerade as conservative Republicans.  I used to think these guys were confused, but they aren't.  They are outwardly cocky and alpha-types, but inwardly are submissive and crave a man's touch.  This embarrasses and humiliates them, so usually they want their contacts with another man to embarrass and humiliate them.  I realized a while ago that the reason that The Married Guy keeps coming back is that he realizes that I have him figured out and that I don't judge him and I won't out him.  He thinks he is dirty and his desires are "wrong", so he will never come out.  He will always play the role of the successful, good-looking, preppy, dutiful husband.  

As the years have gone by, The Married Guy and I have encountered each other in more and more social activities.... parties, a recreation league, out on the town and other social situations.  This hasn't been intentional.  It has been more coincidental and just shows what a small town DC really is under the surface.  The initial "look of utter terror crossing his eyes" when these encounters happen has lessened, The Married Guy is both fascinated and repelled by interactions with me in public.  I think he has developed a sense of safety as more of these encounters have occurred and he has become comfortable that our public and private interactions are safely (for him) compartmentalized.  No one would or will ever guess that behind closed doors he is all over my cock, he has mastered ability to carry himself as the ultimate straight guy.  He is definitely a closet case.

So, my point is?  What is this really with The Married Guy?  We have fallen into a routine.  I hear from him about 2 to 3 times per month.  Sometimes more often.  If his wife is out of town or he can arrange time before or after a business trip, he is usually getting nailed in my bed for a night or so.

Thursday evening I got a text from a drunk The Married Guy.  I unlocked the front door and kicked back in my comfortable chair.  I never got up from the chair.   The Married Guy let himself in and clumsily undressed.  He started on the floor between my legs.  He is an eager and hungry cocksucker.  In a few minutes, I was hard as stone.  I ordered him to lube my cock and his ass real good and straddle me.  I played with his little brown nipples and squeezed his ass as he worked my cock into him.  He is always tight and the pain and please of being penetrated was all over his face.  He rode me like a champ.  Soon he was balls deep and sliding up and down the length of my cock.  It was so hot and passionate I didn't even try to hold back.  I busted hard deep inside of him and he kept sliding up and down on my cock until I went soft.

So, am I his booty call or is he my preppy slut?